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  1. For my next PoTD project, I think I want to create a Troubadour/Paladin that is good at defense, support, damage, and summoning. To that end, I have some questions: Kind Wayfarer vs. Shieldbearer. If I went Wayfarer, I think I would go for a dual wield build with the Singing scimitar + Modwyr/Scordeo's edge, and I'd play more of an offtank style I guess. For Shieldbearer, I'd try to build around using a (medium?) shield and being the first one into combat. Is one of these approaches inherently stronger? RP wise I have a slight preference for Shieldbearer, but I could go either way. With the Wayfarer, I'd probably build Eder as a swashbuckler distraction tank, while with the Shieldbearer I'd build Eder as a damage-focused swashbuckler or SC fighter (I'm thinking about combining chopping wood and clear the path with Karabörü --- in fact, I kind of want to run this build on with my MC as a great sword Devoted..). Maybe Eder doesn't need to be built as a tank if I'm healing so much though. Serafen/Xoti/Pallegina (crusader) will probably be the third melee. In either case, I'm thinking about 15 might, 15 per, 18 int, 10 everywhere else so I am decent at damage, healing, and tanking. Does this sound reasonable? Are there any standout damage or summon invocations? Brisk Recitation. My understanding is that Brisk Recitation let's me trade-off between doubling up on chants (with Troubadour linger) and getting more invocations/per second. So, for example, if all my chants were defensive in nature and all my invocations were offensive in nature, then Brisk Recitation would let me pivot between offense and defense. Is that right? Thanks in advance. I know Heralds are old news around here -- so, sorry about that -- but I haven't played one yet.
  2. Hello guys ! I'm back to PoE 2 after a long time. I trying to figure out which MC to play and whom to pick as companions. I'm thorn between: Fighter/Chanter: Offtankish with good options for cc and creating good pressure. As subclasses possibly Tactician/Troubadour, Devoted/Skald Rogue/Cipher: Offtank with selfbuff potential via psychovamp shield, phantom foe, ...subclasses could be Trickster/Beguiler Fighter/Paladin: Offtank, Devoted or Tactician, Paladin idk Rogue/Chanter: Offtank, CC&DmgTrickster and Troubadour So I'm in for a "tanky" melee but can't decide which one. Every single multiclass is playable in the end. For my party I want a diverse composition of classes/multiclass and I like supports like Paladins, Chanter, Priests, Druids,... and so on. It's hard to find a good composition of companions to cover all those classes with multi and single classes.... I like Vatnir, Ydwin, Eder, Aloth, Tekehu, the laughing Skaldboy. But I can't set them in order properly to get most classes covered in a good manner and get a MC in the end I want to play. Maybe someone has a good idea ?
  3. I am completely undecided about what to focus on with DoC. I tested all 3 types I am interested in for her, and they all work really well. The 'worst' would be Nightshroud, simply for the fact that I already have Zahua, Maneha and Kana on the front. In open areas, the fourth frontliner is nice, but many fights are not that freeroam-y. Removing Nightshroud from her would let my main priest have a 'get-out-of-trouble free card', which sounds nice, albeit I have yet to find a situation where that would have saved me... Hunting Bow vs War Bow is a tough choice though. Would be super easy, barely an inconvenience, if Stormcaller could be bound to Rogue, but alas, nope. So far, she uses Borresaine or Persistence. On one hand, Borresaine offers so much damage that I was able to 1shot some mage in one of the bounties in WM1, on the other hand DoC would be softcountered against enemies immune to pierce, which could be circumvented with Massuk Bow if I went the Hunting Bow route. But then again, I am not sure I would lose that much if I just went with War Bow as my main and switch to Massuk Bow if needed. Would the +6 ACC from Weapon Focus be that noticable in the long run, considering how high Rogue ACC already is? (+ 20 ACC from Devotions among others) Or should I maybe just do a hybrid build and do both Bashing shield melee and HB/WB ranged? Or something completely different? Edit: and, what is the best way to approach alpha striking? So far, I have my melee units set up with slow ranged weapons for an initial attack, by the time the attack is finished my priest cast Devotions. and then I switch to melee for the front liners and that's it. I thought I would be better off by now not bothering with many alpha strikers, aside maybe for DoC because of the SA bonus? Like, Molina's Arbalest for AS, then switch to HB/WB/melee depending on my chosen build?
