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  1. No idea at all. He has been on the project since summer last year. He worked on Avowed as Gameplay Design Director until July of 2019.
  2. I'm sure there are people at Obsidian who would love to make the 3rd game in the series. Brandon Adler is leading a project of his own, maybe that's Pillars of Eternity 3. He did lead two of the DLC's after all. Naturally the team won't be as large as on Deadfire, but then again is that such a bad thing? It's not like they are in any rush to get it out this time. Obsidian has Outer Worlds DLC #2 coming up next year, Grounded is getting updates almost monthly with the full release scheduled for next year. Avowed is supposedly coming out in late 2022 or early 2023. Sawyer's and Adler's project
  3. Umm, what? Haven't you checked out how many of the bigger/mid tier indie developers got either bought or just outright quit making games in the 2000s and 2010s? If anything Mr. Slam Dunk should be praised for his efforts in keeping the company up and running for such a long time. Had it not been for Kickstarter we might not have such companies as Double Fine, Larian, InXile and Obsidian left. For a while the playing field for indie developers was really bleak. At least for now there's GamePass and there's Epic that give these companies some options. But if you are trying to make AAA games, you
  4. Compiled a list of all the people mentioned here: Chris Parker - Game Director Lucien Soulban - Lead Narrative Designer Paul Kirsch - Narrative Designer Jorge Salgado - Lead Area Designer (?) Kayd Hendricks - Senior Area Designer Seth May - Area Designer Maxwell Matzenbacher - Senior Combat Designer Martin Smith - Senior System Designer Kevin M. Lee - Senior System Designer (I'm not completely sure on this one) Kyle Koenig - System Designer Nick Carver - Senior Technical Designer Robert Nesler - Art Director Dimitri Berman - Lead Character Artist James Chea -
  5. Few additions: Kimie Kim-Mizutani - UI Artist Seth May - Area Designer Kayd Hendricks - Senior Area Designer
  6. How do you even get those mint chunks? I managed to get 4 because of graphic glitch, but can't seem to break the glass to get the rest.
  7. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/07/31/grounded-over-one-million-players/ The little game that could. Big congrats to the team. Well deserved and well beyond anything I expected from the game.
  8. Not necessarily. Those 3 DLCs were planned from the beginning as was post-production support. It really depends on how you work your budget for the game, did you add those things into the original cost of the game or will you keep those as separate things in your books. Those DLCs did create some revenue as well and they must have had a projection on how much they would make from sales. I personally would count the cost based on everything I'm doing for that game. Initial release and development cost, post-production and the DLCs. That's somewhere around 15-25 million dollars. You mark th
  9. Coalition and all those studios stuck working on the next FIFA, NBA, NHL games? But, yes. Most studios will want to work on multiple different IPs. While working on FIFA games might give you a guaranteed paycheck each month, any creative type will get sick and tired of doing the same stuff all over again. Feargus even commented on this on the gameindustry.biz interview, and how he wants to be able to shift his workforce from larger projects to smaller projects and vice versa. I think they are well aware that if you have someone working on same kinda games or the same IP for years, at
  10. Seems like they are not working on the DLCs. Carrie Patel is Game Director on the 1st one and Brandon Adler is the most likely candidate for the 2nd one as his LinkedIn has him working as a Game Director. Though as Cain & Boyarsky are the co-directors on Outer Worlds, I'm gonna presume they are aware what the DLC teams are creating even though they are not fully working on those projects.
  11. That would not make much sense. Outer Worlds got released late last year. No way they started to work on the sequel in 2017 or 2018 when those projects got started. It's a known fact that there is an upcoming "large project" in the works at Obsidian with a very small team working on it currently. It's in early pre-production and will get staffed up as development on other projects allows it. That would make it Project Arkansas or whatever state got it's statehood after that if there's some other small project being made.
  12. Outsourcing. With Microsoft paying for the development, Obsidian can and will use outsourcing on this project. You can get a ton of art assets by outsourcing some of that development to freelancers and other studios. As far as I know Obsidian has multiple Outsourcing Managers working for them, whom they've hired after MS bought them. Just look at the credits for The Outer Worlds: https://www.mobygames.com/game/playstation-4/outer-worlds/credits They used Virtuos studios for a ton of art assets and animation. Chinese labor is just so much cheaper than hiring the same amount of artists a
  13. Ah, okay. I didn't do the count myself so thought I would ask. Yes, that would leave about 80 people to work on Alabama, Mississippi and Illinois. The cancelled project did have some of the Pillars of Eternity team working on it. It might have even been Pillars of Eternity 3. (Cancellation occurred in mid/late 2019) In a way it would make sense that they cancelled/postponed that game in favor of Avowed. Two different games set in Eora would be a bit too much, especially if Avowed stole the setting and maybe even parts of plot from Pillars of Eternity 3. Avowed could and should have a bigg
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