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  1. While Starks and Poddar work on TOW2 it doesn't necessarily mean that they won't work on Avowed. At least before this Obsidian has used pretty much all of their narrative designers on each game. Naturally Starks and Poddar will be more focused on TOW2 and won't have as much work on other projects, but they will still share some of workload if there's enough work to go around. You might not see a companion written by either of them on Avowed, but writing a few NPC's for the game is something that they could do. As far as I know Obsidian writing staff currently consists of: Carrie Patel (Game Director on Avowed) Megan Starks Paul Kirsch (Working on Avowed) Nitai Poddar Connor Walsh Kate Dollarhyde Kelsey Beachum Jay Turner Josh Sawyer (Creative Director, but writes for the projects he leads) Leonard Boyarsky (at least he wrote for TOW) Daniel McPhee (not sure if he is still around) Olivia Veras (She's an area designer, but has writing credits on Deadfire)
  2. Brandon Adler - Game Director Megan Starks - Narrative Designer Nitai Poddar - Narrative Designer Dan Maas - Production Director Kevin Kirst - Lead AI Programmer
  3. Kate Dollarhyde is the Lead Narrative Designers currently on Avowed. Lucien Soulban had that role earlier, but he left to Torque Games.
  4. No idea at all. He has been on the project since summer last year. He worked on Avowed as Gameplay Design Director until July of 2019.
  5. I'm sure there are people at Obsidian who would love to make the 3rd game in the series. Brandon Adler is leading a project of his own, maybe that's Pillars of Eternity 3. He did lead two of the DLC's after all. Naturally the team won't be as large as on Deadfire, but then again is that such a bad thing? It's not like they are in any rush to get it out this time. Obsidian has Outer Worlds DLC #2 coming up next year, Grounded is getting updates almost monthly with the full release scheduled for next year. Avowed is supposedly coming out in late 2022 or early 2023. Sawyer's and Adler's projects have been both worked on for some time now, maybe one of them will revealed sometime next year.
  6. Umm, what? Haven't you checked out how many of the bigger/mid tier indie developers got either bought or just outright quit making games in the 2000s and 2010s? If anything Mr. Slam Dunk should be praised for his efforts in keeping the company up and running for such a long time. Had it not been for Kickstarter we might not have such companies as Double Fine, Larian, InXile and Obsidian left. For a while the playing field for indie developers was really bleak. At least for now there's GamePass and there's Epic that give these companies some options. But if you are trying to make AAA games, you are in a dire place as an indie. The costs are heavy and there aren't that many publishers handing out money.
  7. Compiled a list of all the people mentioned here: Chris Parker - Game Director Lucien Soulban - Lead Narrative Designer Paul Kirsch - Narrative Designer Jorge Salgado - Lead Area Designer (?) Kayd Hendricks - Senior Area Designer Seth May - Area Designer Maxwell Matzenbacher - Senior Combat Designer Martin Smith - Senior System Designer Kevin M. Lee - Senior System Designer (I'm not completely sure on this one) Kyle Koenig - System Designer Nick Carver - Senior Technical Designer Robert Nesler - Art Director Dimitri Berman - Lead Character Artist James Chea - Senior Character Artist Can Etiskol - Senior Character Artist Zoe Nicole-Aprodite Smith - Junior Character Artist Daniel Platt - Senior 3D Artist Bobby Hernandez - Lead Concept Artist Schwinn Masavisut - Concept Artist Hoya Lee - Senior Lighting Artist MaKayla Hensley - Junior VFX Artist Jason Diaz - Animation Director (?) Derek Zivolich - Character Animator Eric Feinberg - Character Animator Amor Santos - Senior Animator Paul Burg - Senior Programmer (He developed the system for world interactions and population management in RDR2) Gabriel Paramo - Senior Gameplay Programmer Jeff Chung - Senior Software Engineer Joseph L. Rubino - Cinematic Director Scott V. Gilmore - Senior Audio Designer Pearl Ko - UX Designer Kimie Kim-Mizutani - UI Artist
  8. Few additions: Kimie Kim-Mizutani - UI Artist Seth May - Area Designer Kayd Hendricks - Senior Area Designer
  9. How do you even get those mint chunks? I managed to get 4 because of graphic glitch, but can't seem to break the glass to get the rest.
  10. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/07/31/grounded-over-one-million-players/ The little game that could. Big congrats to the team. Well deserved and well beyond anything I expected from the game.
  11. Not necessarily. Those 3 DLCs were planned from the beginning as was post-production support. It really depends on how you work your budget for the game, did you add those things into the original cost of the game or will you keep those as separate things in your books. Those DLCs did create some revenue as well and they must have had a projection on how much they would make from sales. I personally would count the cost based on everything I'm doing for that game. Initial release and development cost, post-production and the DLCs. That's somewhere around 15-25 million dollars. You mark that money for Deadfire, no matter what as you've sold that package to your customers during Fig campaign, Deadfire + DLCs. After Pillars of Eternity they had cash to use, Fig gave them 4? millions dollars. If I'm Feargus, I'll use whatever money I make from Fig campaign and create the DLCs with that money. They planned for the campaign well before and did not promise anything ridiculous or too costly this time. And most likely had a more realistic estimate on how much they would be getting from the campaign. You promise those things as Fig stretch goals that you were most likely going to put into the game in first place and if you don't reach something, that's some money saved. Anything that comes after Deadfire's release date is revenue and is money in the bank. Deadfire might not have made profit, but they are getting money in that they can and will have to spend on the next project if they want to keep their staff and have something to work on after Outer Worlds is done. I don't think it's just Feargus who does that and I'm not taking Avellone's word as canon here either. It's a commonly used trick in the business. You'll have someone working on the game in a phantom role or very diminished role to get a little extra money, that you use for other things. Every cent counts when you are running a studio that burns about a million dollars month.
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