  4. So, I entered WM at level 7, struggled mostly at the beginning and the end of it, took a short break in base game at the end and gained 1 more level. Now, is being level 12 too easy for WM2 potd and should I thus upscale or is it still fine? It seems weird, essentially not 'grinding' many levels, barely doing more than what is readily available in the DLC and then getting the prompt that I was actually overlevelled for part 2? Or am I maybe even in a bad middleground and should I work my way to level 13 and then upscale?
  5. Hello, so lately I know I've been asking around alot about various builds, trying to find the another build that is just as fun as the two builds I have only beaten the game with (Steel garrote/ Bloodmage) and (Forbidden Fist/Ascendant), So I tried other half caster multiclasses but they didn't Have the same fun feel as the previous 2, but one thing I keep coming back to for the caster half is Druid as I really like the spell list you get with it , with all the Storm, Plant, and Beast spells. But sadly they have a finite pool of spell slots/number of times you can use your spells, which gave me the idea of combining it with tactician which has the brilliant ability to regenerating class resources, which would allow me to cast spells like the more infinite resource having classes, But I'm having trouble picking a druid subclass for this warden build and also having trouble on how I would proc brilliant using said druid class(Fury,Ancient or maybe Shifter), I would really appreciate the help and advice thx.
  6. EDIT: Zahua and DoC are great replacements for Hiravias and Eder surprisingly, so I am good for now Finally I did NOT restart again and entered White March. Just to get this out of the way, holy **** was the Crag Ogre battle intense. I thought you couldn't save in between skirmishes until the last 2 fights, which made it unnecessarily harder for me xD Now to the subject. Zahua is level 1 right now and I have absolutely no idea how to set him up in my party comp. I have Kana and Zahua on the front; priest-me, Aloth and Hiravias (who I regularly switch out for GM) in the back. Last slot is Sagani so far, but I may choose to ditch her for either DoC (in WM1) and then maybe for Maneha (in WM2). So, either 3 frontliner units or 4 backliners. I thought of following either or but as I have no experience with mid to high level monks, I am not sure what would best fit my party. The class is cool in concept, but the whole wounding mechanic never made sense to me, compared to spellcasters and 'normal' melee classes. I would like to focus on fists as my main weapon and hatchets as my secondary weapon, though I will use him as an alphastriker as well, with Molina's arbalest most likely, as I can get the peasant focus bonus with it. And lastly, with the aforementioned party of priest/Aloth/Hira-GM/Kana/Zahua /+???, would a 3rd frontliner even make sense? I find the idea of having 3 Aumaua from Rauatai pretty appealing, so Maneha would be more to my liking than DoC, at least during the second part of WM and then back in the main game. Rogue never clicked with me anyway...
  7. Hi, I've decided to try and make a melee chanter and decided to go with War Caller, I've decided to go with tactician for the fighter subclass as I would go devoted but I hate being locked into one weapon type , and I am trying to choose between Bellower and Troubadour for the chanter side of the multiclass, If not war caller I was thinking a Howler with either berserker or Furyshaper for the barbarian side and Bellower and or Troubadour for the chanter side, I would really appreciate the advice and help in deciding . P.S. is godlike worth losing a helm slot?
  8. I am relatively confident in Pallegina's build, and there are many guides as to which spells are good for priest/wizard/druid/chanter/cipher. But Edér... man, I have no idea how to set him up effectively (without either changing his class or his stats). I originally thought just to copy one of the Lady of Pain builds, but they don't seem to work that well for some reason. I would think that a build around Defender would work well with a not-so-tanky party. Taking Defender, Rapid Recovery, Confident Aim, and... that is where I stop having any ideas... Currently, I switch around his weapon setup like they are socks. twohanded, dualwield, SnS-style. The latter seems a bit obsolete, as I already have both Kana and Pallegina with SnS, and of course my whole backline as a backup weapon set. Also for disengagement attacks, I think 2handed stuff would work best?
  9. Right now, I am playing a melee Wiz with 14/8/10/15/16/15 base stats, and I - for the first time - defeated Raedric at party level 4. Lots of resting in the castle, but still, really powerful. Got me thinking, what other classes/builds make for great talkers that are also combatitive on PotD.
  10. like, more balanced stats instead of Drake Ambassador min-max. I saw The Gunslinger just now, and thought that maybe a melee chanter that uses both pDragon Thrashed and offensive invocations to deal damage? I know that casting invocations slows down phrase gain for a bit, but I wonder if that would still be viable from a damage-dealing perspective..? Stat spread I thought of: 15/8/8/15/18/14 ?
