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  1. Heya Kriber22, I have reproduced your issue and sent it to our programming team. Thanks for taking the time to report it =) -Andy
  2. they don't? (haven't tried beta) Well, I checked with the beta and no, they don't... shame because Woedica's challenge is already pretty rough with the no healing and only prepared meals counting for camping. Heya dukeisaac, Did you attempt to empower while out of combat while checking this? Empowering your hero should still refund resources in Woedica's Challenge if used while in combat. While outside of combat, currently it does nothing (but it also shouldn't consume your empower). There's a bug in our system for the team to look at this, but that should be how it currently
  3. Just asked the one and only Alex Scokel, and he said that it's Dale Rapley =)
  4. Thanks for the report Boeroer! This has been added to our database for Nick to take a look at =)
  5. Alright guys, with the blessings of Josh Sawyer and Nick Carver I can share one of the new subclasses. I'm picking the Wizard one because I think people will really enjoy it! Subclass: Blood Mage Description: Devoted to the belief that blood fuels the power of the soul, Blood Mages walk a painful and self-destructive path to arcane mastery. Though reputable animancers have discredited their beliefs, those few that have witnessed blood magic cannot deny that gratuitous self-harm can indeed preface unbelievable - often terrible - magical events. Bonus Gain Blood Sacrifice - Draw u
  6. To clear things up: the respawning ships are indeed generic. None of the unique captains should respawn =)
  7. I don't think I'm allowed to tell you what the new subclasses are, but I can say that the new Rogue and Monk ones are my favorite subclasses in the whole game. It's a lot of fun to build and play around them. They're worth the wait, in my opinion of course =)
  8. What? I have: Maerwald x1 Greater Fire Blight x4 Party's Reflection Do we need to create a new game for changes of 3.1 to happen? If so, that basically screwes my run I started in 3.0 Hey guys, Just wanted to clarify; The 3.1 PotD changes are indeed base game only. The Maerwald fight is actually tied to your PoE 1 global variables that are imported/set on new game. One of the choices causes the hardest iteration of the fight (the one with 3 Maerwalds) to spawn. Hope that clears some things up =)
  9. Heya Andrea, You should be able to use "{0:extravalue:percentbonus}" to grab the .1 (or whatever you replace it with) from that extra value slot. So something like "Incoming weapon Damage is reduced by {0:extravalue:percentbonus} (stacks three times as health is lost, for a max of {0:value:percentbonus} Damage reduction)" =) Hope that helps!
  10. Heya thelee! We've got an issue in our system at the moment that details some of the problems with Perplexing Sap. I've gone ahead and added the information you provided here, as well as a link to this post to that issue =) Thanks for being so active on the forums!
  11. Heya Everyone, We've fixed this internally and are planning on including it in the next patch =) Sorry about the late response. Just know that we do monitor these forums, and even if we don't respond we're doing our best to catalog every bug that's reported!
  12. Just to clarify, Rymrgand's challenge makes it so food spoils after a set amount of time when sitting in your inventory. It doesn't change the buffs you get from food =)
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