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  1. Two new hires: Chad Elliott comes back as Art Outsource Manager - Animation. Previusly worked as Technical Animator at Turtle Rock. Christopher Daugherty as Associate Technical Artist. Worked on Halo Infinite as Technical Environment Artist. Seems like Obsidian has spent the last few months strengthening their animation team: Jason Diaz - Animation Director. Joseph L. Rubino - Cinematic Director. Chad Elliott - Art Outsource Manager - Animation. Derek Zivolich - Character Animator. Sam Khong - Animation Programmer.
  2. Nothing official, but we can assume: Game Director - Chris Parker. Production Director - Dan Maas. Narrative Director - Lucien Soulban. If you want a more extensive list you should read this post:
  3. Two new hires: Sam Khong - Animation Programmer. David Rose - Senior Combat Designer. He previously worked 5 years at Bungie so I don't know if he will join the Avowed team or TOW 2 one.
  4. Some more: Kevin M. Lee - Senior System Designer (I'm not completely sure on this one) Nick Carver - Senior Technical Designer. Kyle Koenig - System Designer. Bobby Hernandez - Lead Concept Artist. Schwinn Masavisut - Concept Artist. MaKayla Hensley - Junior VFX Artist.
  5. First, because Obsidian has been pretty open about their desire of making a Skyrim-like game on POE's universe: Obsidian CEO: “I’d love to turn Eternity into more like a Skyrim product” Then Chris Avellone said on Codex that after the Microsoft purchase Chris Parker could finally make his "shallow take" on Skyrim: Finally, several job offers suggested that Obsidian's new game would be an open-world, with day-night cycles and an emphasis on first person melee combat.
  6. Doing different races in first person is extremely tricky. It's not just the height difference, they must adapt all the character animations (orlan's attacks cannot be the same as aumaua's), enemies animation, character models and equipment (aumaua have semi-webbed hands, so they should make different gauntlet models for them) the different interactions with the game-world... That's a lot of work and bugs. Skyrim's combat was questionable even on 2012. There are games that have recreated the FP melee combat quite well (Mordhau, Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Vermintide). Techlan
  7. I mean, in animation the third person can be used for creatures, enemies and NPCs. The Combat Designer job description is much more relevant:
  8. Bumping the thread because Megan Starks confirmed she's still working on TOW (surely writing the second DLC).
  9. The Oddworld saga? They started with two platforms (Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus) and then did an FPS (Stranger's Wrath), although they all keep the Oddworld name in the title. I guess Rayman and Rabbids could count as well?
  10. Repost from the other thread: Suddenly this would make so much sense (especially the rivers part):
  11. I was looking at the trailer again and I noticed that for a few frames the moons of Eora can be seen. In Pillars of Eternity there is a book called The Moons of Eora that says:
  12. Yes, I can definitely see this. Would explain why the game didn't have any narrative designer until five months ago. Do we know how many people could be working on Avowed right now?
  13. QA usually participate when the game enters active production. According to Boyarsky, TOW was always around 70 developers, so in my assumption I've put ~ 80 to accommodate those workers. The same applies to The Forgotten Sanctum. I hadn't taken into account the cancelled projects tbh, but I suppose they wouldn't be made up of very large teams (probably about 5-10 each). I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that the Avowed team could be around 35-45 developers by then. This is interesting, as of June 2019 Obsidian had 200 employees of whom 70-80 were working at TOW. Grounded was in
  14. We could approximate by calculating the number of employees Obsidian had in December 2018 and how many of them were working on the known projects. At that time Obsidian was working on TOW (~ 80), finishing The Forgotten Sanctum (~ 30) and starting Grounded (~ 10). If Obsidian had around 190 employees then it leaves 70 developers working on something else.
  15. I don't think Avowed has been in development for as long as Sponger says, but we know that Obsidian has been fantasizing about making "Skyrim in Eora" since at least 2016. Surely they've been collecting a ton of ideas for years and when Microsoft came out they saw an opportunity to make it real. As I said in the other thread I think the project started pre-production in mid/late-2018 since that's time when Mark DeGeorge moved from TOW to work on "a secret project". Well, and I still believe this isn't a coincidence.
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