  11. With Edér's stats, which of the 2 would be better? Outside of PC I never played much with Rogue, and well, it didn't go that well... But I wonder if Eder could make a good rogue? Rogue has more debuffs and should have higher single-target dps, but fighter is naturally sturdier. I don't mind the fact that rogue has no aoe damage or CC, as that is covered by my other party members.
  12. Hey everybody been having fun playing various melee caster builds I decided on trying a potd solo run with a liberator, and I'm stuck on which version I should go with (kind wayfarer/fury or shifter), or (steel garrote/fury or shifter) and whether or not to use magran favor+sun &moon or darryns voulge as 2h for this run, would really appreciate the advice and help thx
  13. Hey I've decided to make a tempest multiclass, but I'm having a hard time deciding which barbarian multiclass to go with furyshaper or berserker, I also plan to use lord Darren's voulge in this build and would like some help deciding what other armor and gear to get for the build, I've decided to go with ancient subclass for the druid half of the build as well, I'd also like to know which barbarian passives and skill to take as well as for ancient. Thanks for help .
  14. So, yeah, I am completely hooked on my Priestess of Berath from the White That Wends (Death Godlike on top) and finally stopped contemplating over different classes in the Dyrwood. My main team will consist of Aloth and Pallegina, with a certain focus on Vailian related quests and NPCs (I only know of Ydwin and Fassina by accidentally spoiling them - they seem cool). But lo and behold, Deadfire is on the distant horizon. Last time I asked about Cipher MC I think, so yeah, that is thrown out of the window for the most part. Single Class Priest of Berath vs /Druid vs /Wizard vs /Cipher vs /Chanter I am mostly uncertain if i would lose a lot of singleclass power of the Priest if I went for a MC? As far as I understand it, I not only lose the last 2 spell levels of both classes (or however it is calculated with the Chanter), but also the Power Level of each class' spells is missing out on 2 levels, which would mean weaker damage/heal spells? And also I would get my spells at a much slower rate, like ~5 levels later for my 'last' tier of MC spells? Seems like a lot of wasted potential, unless I am missing something, as I look at it all from a rather uneducated perspective? Like, looking at the unique Berath spells, the final 2 tiers seem like a huge boost in damage dealer potential, especially as Berath's spells add a lot of non-fire spells, which would be pretty cool. But on the other hand, my POE1-stats are more focused on talking (12/6/15/15/15/15), so I wonder if I would even be a worthy addition to DPS anyway. Though I am doing a lot of damage in POE1... don't know how much changes in Deadfire. But then with a MC I would have a lot of versatility added. Wizard would get me both potent self-buffs and aoe debuffs (which could be subbed for with Aloth/Fassina), Druid would get me massive AOE damage spells (storms and such - the only Universalist build on the build page lists DoT as a main selling point), Cipher (Psion for passive Focus or Ascendant for powerful spells?) again with the debuffs and self-sufficient resource, Chanter with passive resource replenishment and passive buffs/debuffs. I am slightly more inclined to go for singleclass, but as usual, I am VERY unsure... Any advice is always much appreciated
  15. While my last post's answers steered me towards chanter, after meeting the Skaenites in Dyrford, I restarted as a Cipher and am having a blast with it. Like holy sh!t hell yes xD needed to understand some mechanics first before this class clicked with me fully First time I reached the end of Act2, so I am starting to plan ahead again into Deadfire... this time for real I am currently playing mostly in melee, second row mostly, simply because even with average defensive stats I am very squishy... My new question is: which of the listed in classes make for good melee ciphers? only listed a few for flavor reasons again. Inquisitor (Kind Wayfarer for sure) has sturdiness and heals and Paragon flavor Mindstalker (Assassin? really not sure) has bonus damage on CCed targets and utility for repositioning (still? - rogue has such in poe1 at least...). And I am playing like a deceptive but benevolent PC right now, so yeah, Robin Hood-esque Seer (Ghostheart or maybe Stalker) has the pet which I can use for more positioning for Ectoplastic Echo (especially as GH), also higher accuracy? Stalker has the slight defense buff if my pet is close (only for me or also for the pet?) Spiritualist seems like a Super-Support unit which triggers my MMO-PTSD but the mindreading bard is just such a cool concept in my head... no idea about subclass. Skald seems the most sensible choice here. Transcendent (monk in general - dunno about the subclasses) has a neat gimmick with the damage intake buffs you, and I liked monks (modded to get +5 fists though) in BG2 a lot, so yeah. afaik Transcendent is more suited to tanking+CC? Witch I have no clue about, just the barbarian theme is cool and my Barbarian (Eder consoled) in poe1 shreds mobs which is hilarious - no idea if he pulls his weight in real boss fights Ascendent seems like a really cool gimmick, but I am not sure if a SC Cipher that is not a Soulblade can pull its weight in melee skirmishes..? For all of the above, I would really not know what subclasses would be good, though I am drawn towards Ascendent over Soulblade, despite the latter featuring a dedicated melee gimmick.
