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  1. I liked Minsc when I was younger (ie. when BG and BG2 were released). Nowadays I usually take Kivan or Valygar instead.
  2. Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound. Icewind Dale and NWN2 + expansions are probably my favorite incarnations of FR, I like how Black Isle and Obsidian, and Sawyer as a game director, approaches the setting and thought BG3 sounding very interesting, even though using the BG name was a bit if a cop out. And even after the game was canceled, I wish Josh had had the time ( / had been allowed?) to finish the NWN2 module he was working on.
  3. Galaxy 2.0 is the only launcher that allows you to integrate and organize all your platforms in one place and thus organize and manage your entire game library in one launcher. It keeps track of achievements, hours played and games owned, combined across platforms. I've been using it since august last year (closed beta) and it's very impressive, and the kind of evolution I want to fully support -- hence my choice of GOG as my primary platform.
  4. Hm. Their games have always had more niche appeal than broad, general gamer audience appeal -- the exceptions being Fallout: New Vegas and now The Outer Worlds -- so idk about their stomping potential... Also, The Outer Worlds came out just a few months ago and has, from all accounts, been a huge success for them so I don't really understand your disappointment. Unless what you are really trying to say is that you were hoping for a bigger announcement than Grounded?
  5. Yeah, I am a bit surprised that they have been playing things so close to the chest when it comes to post launch support / content. Especially after the Deadfire roadmap (which was great). Makes me wonder if they have a plan for it at all. The vague announcement of story-expanding DLC through a forum post, of all things, was also strange.
  6. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is amazing, that's the #1 reason right there. Also, much better support of older titles on modern systems -- every one of my GOG games runs on Windows 10 "out of the box". After that it's mostly about personal preference, differences between communities, etc. Sidenote (and maybe I'm missing sth here): what's up with the huge font?
  7. Started playing The Long Dark's story mode Wintermute yesterday and I'm digging it. I bought the game back in 2017, when it was still in early access, dabbled a bit in Survival Mode and liked it well enough but decided to shelf it until the official release and some of the story episodes were out. The improvements made to the game since then and the quality of the story content is impressive -- the game oozes atmosphere, from art style to sound design, music and voice acting, and its more calm and thoughtful pacing is such a nice diversion. There's something oddly relaxing about sitting in a c
  8. Thanks for the reply. One year... Guess most / all of the patches and DLC will be out by then, so in time for a GOTY Edition. Or close enough to wait.
  9. DA:O was the first time they actually did DLC, wasn't it? Not counting the NWN Premium Modules, I guess... Looking back at that, their DLC practices were shady from the get-go, really. Putting the only unique / non-humanoid companion in the game (Shale / The Stone Prisoner) and the return to a key location from the start of the game (Return to Ostagar) behind a pay wall... I never bought or played ME3 because of the launch day DLC shenanigans. Sounds like I made the right call and didn't miss much. Loved 1 and 2 though, and sometimes consider getting them on Steam when they're on sa
  10. Yeah, I think it's juvenile and unnecessary to call it that tbh, but each to their own.
  11. I am about 14 hours into Shadow of the Tomb Raider and it's by far my favorite of the reboot trilogy -- there is a much bigger focus on exploration and puzzles compared to Rise, and the combat set pieces that I have come across so far have allowed me to go full Bat(wo)man and pick off the enemies one by one without them ever spotting me. That approach is also helped by the expanded stealth elements (mud camouflage, stringing up enemies on tree branches), making the combat encounters a type of puzzle in their own right. It's awesome. The game also looks great -- they managed to make the ju
  12. There is a store page on Steam that says "Planned Release Date: 2020". It's 2020 now, and I would like to know if Obsidian have given any indication re. when we can expect to see The Outer Worlds on Steam and possibly other platforms? I played the game for a bit last month, through the XBOX Game Pass for PC beta, and very much liked what I saw but I prefer to buy and own my games on either Steam or GOG (preferably the latter).
  13. Resident Evil 2 (remake), Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. @Keyrock I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider yesterday and, honestly, I don't see the whole torture porn angle you keep referring to. I might see how a case can be made for the first game crossing into that category, but Rise literally has one scene (the one you posted a screenshot of in the other thread) where Lara is physically assaulted while captured and tied to a chair, and I didn't think it was gratuitous -- considering the captor's motivation and end goal (see spoiler below) I'm surprised he didn't perm
  14. My game of the year has to be Resident Evil 2. SO. GOOD. Honorable mentions for games that didn't come out in 2019 but that I played / finished for the first time last year are Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Deadfire was, IMO, uneven but the three DLC were great and ultimately raised the overall quality of the game for me. RE7 was amazing, successfully taking the series in a new direction while managing to honor the core principles that made the series so great in the first place. Can't wait for RE3 this April Edit: As for my game of the decade, since so
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