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  1. I hope for new level cap ONLY IF new end-game content will be added like zone, optional and challenging boss and maybe new story.
  2. I want more gloomy and grim athmosphere, a dark european fantasy ambience maybe in Aedyran Empire. I want so much an epic MAIN STORY with twists and A VERY CHARISMATIC VILAIN, a good story is a story with a good vilain.
  3. 1/ Baldur's Gate Serie without any doubts 2/ Witcher Serie 3/ Planescape Torment 4/ Pillars of Eternity 1 5/ Final Fantasy VII et IX 6/ NWN 2 7/ KOTOR 2 8/ Skyrim with a lot of Mods 9/ Dragon age Origin 10/ Deux Ex
  4. i just think it's a tad... tilted to judge the evil/good of a military or a military doctrine using modern measurements when these actions take place in an iron age world. things change, values change. etc. I can see where you're coming from, but the Scarlet Chorus was written with these things with the *intention* that they'd be judged as evil. The Disfavored and the Scarlet Chorus are designed to be the two faces of evil; cold, calculating, pragmatic evil vs wild, chaotic, uninhibited evil. Both also have good sides to them; the Disfavored are disciplined, honorable, and respect the law
  5. Post-marxism ideological point of view and studies impose an ideological vision denying any determinism, it is the base of the problem of analysis. Any difference is considered as carrier of a superiority or an inferiority so it's the locked door of any discussion. The templates as well as the hormonal cycles play obviously a key role in the behavior differentiated of the men and the women. And many women themselves is aware about that. Neuroscience tells us the differences of settings between emotion and rationality. There are attitudes and typically male and feminine charact
  6. The best way to do it by far is in a game with an advantages/disadvantages system, as a perk that triggers certain dialogue options or a small bonus on certain checks, while keeping it totally separate from the core mechanics. Beauty should generally be placed along things like "oh, I have photographic memory," or "oh, I know ALL THE TRIVIA," or, "oh, I'm familiar with military stuff" - miscellaneous character traits that can be independent of combat attributes. I'm agree with you but apparently a fighting penalties for a beautifull woman is a heresy for some. A red alarm is burning th
  7. It's a natural and legitim idea. In many RPG (and real life of course) beauty, charisma, social abilities and style are very usefull and the way for special opportunies. IMO it's because beauty is evidence while intelligence must be demonstrated. More social interactions can be a good add for any RPG because it’s new ways to solve a situation. But it’s not only available for women. In Cthulhu RPG the APP (Appearance) stat is only for social interactions. Your suggestion for fighting penalties isn’t mad, to maintain its beauty and its style takes time, lifestyle and ressources. It’s mor
  8. IMO, limited rest is a necessity for the rythm during a game and the feeling of wear and fatigue of the group. A new system of hurt and fatigue after too many fights or travels can be a solution. Add an option for limited rest with the new Magran system and an achievement is a good way too.
  9. You really need help... You seem upset that one of the characters wasn't white - how does that make it an agenda? And which ugly women? The latest star wars Film was great and Rei and fynn (not sure how their names are spelt in the film) are very funny and just what the star wars films needed I'm going to have to disagree with that, but for entirely different reasons. The latest movie changed/altered the lore, and the historical characters. It was a very intentional act to sever star wars from it's ancestory based, monastic, religious and classical thinking underpinnings. The treatme
  10. You really need help... You seem upset that one of the characters wasn't white - how does that make it an agenda? And which ugly women? The latest star wars Film was great and Rei and fynn (not sure how their names are spelt in the film) are very funny and just what the star wars films needed You need opthalmologic help if you cannot see this big nose Larma d'Acy effect ugly. Not one character, the only new character who is white is a woman Mary Sue as Rey. The latest star wars film was a crual joke, a troll and a real shame but it's not the place to talk about that. Story wi
  11. So how was star wars ruined by sjw? I think it's about Star Wars VIII, withoutsoul and an agenda of racial quota and ugly women in the Resistance. Rogue One was really better with a true deep of world and a strong woman main character who is not a Mary Sue.
  12. Well done Inquisitor, censorship is your only answer? The stake is smelling? We are all adults here and we can discuss with respect for a positive way I hope. We can be feminist whitout being SJW...It's the deal of the nuance and any intellectual reflection. Why to ignore all my post for quote just one line with an unfounded accusation to demonized me with moral position and censorship for only answer? It's more easy apparently to say "It's not what I want to hear, burn them all!!!". It's not tolerant and it's a pity.
  13. The first pillars was correct on this point: no intense SJW propaganda IMO (maybe just the Sagani' story with her role of hunter and her husband who stay at home for the children but it's light) and I LIKE THAT SO MUCH. Medieval-fantasy and CRPG are historically more traditional universes drawing from the soul of the former European myths and it's what I like, it's the old soul of our civilization like a good walk in a deep ancient forest. I hate every propaganda in any cultural media so the recent wave of SJW forced propaganda in RPG is a really pain in my heart: Mass Effect Andromeda
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