  16. I am currently dungeon delving in Od Nua and I replaced Edér with Kana (for his quest), and Kana is just a so much better tank than Eder while also dealing massive damage with Dragin Trashed. And summons on top... Only, I don't plan on keeping Kana for long, so I wonder if I would be better off making Aloth my second tank next to Pallegina? I don't feel very confident with only 1 tank in my main squad, I tried that in Od Nua 4/5 a bit and it was rough. Without Eder (or better: with Edér as my switcheroo companion), I would only have squishies in my main team aside from Pallegina, so I would like to make one those squishies into a tankie It's pretty much Aloth or Hirvias, and I don't see any mention of druid being a decent tank anywhere..? I read a few bits here and there that aloth CAN work as a tank, just couldn't find any guide for that..? Would making him into a tank be too extreme/niche? Or would I have to ditch all his other roles for it? Currently he is pretty much my main debuffer, with the occasional damage output, but mostly debuffing. I wouldn#t mind making him a tank+debuffer, but sacrificing both roles he currently fills seems meh to me. I asked my buddy if he knows anything, but he only played a melee Aloth in Act 1.
  17. Currently I am having a bit of trouble deciding on a build and as my goto-Youtuber's builds are somewhat outdated I looked thorugh quite a bit of "5.0" build lists but I still can't figure it out so I'm asking the pros . I'm playing RTwP. Am somewhat experienced with CRPGs (played Pathfinder and one or two other CRPGs) and like to min max occasionally. However this time I'm planning to attempt to RP a bit more. These are the things I find important: PotD viable (if possible even PotD solo viable as I want to be able to perform independently from my party even though I plan to bring them along at least sometimes). No hardcore cheese (specificly the one where you spam reequip that one item (?) to extend buff duration). No insane amount of micromanagement required (unless it's not too tedious). Also preferably without too many consumables. Able to do megabosses (again best if solo but for this I dont mind if I have to bring the party as much). RP friendly? (dont know if there is a thing as "rp-friendly" builds). While looking through many posts I found these so far: SC Bloodmage: I played it until Nekataka but somehow it didn't "click" with me and the roleplay of "I'm an all powerful mage" got boring real fast . That is the reason I decided to restart. Herald build that is really tanky and regenerates a lot. For this I could not find any clue on if this is solo PotD viable. I really liked the Priest Brilliant+BDD+SoT strategy and as it needs quite a few levels (exspecially in multiclass variants) I feel it's ok to use it as you probably will be quite late into the story and thus I'm ok with being OP at that stage of a RPG. And if it gets too boring you could always try without. However here im struggling to find out whether these builds are viable without the mentioned strategy. Also wondering which variation of Priest or even which class to multiclass with is the most fun/best. So far i thought about SC/Assassin/Ascended Cipher. I would greatly appreciate any opinions on the priest or herald build. Furthermore if you have any other fun recommendations feel free to post them aswell (if you want to with RP ideas included as I'm somewhat unoriginal). Anyways thank you for reading and have a wonderful day. Should have probably made this a bit shorter
  18. really, only stat spread questions. The problem in big battles is always the same. Either I blast through each encounter, or I lose the moment my Cipher gets targeted. But I like the theme of a melee Cipher a bit more than ranged. Which is ironic because I settled on Wood Elf for flavor My Stats look like the following rn - respecced so often already: M 16 C 8 D 12 P 18 I 16 R 8 16 might gets me massive focus boost it seems when using Firebrand and Perception seems far more important than Dex for a Cipher... Currently wearing Edér's armor for the added defense, simply because of having an 'Oh-****'-button
