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  1. It never ceases to amaze me how I can't get bored out of Underrail. I know, it's probably just types of personality, but for me it's one of the best games to come out in recent years. Take, for example, Witcher 3, which bored me to tears. I could never finish it, or any of the Witcher games for that matter.
  2. Hey, that's a Lato P. You're a Founder. Here's some Fashion for everybody :).
  3. The scepter is like that . It will forever be broken. It can harvest health and mana from dead enemies, though.
  4. Well... I wonder how that goes with Obsidianites.
  5. When you think about it, this really shouldn't be a foundational line for a cRPG.
  6. There are community patches out there. I can't give you any direction, but Bloodlines is one of the most supported games by it's community overall. That said, even the base game is not that bad.
  7. I see. I am wondering what you'd think of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. It being 1st/3d person has turned a number of people away. But it's a great game, still.
  8. Divinity Original Sin 2 is a much easier title to recommend to people. Especially those looking to get into the genre. It's shallower in a number of ways, but it's overall presentation and easier to grasp systems would make it breezier to get into, and it has a number of goofy things in co-op which are actually not that bad. People all over have lauded that game as the be-all end-all... but I know my truth. Shortly followed by Fallout 1, Fallout New Vegas, ATOM RPG, and Planescape. Less focus on combat, more focus on overall world building, consistency, lore, atmosphere, and to a lesser degree - plot. But by no means shallow or lacking in complex character. Fallout 1 and ATOM RPG can play almost like an adventure game where having a particular item - be it a light machine gun, allows you to progress. Fallout New Vegas can be more or less combat-heavy, and whether its combat is good is debatable, but the game paces a lot better than any of the other 1st person Fallouts. The likes of Pillars 1 and Underrail follow. More complex combat, more time to get into the story, more things to keep track of overall. And it's not necessarily easy to get into. I like both of these games a lot, but I can never recommend them easily to people unless I ask them what are they looking for specifically. I think I'd put the Baldur Gates here. And after that come Deadfire and Kingmaker. And it's partly because I don't really have a concise impression of either of these games. They are lengthy, but it seems their length is due to excessive inflation of activities. Long combat time for Deadfire, a lot of travelling time for Kingmaker to name but one each. Not shallow games by any stretch, but the difference I am experiencing with these two to some of the other ones I've mentioned(not DOS2, mind you) is the same as eating two plates of expertly cooked pasta, but made with different quality of ingredients. You can see the skill that went into each of the dishes, it's just that one of them doesn't taste as good.
  9. Both Kingmaker and Deadfire are good games in my book... but they are not up there with some other titles. I can recommend them, but not in the same way I would recommend other games. I'd be asking questions of the people looking to play, and I will be giving some caveats after I mention them, as well.
  10. I thought about it a little bit, and if I have to be completely honest - Ultimate Challenge in Deadfire looks uninteresting first and foremost. There are difficult games out there, but this difficult looks a lot more tedious. There just is a lack of 'oomph' to it.
  11. Ok, guys, thank you very much. I will relay the info. I did see some recovery tools online when I was browsing the problem, and I hope his things are not totally lost. In either case, thanks a bunch!
  12. Hi, how's it going! A friend of mine apparently got his HDD corrupted and he has his thesis on it. I am just wondering what his options might be at this point? His laptop is back working with a different hard drive, and the hdd in question is on the side at the moment. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hello! Just came across Josh S. explaining what the latest Deadfire patch was like. The Ultimate Challenge stood out. What do you guys think about it? Are you going to attempt it? Is it boring to you? Also, how's the game holding up polish-wise now compared to six months before? Thanks!
  14. I suggest "How have you play Fallout Tacits, what will you preferred?" Yes... that moves you in a direction. Too bad it's just about the same position on the spectrum, but on the opposite side .
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