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  1. Wondering if you can only play the game in first person. Considering the setting, it looks like it will be melee focused, which doesn't lend itself to first person. Conan switched to third person combat for this very reason and it improved combat dramatically. Not saying that first person combat is bad, but it is very hard to pull off and usually ends up very dull. It also makes character customization via clothing or armor basically useless for yourself. What is the main survival problem in the game? The environment itself? NPC creatures? Other players? From the trailer it looks more lik
  2. Time to speculate. - Microsoft is in dire need of good Xbox exclusives. Best case scenario would of course be a well established IP, not something completely new. - Todd Howard showed up at the Microsoft E3 press conference and Fallout 76 had an Xbox exclusive early access, so there is definitely a partnership of some kind going on. - The Fallout: New Vegas footage in the "special announcement" video is suspiciously in sync with people talking about what games Obsidian wants to make and what a Obsidian game is. - Kotor also shows up alot, and although that in itself is not surprising gi
  3. Is the beta only available if you pledged a certain amount? I backed the game on Fig in february, but the only thing showing up on the My Products page is the Tyranny coupon.
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