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  1. Do you think that Brute or Brawler can do fine in PoTD? I was thinking Brawler first on Veteran, Brute with Berath Blessings in PoTD.
  2. Then the Pollaxe clearly needs to be bound as a barbarian. I might try a first playthrough as a Brawler (roughly the lady of Pain build), collect enough achievement for the Berath Blessings for loads of cash, to play as a Brute and with the Devil of Caroc armor, not care about the Confused inspiration. Cheers for all the feedback!
  3. That’s good advices, thanks everyone. It seems Brute wins over Brawler, I’ll have to resort to decide which weapon looks cooler....
  4. Is it more worth it than Morningstar modal? Also not sure how does multi class works with soul bound weapons. You get both the fighter and the barbarian soul bound upgrades?
  5. I think I'm down to 2 potential concepts: Brawler with Greatsword or Brute with Morningstar. Whilst the idea of a swashbuckler still is attractive, I can't help but picture it as a dual wielding saber character, with may be 2 pistols as a second set. I have come down to make a lsit of PROS and CONS based on the Helwalker and Berserker subclass, to differientiate them (assuming all other thing being equals, and a base 10 INT) Brawler with Greasword, Burden / Whisper of the Endless Path PROS Action speed bonus: 15% and +5 DEXT so +30% action speed for 10 sec ( with Duality of Soul, 1
  6. Thanks for the responses. I have spend some more time playing with build ideas. It hink a riposte build can be really powerfull but i would probably build my party tank more in that line if possible (Looking at you Eder). Brute seems to have good action speed potential, but do the action speef from Frenzy and Blood thirst stack? What about th ecarnage and the Mob stance? Isn't it a bit of an overlap? Looking at the Helwalker seconds class, you can rely have some fun synergies with the Duality of mortal Presence, with + 10 MIGHT and +10 INT, which helps the recovery the Fighter recovery.
  7. Greeting Build Forum. I have been a visitor of this forum for a while, since PoE1 and have seen some great builds and advices posted, so I figured I would take a shot at asking for help myself. Currently playing PoE1 to continue in Deadfire, playing a monk mostly due to the "per encounter" limit of the other melee class that annoyed me. But I am in a conundrum to pick the future class in Deafire (quite frankly spent my last week at work trying to figure this one out.) I have seen some great build idea around but unfortunatly I lack the time to try lots of them, and most are for previou
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