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  1. I don't understand why they can't concentrate on balancing existed sub-classes I especially disappointed about Rangers, they even didn't add classical abilities like explode/poison/cold arrows, so what the difference between Arcane Archer sub-class and this build https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103542-single-class-build-arcana-archer-ranger/ ?
  2. I found Gold Pact/Ghost Heart with DW pistols is very cool combo, good attack speed because of Pistol modal and Scordeo's passive, good accuracy because of Ranger passives, good defenses because of paladin passives and new range ability. Stylish look - DW pistols with full armor and Flames of Devotion - less micro, good auto attack (especially with Eccea's Arcane Blaster and Scordeo's Trophy) This class combination even viable for solo
  3. Min/Max suggestion for late game: Helwalker (instead of Wizard): +50% additional damage will give you higher lash, +5 to int will give you longer BDD and +20% fire lash on top of that is pretty good Eng game gear with immunities for all 6x affliction you check my previous build https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105553-build-servant-of-death/ (it will cost you +4 DEX and 20% action speed), but you can do no-rest run after level 10 (you don't need to change your food) New DLC introduce AXE that upgrade MIG inspiration and make your crits interrupt bosses
  4. @diamondsforever Well just check videos on YouTube for solo builds. Most of them (if not all) is Paladin (because of regeneration/armor stacking) Then for solo exist cheesing tactics such as invisible chanter (infinity summoning), arcana abusing (damage stacking), plus there exist a lot of builds which can solo game without BoW dragon and Mega boss (You can check my old BDD build and Ranger/Cipher) By myself I know a least 2 build which can solo game with all boss, only with healing pots (without Paladin and Arcana) Soulblade/Fighter, Ranger/Fighter All other caster builds is usually non-vi
  5. Probably healing pots and food only type run. I don't want to have to spend a ton of time crafting and finding materials for crafting if possible Then - Paladin/Streetfighter, Fighter/Soulblade, Paladin/Ranger, Paladin/Chanter, Paladin/Fighter, Monk/Wizard, Monk/Fighter, Monk/Paladin. The game has pretty easy mathematic (if we will skip all unstable classes like Streetfighter/Berserker or BDD like builds) You just need: - Some way to restore your hit points (for example healing pots) - ~19-20 armor (~50% DM reduction for bosses attacks) - ~130 defenses and 120 ACC You c
  6. Yeah KM has a lot of bugs But at least it give you enough challenge, I definitely enjoy CHALLENGE/HARD difficulties before 1.0.2
  7. If you do consumable run, you can go with any class combination maybe except Druids and Barbarians If you do only with healing pots you can take Fighter/X or Paladin/X or Monk/X If you plan to do without consumables then only Paladin/X, especially Paladin/Chanter
  8. This thread sound very promising After few days in Kingmaker on Hard, I think I ready to relax and enjoy Slayer, Seeker, Survivor `difficulty`
  9. How would you build these, how much micro is involved? Well Ranger/Paladin now can rise it defense/accuracy against 1 enemy type, this mean that you can start each fight with 120+ defenses even without any gear, with shield and cape, you can rise defenses to 150+ and stop all enemies crits + Ranger get you +50 passive accuracy - which usually mean 50%+ crit rate + Ranger get you summon which can set flanked status + Ranger get you ability to clear all beneficial effects You don't need any micro, you don't need no-rest rust, you need only prepare yourself for boss battle that al
  10. I think there missing few top tier combos for solo melee (Ascendant,Soulblade)/Paladin - With new Rapier & Animancer Blade Ranger/Paladin - With latest patch this combination get +20 ACC / +20 Defenses against bosses I don't think that there exist combination stronger than Ranger/Paladin
  11. Hi everyone, could someone explain for me in short - what the difference between 3.5 from NWN and 3.5 from Pathfinder, is something like Bard/Blackguard/RDD or Cleric/Bard/Monk still possible ? Is UMD/Acrobatic/Spellcasting/Discipline still required for all top tier builds ?
  12. Well to reach those numbers you have to hold your focus since the values update as your focus fluctuates and it also needs to crit to apply. For something like an Ascendant, you'll drop your focus after gaining ascended and you have to decide whether to use your actions to attack or to cast spells. Soul Blades have a pretty low focus cap, but I think you probably can do burstier damage just Soul Annihilating rather than waiting for ticks to go. The ability does sound pretty good for tankier builds that outlast though. I am thinking about Ranger/Cipher with Big/Medium Shield + Rapier,
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