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  1. Hey everyone. I'm glad to see that people have been checking out my post and I hope this has helped at least a few people. With that being said, is there anyway we can get the devs attention to this? Because it is my hope that this will lead to a proper fix for the all the people suffering from fps drops/stuttering on high end PC's.
  2. I used to have stutters/fps drops every 30 seconds no matter where I was. But I'm glad to say that my game performance has improved considerably! No longer do I have rhythmic stutters on a beach or in most areas! What did the trick for me was the following: Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dmy64BFZ9OS8a__0V7w8mR3r7kUF_sAm Place the files into your save folder and when prompted click replace all files (doing so may affect your achievements so keep that in mind) Start the game from the PoE2.exe , NOT from steam. YOU MUST KEEP STEAM CLOSED. If not, this will not work (at least in my experience) When starting up the game, play around with the save provided in the download file to check if your performance, or just make a new save. This may or may not work on in-progress saves so please keep that in mind. If you see that the performance has not improved with your in-progress save, then you will have to start to a new save This really saved this game for me. Sadly I can't play it through steam or else the performance issues return. The only performance issues I had after the fix was the following: Stuttering in combat or in menus every once in awhile Low fps/stutter in fort dead light and queens berth. But these issues are welcomed compared to the alternative stutter-fest that was the alternative performance. Special thanks to RefridgeratorJP for the download file and helping me out with this! I hope this helps someone with similar performance issues! Also, for those wondering this is my setup -GTX 1080 Ti -i7-7700k -16GB RAM -SSD -Standard Monitor (NO G-Sync)
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