  19. I have 2 Rangers, 2 Paladins, 1 Cipher and 1 Chanter. I really like this setup so far, also, I cannot think of any classes that would make snese for Sagani/GM/Kana/Pallegina aside from their standard one, aside from Eder, who I think makes quite the fitting Kind Wayfarer Though I could imagine him as a Ranger as well, with his high affinity to animals. But 3 Rangers would be a bit insane I think xD So, stats look like this: Orlan Ranger MC: M17 C3 D19 P20 I15 R4 Arbalest as main (One-Eyed Molina with nexus patch) Sagani Ranger: M20 C4 D17 P19 I15 R3 Hunting Bow main (Currently still her personal one) Eder Paladin KW: M17 C10 D14 P14 I18 R5 Greatsword main (Justice so far, but Imma buy some others soon) Zealous Focus Pallegina Paladin: M16 C10 D15 P14 I20 R3 can't decide and constantly switch between SnS with Outworn Buckler, or dualwield small weapons. Zealous Charge (that thing saved me so many times) is insane. GM Cipher: M16 C8 D14 P16 I16 R8 Warbow/2handed main, switch between the 2 depending on scenario. Haven't found any unique Warbow/Poleaxe/Estoc yet, currently she has Durance's Staff and a Fine Warbow with Wilder enchantment on. Quickly became my second-hardest and most efficient hitter next to MC Ranger. Went down only once (against my first encounter with an Ogre Druid - never again), Kills second highest number, deleted Raedric with Soul Ignition after buffs. Kana Chanter: M20 C8 D15 P14 I18 R3 am really not sure how to build him effectively as a support ranged unit. Just Ila constantly is good enough I guess, collecting phrases for an emergency heal or a summon, but eh, I feel like he's a bit underutilzed there, aside from the tangibly ridiculous speed buff he gives my MC. Also, he has Gallant's Focus to buff the backline even more... I thought (and tried) a gunslinger style setup, but it's weird... Kana I feel like I need the most advice with. The others work very well so far and I feel neither like they are carrying the rest of the party nor that they are underutilized, but Kana is in a weird place imo. But of course I am open to any kind of advice/criticism
  20. I couldn't find a list of recommendations for these items. I made my own list up to Raedric's Hold, but aside from Stalker's Torc and of course the infamous Gloves of Manipulation, I got just some general stuff there.
  21. I thought of binding Belt of the Royal Cannoneer and Company Captain's Hat to Kana (to buff his stats, and also to prevent my main buffer from getting CCed to much - and Firebrand seems pretty dope), War Club to Eder and the One-Eyed Arbalest seems quite intriguing as well, since I adore Sagani a bit too much to not have 2 Rangers now until the end of time. Would Sagani or MC Ranger be good with an Arbalest (this one specifically) or am I better off going guns on one and Hunting Bows on the other? Edit: I have the bugfux for the One-Eyed Crossbow from the nexus installed.
  22. I am stuck in early Act 2. I rushed to Sagani and GM and then wanted to start clearing the surrounding areas. Only, no matter if Woodend Plains or Stormwall Gorge, I canNOT get past the groups of lions (especially the one with the Adragan and the other new humanoid monster). I tried surrounding them, I tried Alpha-striking different enemies (can't insta-kill anything there), I spammed all of my limited spell arsenal, I ate food. Nothing works for me. I don't think it is a problem that I am too weak (level 5), I firmly believe that either my party setup just doesn't cut it (which would suck) or that I just can't come up with the proper strategy here. My party consists of Ranger MC (20/4/17/18/15/3) Boreal Dwarf with Wolf pet Sagani Eder Kana Grieving Mother Durance (who I want to ditch because he just doesn't fit my goody-two-shoes heroine) Considering how easy Maerwald was with Ranger/Eder/Kana/Durance/Aloth, I am at a loss what exactly is my problem now. Am I gimping my combat prowess with 2 Rangers maybe? My current plan for this party would be that all but Durance are my permanent companions, and 1 slot I switch around as I please. Is Kana a good enough replacement for a priest (for buffing and such) or would some other class be a mandatory addition to my team like this?
