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  1. Ah, yes. I am using the community patch. Wondering how we can manually remove the changes as you said
  2. How do we manually remove the changes? Lol, I’ve been using Avenging Storm with the dual mortars and thinking it’s nowhere near as OP as described
  3. But I thought u couldn’t hire toons in Ultimate? This will make it a bit RNG on what spells u will get? Mmm... but maybe some battles will always have the same spells for you
  4. Could u elaborate a little on your psion/trobadour build? Gearing and skill set wise? I’m theory crafting that Sasha’s singing scimitar and least unstable coil will have some fun stuff at least. Any interesting synergies? What were the harder / hardest fights?
  5. Hmm, in practice, I wasn't able to get all 7 drugs to stack. I couldn't get Taru Taru, Whiteleaf and Mouth Char in. Maybe they are "paired" somehow. Mouth Char seems to overwite Svef for me
  6. You can try the Unity console. Someone released a fix in the posts section of NexusMods. it works for 5.0 now. I have it installed. With that, you can probably remove it without using the console.
  7. You know. We should use this post as a TL:DR I’m gonna try to document some of SoF cheese and we can use this as the opener. tbh though, the Ultimate is so hard that you could die even with the Assassin cheese. There’s a lotta levels between 1-19. Getting ur ship sunk, running into too many storms, getting too many ship events, accidentally exiting the water shaper guild. I’m thinking Vela is still vulnerable too. So you’re still subject to quite a bit of RNG here no? Unless u manage to find lots of scrolls of withdraw
  8. thank you! I will try out those potions. Yea! Just I got used to the confusing stacking system in POE1. Now I have another 1 to get used to. It seems that stats now all stack when they didn’t use to. Does Spirit Shield stack with Iron Wheel? How do I check? does Brilliant regenerate wounds or only mortification? Guessing only mortification. It seems the Community Patch nerfed the Brilliant Cloak. it doesn’t trigger from self damage. So I’m not sure how to get it to even trigger now. Is the herb merchant in Periki the one I should go to if I do a rest reset? I’m up to level 17 now. Just wondering around the map and doing bounties. I’ve got Devil Breastplate, Taga club, tuotillo palm, lone wanderer ring, + 2 resolve amulet, greater deflection cloak, + 1 dex / res boots, overseeing ring. What’s some good intermediate gear before I go for scordeo’s / keeper of the flame?
  9. I think you can check out Decadency’s Ultimate Run on YouTube. That was the exact combo used. There are quite a few ultimate runs with that combo also. Or u can trawl through the Ultimate Thread.
  10. Hi All This forum has been an excellent resource. Big thank you to all the regulars here. I just started a TCS with SC Forbidden Fist run. I’ve have 3 main questions 1) Which potions / scrolls are worth using? In POE 1, my go to load out was scroll of defence, flask of war paint, Lengrath’s Displaced Image, Ironskin. It made me extremely tanky. I can’t seem to find the right combination in PoE2. 2) are any of the bombs and poisons worth using? 3) How do I stockpile ingredients? The vendors seem very sparse and random. In PoE 1, I could just visit the market and scriveners + upgrade Caed Nua for almost unlimited crafting. Minor rant: Did Obsidian have to nerf every good skill from PoE1? Torment’s Reach, Dragon Thresh, Carnage, Interdiction are all pale shadows of their former self. Really makes it hard for a POE1 player to transition. Grrr!!
  11. Just played through a TCS with the Lasher. Thing to note is Battle Forged doesn’t trigger most fights late game. You simply kill mobs too fast. Torment‘s Reach is the only thing u need to use. Just position yourself well at the start of the fight. Most fights I just set the AI to aggressive and let it play out while I go get a coffee. The build is that good
  12. Hi @Raven Darkholme Could you elaborate on how this is done? I thought Scordeo's Edge effect is combat only and you can't swap equipment in combat. I love to try out cheese strats (it's a single player game). Also, I saw your video on the Deltro Helm Lash. How would we achieve a (maybe smaller) similar lash if we were solo?
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