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  1. An Ogre, a Vithrak and a Xaurip walk into a bar... All we need here is a special DLC called "The League of Extraordinary Wild Gentlemen" in which we can recruit: - Xzfghwt, a xaurip monk with very bad manners and very poor sight - Urghrm, an singing ogre chanter who often forgets the lyrics of his songs - Tchshgshwsh, a stuttering vithrak cipher who is afraid of open areas - Armando, a fampyr with stunningly awful spanish accent - ...? Please commit your needs for more of them!
  2. I would pay an astounding amount of money for an Obsidian-made wuxia crpg. I mean I'd have to steal it first, but that doesn't seem so hard.
  3. Oh yeah, they are as good guys as the wehrmacht was. Of course, Graven Ashe cared for his men and he was this father figure, but apart from that he was also militaristic bastard who easily condemned his daughter to death, and not to mention that northern racist/fascists stance "we Northeners are the best, the rest are good to be slaves at best". So yeah, very good and kind people OTOH I chose them as my allies in my Tyranny walkthrough, so ho am I to judge.
  4. I disliked them all, Eothas included. I voted for him as my "favourite" just because I loathed him the least. To me all gods were just bunch of immature, power hungry and scared kids given too much authority and strength. I wished them all the worst and I'm happy to know that they will perish in decades from now. Good work Eothas, good work! Also, I loved Nemnok as my pet, he was soooo cute ^^ EDIT --> one more thing. They were so impotent and powerless. And those phone calls - geez how I hated it. I felt just like in the meeting at work with a bunch of halfwits and twats playin
  5. Wait, Xoti's 27?! I can see her being similar to a starry-eyed college freshmen, but wouldn't ever put her at 20 or older. Me neither. Where is that age info from? I read it on forums lately, but in the game she says that she's twenty something.
  6. First of all, I think there should be separate polls for companions and sidekicks, because what is now is a little mees. But to business. Of companions: I loved: Tekehu (whom I voted for in the poll), Serafen and of course Eder I liked: Pallegina, Aloth I mehed: Maia and Xoti Of all companions I loved the most Eder, but he has grown to me in PoE1 and judging Deadfire alone he's not that close and not that deep. But still he has that special spot in my heart and my girlfriend laughed at me when I never ever dropped him from my party - 'cos he's MY Eder. Tekehu is for me the most
  7. Oh dear, I thought you were speaking about Heroes VII :D As on topic - everything we know we can sum up in few points: - SteamSpy is unreliable - Deadfire is not AAA game, and isometric RPGs are niche (although not as niche as turn-based strategies like Heroes of Might & Magic) - there are many other games in this genre, unlike in 2015 when PoE1 came out And that's it. We don't know how much the game has cost, how much it cost Obsidian to pay apart from initial 4M from Fig, how much Obsidian needs to run, and what projects they are working on now. We are here just like collec
  8. I have to disagree completely with this. You SHOULD have to go back to your ship to manage your party. Heck, I don't even think you should be able to do it at an inn. You SHOULD have to go back to where your entire party and its reserves are. (Oh, I suppose one can make an argument that if you're in port, your reserves would be at the nearby inn on shore leave, and thus accessible.) I'm honestly quite tired of reading all these arguments in favor of laziness. Boo-frickin'-hoo. You have to travel back to your ship (or inn) to get to where your party's reserves are hanging out. Too f
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