  23. so, yeah... I struggle a lot deciding on which caster class to pick for my MC. They all are very appealing to me, I played them all up to Caed Nua on potd and loved it all. Now, as I haven't been past CN, I have yet to meat GM and Hiravias, but thanks to me spoilering back when, I know for a fact that I'd want to keep them in my active party a lot. Only, equally I want to keep Aloth and Durance in my party. Not that I will have them all 4 as 'permanent' companions, but I will probably use them all a lot... Now my question is in the title. Which caster class is getting the most out of using two of them? As far as Act 1 goes, I *think* Wizard is the best in that regard, as I can either slot different spells for different specialties on me and Aloth, *or* I can balance spell usage between the 2 and reduce my need for resting - the latter should also be true for the Druid.
  24. Glanfathan Soul Hunter Game Version - 1.2 Difficulty - PoTD up-scaled / Solo / Deadly Deadfire Race: Wooden Elf Class - (Ranger) Ghost Heart / (Cipher) Ascendant Alignment - Neutral (The strongest survives) Culture: Aedyr God - Galawain Companion - Bear Increase difficulty mod: Deadly Deadfire Hardcore (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/43) Videos: Showcases L20 - Equipment (On this video I didnt have Bracers of Greater Deflection) L20 - Abilities, Attributes (On this video, I used my old setup, check new version in abilities section) L20 - Queen L20 - Ukaizo L19 - Fampyr L15 - Adra lighthouse L13 - Ondra Temple Attributes Might - 10 Constitution - 10 Dexterity - 19 Perception - 10 Intellect - 18 Resolve - 11 Skills Alchemy 19 History 19 Abilities Whispers of Treason (CL1) + Marked Prey (HL1) Resilient Companion (HL2) Penetrating Visions (CL3) Draining Whip (CL4) + Gunnery (HL4) Marksman (HL5) Weapon and Shield Style (CL6) Ectopsychic Echo (CL7) + Evasive Roll (HL7) Protective Companion (HL8) Hammering Thoughts (CL9) Body Attunement (CL10) + Stalker's Link (HL10) Recall Agony (CL11) Bear's Fortitude (HL12) Ring Leader (CL13) + Driving Flight (HL13) Borrowed Instinct (CL14) Tactical Meld (CL15) Disintegration (CL16) + Survival of the Fittest (HL16) The Empty Soul (CL17) Defensive Bond (HL18) The Complete Self (CL19) + Superior Camouflage (HL19) Snake's Reflexes (HL20) Equipement Pet: Abracham (https://pillarsofete...dia.com/Abraham Weapon 1: Bronlar's Phalanx (https://pillarsofete...cordeo's_Trophy) + Scordeo's Trophy (https://pillarsofete...cordeo's_Trophy Weapon 2: Hand Mortal(https://pillarsofete...com/Hand_Mortar) + Cadhu Scalth (https://pillarsofete...om/Cadhu_Scalth) Weapon 3: Dragon's Dowry (https://pillarsofete...ven's_Cacophony) Armor: Patinated Plate (https://pillarsofete...Patinated_Plate) Head: Heaven's Cacophony (https://pillarsofete...ven's_Cacophony) Belt: Girdle of Eoten Constitution (https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Girdle_of_Eoten_Constitution_(Deadfire)) Ring: Ring of the Marksman (https://pillarsofete...of_the_Marksman) + Small Ring of Protection Footprints: Boots of the Stone (https://pillarsofete...ts_of_the_Stone) Gloves:Bracers of Greater Deflection (https://pillarsofete...eadfire_bracers) Cloak: The Giftbearer's Cloth (https://pillarsofete...eadfire_bracers) Belt: Captain Belt (https://pillarsofete..._Captain's_Belt) Amulet: Strand of Favor(https://pillarsofete...Strand_of_Favor) Modals: * Large Shield * Pistol * Blunderbuss Food: Captain Banquette Gameplay: Charm enemies Put Ectopsychic Echo on Companion Generate Focus and RS with Scordeo If enemies surround switch on Hand Mortal and use Heaven's Cacophony active skills When you Ascended put Disintegration on each enemy around you Tips: Food: Captain Banquette prevent you from Rogue distraction and stop enemies sneak attack Food: Captain Banquette prevent you from Fear, Terrified Food: Captain Banquette prevent you from Domination Alchemy: Potion of Piercing Strikes with Body Attunement helps penetrate Golems and Ukaizo armor Alchemy: Potion of Ascension increase Disintegration damage
  25. Rygmrand's "Artist" Class: Spiritualist ( Soulblade/Chanter ) Difficulty: PotD+ Version: 2.1 Solo: Hel Yes DESCRIPTION: A powerful build that snowballs early into a biawac of destruction and test the power of your gaming contraption! Kill your enemies with ice and decay. If you thought Grave Calling/Hel Beckoning's imp route was neat, you're in for a real big treat. Soul annihilating summons all day! RP: A character I imagined who would rise up to be Rymgrand's top agent. (EDIT) Patch 2.1 - Soul Annihilation's killing blow now has been fixed, but the skeleton and chillfog synergy is still going strong. Difference is now you can either dump SA on enemies or spam cipher spells during chillfog bursts kind of like a semi-ascendant that has Soul Annihilation. I also recommend trying out a