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  1. Multiple reasons. He starred in few franchises that are highly regarded and have passionate fans. Also: https://imgur.com/gallery/qt2Dz
  2. That's the smart way to do it. You don't piss off the superfans of your game and you actually get them to buy the game when it's released. Rest of the crown will most likely gladly wait a year or two for sales anyways. Weird though, that even Ubisoft is turning to Epic Store, since they have their own store. Epic must be paying a lot to get someone like Ubisoft to ditch thier own store.
  3. They would most likely breach their NDA by doing so. Lawsuits would follow.
  4. That is very true. Not to mention it would create only more negativity around the game. Some fans would just pirate the game to spite PD, even though it would end up hurting Obsidian as well. Yes, Microsoft definately threw it's weight around or were active in the deal making. Though it's more likely that they tried to salvage a horrible decision (from their point of view) by getting the game on their own store as well.
  5. Yes, Avellone is totally legit and beliavable source when it comes to Obsidian and the partners. Oh, wait. He isn't. Avellone uses every opportunity to strike at Feargus & co. Doesn't have to be true, if someone believes him he has achieved what he was looking for.
  6. Non Disclosure Agreement. They can't say **** publicly about this until the NDA runs out. Would Microsoft ever agree on such transfer of games? I seriously doubt that.
  7. Yes that is what you said. Which is why I asked, did you see a competitor opening up Steam that would gobble up games and piss off people left and right while doing so? Kotor2 and FNV deal have nothing do with this. And if you are citing FNV deal as bad deal because there was a metacritic clause... Bethesda put that in there when there could have been none. From what has been said, Obsidian didn't try to negotiate on that bonus. They were happy for the work, that they desperately needed to keep the company from going under. How many Obsidian sized indie crpg developers do you know that exist. As of recenty only Larian was as big as Obsidian. Rest are owned by someone. It's a niche market and the publishers aren't really dependent on the actual developer. In the recent years we've seen less and less bigger scope crgps hitting the market. You really think Obsidian has some leverage in these deals when hardly anyone has been looking to publish crpgs? I never said that the publisher can do anything they like or that the contract would be written like that. It's a legal document, there will be loopholes and any legal document will be binding. The contract would say that the publisher is responsible for getting the game out on PC, PS4 and XBOX etc. Because there was not any actual other platform to put it out on, it does not specifically say that the game has to come out on Steam. They've agreed to publish in on all 3 platforms on the same day (because Obsidian fanbase is heavily on PC). Even that could easily have been first on consoles, later on PC if you look at how Take-Two normally operates. There will be rules and clauses on the release dates and such, but at the end of the day. Publisher will be left with the option to take the game to EGS if they want to, unless someone has seen this coming years ago and added a clause that specifically says the game has to be released on Steam on the same day as on PS4 and Xbox. Why would Private Division care about Obsidian at this point and their relationship with them? It's one game and then they are done with them due to the MS ownership. Either way, whether the contract is bad or not, Obsidian is a subsidiary of Microsoft and don't control their own fate in this. Those talks are between Microsoft and Private Division.
  8. I'm curious. Did you by some miracle see EGS being a thing 3 years ago? Why would you have clauses on the game being on sold Steam (for PC) when that was the only platform the publisher would be willing to sell the game at that point. They sure as **** weren't going to give 30% to EA/Origin or Ubisoft/Uplay. Those were the other storefronts back then and keep in mind Take-Two does not publish games on GOG either. That leaves.... Steam as the only option. Did you see Epic throwing money at publishers for exlusive deals? Deals that actually make sense for the publisher since they are being guarenteed an amount of money and more publicity in the actual store than they could ever hope for on Steam. While idiots like you are blaming the developer for this, when it's the publisher. Private Division isn't taking a hit, because gamers are just clueless twats. Did you see Private Division and in some ways Take-Two make a test run on their 3rd party games (Ancients, TOW and others) and how well they sell and what is the reaction from gamers, so they know what to do with their own games (GTA, RDR)? You should reconsider naming yourself Captain Hindsight.
  9. It's definately not a split of revenue, when Private Division is funding the project. Obsidian is lucky to get to keep the IP rights. As to speaking about the issue out loud, there are usually very strict NDA's in place to prevent that from happening. Publishers don't want the developers to say anything that might shine negativity towards the publisher.
  10. Indeed, they should have just not made the game at all. That will show them and the internet!
  11. What should they do? Break their NDA and tell everyone that this is Private Division's decision 100%? They cannot and will not say anything about this issue until the future of the franchise is secure and under Microsoft's wings. Currently Private Division owns the publishing rights to the series and it would really stupid of them to agonize Private Division at this point.
  12. Epic Gaming Store wasn't even a thing when they've signed their deal. Private Division (under Take-Two) would not in a million years, put their product on the other stores available at that time (Origin and Uplay). That left only Steam and GOG as options. Don't know who could have seen this happening 3 years ago, when this doesn't make sense even now.
  13. I'm fairly certain that the publisher took all of that Epic exclusivity money and laughed on their way to the bank.
  14. So, because they've had bad history you think they can decide which store their game will be sold? When they are owned by Microsoft and the publisher is basically Take-Two. In which universe do they have much say in the matter? Because I sure as **** don't see them having any voice on the matter. They will do as they are told to do.
  15. Really stupid decision by Private Division and Microsoft. That's some bad PR you really don't want, especially after how well received the game initially was. And naturally, it isn't Private Division and Microsoft taking the heat from casual twats. It's Obsidian. You've just bought a new studio and you start by doing this. PR wise this is exactly the move you should avoid. But I guess Epic paid enough dollars that no one cares for the developers burnt fanbase. Question is: Which one is worse MGS or EGS? With other exclusives I'll just wait until I can get the game dirt cheap, might actually want to buy this at release date. Edit: Just look at this thread. People are already cussing Obsidian, when it's not their decision. Just another proof that idiots have taken over the world.
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