Berserker Howler (skeleton nukes) or Harbinger multiclass (deathblow passives) for damage output if you can make do without the cipher utility to increase accuracy or weaken enemy fortitude defenses. There are 2 things that make this build work: 1. Soulblade's Soul Annihilation (SA) despite saying "Primary Attack", will trigger any weapon "on kill" effects if the target dies from the raw damage portion of the attack even if the weapon with the effect is equipped on the offhand. Apparently it also ignores the type of creature it is when it is killed, which will fulfill any "on kill" effect that requires a certain monster type (kith, etc). CAUTION: I am sure this is unintended so enjoy it while it lasts. D: 2. Most abilities that are activated or procced from a weapon will usually calculate damage and special effects using the weapon and any passive abilities the character has. In the case of the cipher, it will generate focus for them. There are some exceptions, but it is usually the case. Technically you could use SA's agnostic killing blow on any soulblade multiclass, which would probably make soulblade/rogue into an insane force of destruction on trash, but the chanter multiclass was the safer choice in order to supply your own "easy fuel" for SA kills and to default back to a chanter summon line on harder fights. Using the raw damage hit of the Soulblade's Soul Annihilation, I am able to 1-2 shot my low HP summons and able to proc the on kill effects of Grave Calling and Hel Beckoning regardless if they are a vessel or spirit. For Grave Calling I have enchanted it to cast chill fog on a vessel kill which will be my skellies. This will result in a free AoE non-hazardous chillfog spell when I kill my summon that blinds and pulses damage to enemies that ALSO contribute to my focus gain, which means I can then use soul annihilation immediately again on an enemy or spam cipher spells. This also stacks my ice lash buff and with the paralyzation on crit enchant, many of the enemies caught in the chillfog spam become blinded and paralyzed as they get torn apart. The afflictions will still persist even if they are immune to freeze damage. The even nastier thing is that if a vessel dies from chillfog it will spawn another chillfog because it is still benefiting from Grave Calling's passives. You will want to cull near-death non-vessels with SA to take advantage of their deaths. POST 2.1 - While this still can work when fighting spirits, it now requires a bit more micro of what blade does killing blows. The other styles seem a lot more viable now and even weapon/ranged can work since the build has no full attacks. In the case for Hel Beckoning, which has procs on a spirit kill and behaves similar to Grave Calling, the two options are a corrode AoE or a corrode imp summon. Although the AoE option is definitely the higher damage option on normal fights, the single aoe cast can miss since it is after all going against fortitude defense, can be resisted by poison immunes, and it doesn't pulse like chillfog does. So for this weapon in solo mode I opted to turn it into a imp summoning tool though in a party you can opt for the AoE instead since you won't have to worry about resistances and survivability as much. The main benefit is to gain ranged cannon fodder separate from the chanter's summons that will also leave usable bodies for "The White Worms AKA Corpse Explosion," which will give a crush damage vs reflex option. Note: The bodies still have the summoning timer and will disappear when it expires. Also of course, the white worms can be used aggressively to unload even more damage on top of the chillfog deathzone to end encounters even quicker without needing focus to spam amplified wave. Hel Beckoning may not always be your main offhand since there are options like Resounding Hammer that gives a free Might+PEN inspiration when killing your summons. Now the obvious weaknesses of the 2 weapons is that the major damage abilties go against fortitude, chillfog is only freeze damage, and maintaining an imp army can only go so far with their pitiful corrode damage PEN. In these specific situations, we can then fallback to the summon meatshield wall of chanters while we pick off targets to gain focus and grind them down via cipher spells or switch to another weapon with another kill effect (although not as strong as Grave Calling but they are "good enough"). We also still have the options from chanter and cipher abilties to lower defenses for the weapon's abilities to land. Some freeze immunes like rime constructs still are vulnerable to the paralyzing effects of chillfog so even if you do no damage, the enemy is prepped to be killed via other means. POST 2.1 - Auto skellies instead and dump SA on enemies while chillfog taps them for focus. While the fire lash chant is great for focus gain, the build does not use it because SA gets countered if your summon is benefitting from the fire lash chant for some reason. In this build, I've opted to use 2 chants: 1. Life Leech Chant: Since you will be doing a lot of damage on trash and hitting your weak defense summons, this chant works great as a healing option. In times of desperation you can back away and "tap" your minions to recover. 2. Skelly Summon Chant: This frees up phrases that would have been used to initiate battles with summons to allow different invocations to be used. Unlike the invocation skellies, the bodies of these skellies can be used for corpse explosion if you are fast enough to trigger it before the body disappears. OTHER NOTES: You do not gain focus from hitting your own summons even with confuse just to be clear with it. There is also a bit of mental micro of needing to know, which blade is being used when auto-attacking your summons. This build also makes use of the Magran belt. While the additional burn damage is nice for minor focus gain, the primary reason is to gain a chance to summon a fire elemental whenever you hit, which is a lot when you have several weapon aoes hitting mobs. The elemental will then serve as easy focus fuel in the midst of tougher or dwindling enemies. There is one really interesting caveat you need watch out for and that is the confused affliction. With the affliction, your aoe zones will damage you which will result in death if you don't have the defenses to get out or survive it if you happen to be in the thick of it. For this reason, INT and DEX resistances are recommended to have. It also serves as an amazing mechanic since now you can just summon your skeletons directly into the chillfog and have them blow up into a nuclear chillfog, which is pretty amazing to watch honestly if your computer can handle it. In a party, have some berserker caster or rogue put a controlled confusion on you for skelly chillfog bombs that would violate the Geneva Convention so hard. Having said that, a howler (berserker/chanter) can do this all by himself using Grave Calling normally. With the SA trick, you could also go double imp enchants for 2 imps for the price of one body. Keep killing your imps to generate more imps as long as you alternate hitting an enemy in between since hitting your own summons does not generate any focus for you. Using this trick, even a non-chanter can build up a ton of imps really quick that can fuel other types of mob builds, but chillfog is too good to give up for an imp. SUBCLASSES: Each chanter subclass has its perks in the build. Skald - Skeletons and wisps have really low defenses so hitting them will generate phrases really quickly, which then can be spent on discounted offensive invocations. Unfortunately it does not generate any phrases from chillfog or noxious blast. Troubadour - Not as bursty as skald's phrase generation, but a lot more consistent than beckoner for rapid phrase generation and helpful when retreating after enemies ripped apart your summons really fast. A skelly every 3 seconds from the skelly chant is also amazing for lazy summon fuel. Beckoner - The lowered HP of the summons helps for initial kills with SA. Even with the lowered duration of summons, a high INT build is still sufficient to be able to have summons constantly up and there is usually enough time to kill a few. It is however, tighter on resources on tough fights until level 19 where the skelly chant will free up some room to use phrases on non-summoning invocations and a bit difficult to use on lower INT builds. It also is the strongest nuclear chillfog subclass when using confuse affliction. Ascended - If you prefer autoattacking summons with just Grave Calling, Ascended works just as well, but this guide will be about Soul Blades since ascended builds perform similar to each other once hitting the ascended buff. RACES: Pale Elf - I chose pale elf to be more in line with the lore of being Rymgrand's BFF, but the real benefit of it is that the fire and freeze AR is extremely helpful when finding several summoned fire elementals chasing your character around or a sudden intellect affliction has the character in the middle of a chillfog deathzone. Wood Elf - Same stats as Pale Elf, but gives a free dexterity resistance. Human - Can be useful in a party since the accuracy boost and damage boost from being bloodied is easier to maintain and control, but you will have to forgo using the life leech aura. CULTURE & BACKGROUND: The White that Wends for perception since accuracy is the highest priority in the build. Matches with the whole RP thing too. You're free to choose whatever though. ATTRIBUTES: SKILLS: WEAPONS & MODALS: ABILITIES: +Good / ?Notable / -Bad EQUIPMENT: +Good / ?Conditional / -Bad
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