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  1. An Ogre, a Vithrak and a Xaurip walk into a bar... All we need here is a special DLC called "The League of Extraordinary Wild Gentlemen" in which we can recruit: - Xzfghwt, a xaurip monk with very bad manners and very poor sight - Urghrm, an singing ogre chanter who often forgets the lyrics of his songs - Tchshgshwsh, a stuttering vithrak cipher who is afraid of open areas - Armando, a fampyr with stunningly awful spanish accent - ...? Please commit your needs for more of them!
  2. I would pay an astounding amount of money for an Obsidian-made wuxia crpg. I mean I'd have to steal it first, but that doesn't seem so hard.
  3. Oh yeah, they are as good guys as the wehrmacht was. Of course, Graven Ashe cared for his men and he was this father figure, but apart from that he was also militaristic bastard who easily condemned his daughter to death, and not to mention that northern racist/fascists stance "we Northeners are the best, the rest are good to be slaves at best". So yeah, very good and kind people OTOH I chose them as my allies in my Tyranny walkthrough, so ho am I to judge.
  4. I disliked them all, Eothas included. I voted for him as my "favourite" just because I loathed him the least. To me all gods were just bunch of immature, power hungry and scared kids given too much authority and strength. I wished them all the worst and I'm happy to know that they will perish in decades from now. Good work Eothas, good work! Also, I loved Nemnok as my pet, he was soooo cute ^^ EDIT --> one more thing. They were so impotent and powerless. And those phone calls - geez how I hated it. I felt just like in the meeting at work with a bunch of halfwits and twats playing high menagement roles and being scared the hell out of when something went really really wrong.
  5. Wait, Xoti's 27?! I can see her being similar to a starry-eyed college freshmen, but wouldn't ever put her at 20 or older. Me neither. Where is that age info from? I read it on forums lately, but in the game she says that she's twenty something.
  6. First of all, I think there should be separate polls for companions and sidekicks, because what is now is a little mees. But to business. Of companions: I loved: Tekehu (whom I voted for in the poll), Serafen and of course Eder I liked: Pallegina, Aloth I mehed: Maia and Xoti Of all companions I loved the most Eder, but he has grown to me in PoE1 and judging Deadfire alone he's not that close and not that deep. But still he has that special spot in my heart and my girlfriend laughed at me when I never ever dropped him from my party - 'cos he's MY Eder. Tekehu is for me the most deep and well developed character - from annoying mama's boy to gentle and wise young man fully aware of his duties, his purpose and his abilities. I loved his arc and I loved the way he matured. He's for me the most warm and kind person I met in Deadfire, and that's why he has my vote. And there is Serafen, my easy going and little troubled soul, but still smiling and supportive. I grew very fond of him, and he lost to Tekehu only by an inch. Funny it is, couse before the release I was afraid that Tekehu and Serafen would be characters I will like the least, yet they ended up as my favourities. As for Pallegina and Aloth they were mixed bags. I remembered them fondly from PoE1, but they "new" versions" were quite different. Pallegina is the one I understand the most - she's embittered by the way the things turned out and she's trying to catch the one and only opportunity to be back in Republic's ranks. So there she is, bitter, tired, but still passionate. She now knows better who to trust (nobody), and who to hate. All the people whose actions she can't influence but who are responsible for her terrible state - and by no surprise that is the watcher, and of course, the gods. Regaining her trust is the biggest and toughest task. Still I was sometimes tired of her anti-god tyrrades and her bitchiness, but I totally understand it. Aloth on the other hand has changed as well, but I don't know if like the way that change was introduced. I understand that he's tired of his task and he is now even more anxious about what he is doing, but I was more tired of him than of Pallegina. Still, he matured too, and he has his own ways and he's not afraid to tell you if he's not agreeing with you. Of course, this can be annoying as hell and spoiling the fun, but hey, it's like with Durance in PoE1 - maybe he is meant to be like this and he makes you think about the motivations and the outcomes of your actions. And that's neat. As for Maia, I never grew close with her. I had problem with her soldier dutifulness (I'm kinda anarchistic person myself and my watcher is too) and with her racism. Her dislike for Huana was understable for me (some kind of Stockholm syndrome mixed with upbringing), but still quite hard to tollerate (I hate racists). So while we didn't have a click and I never did her quest, she's just meh for me and I don't think it will change in time. Xoti... Well, Xoti is a different beast. She has a very good start and she's sparkly. She's young, optimistic type and should she be like this throughout the game, she would be lovable and she would have the potential to be another Tekehu. But sometime between the first and the second act she becomes more like grim goth teen. And that is - teen. I was very surprised by knowing she's 27 - I'd give her 16 at best. And that behaviour would be tolerable for teenager, but not for a grown-up woman she is. Also the ending of her quest felt flat - she had merely nothing to say or do with Eothas, she haven't change a bit. And that was kinda sad. Of sidekicks: I loved: Rekke I liked: Konstanten, Fassina I mehed: Ydwin, Mirke Rekke for me is a great material for fully fledged companion. He's bright, he's handsome and he has that dark backstory lurking behind. I'd love to see of him more in DLC's or maybe in Pillars 3. Of course he should be a full comapnion there. Konstanten and Fassina seem to me to be quite easygoing. Of course Fassina was at that point in life where you hate almost everything, but she had the courage to change it and that's a thing I value great. And Konstanten did the same. I'd really like to see them both as companions in future DLC and see how they go along with each other. Oh, and I have a soft spot for Konstanten's voice (and big hands). Ydwin is for me the missed opportunity. Honestly, I don't understand what's so fuss about her? Ok, she's the vampire chick, and she has cool backstory, but what next? I can give her a chance and see her as a companion in future DLC, but if this won't happen I won't mind. And Mirke... I don't know. She's a pirate, she's orlan and she's constantly drunk. That makes her great ship crew, but not a proper companion and sidekick. There's too little about her and there's this embarassing story with her underwear which I see as very poorely done fan service (why it always has to be woman? and a drunken one? very, very ugly stereotype ahead...). So in the end I don't know and I think I won't cry if she wasn't in my crew at all. Another missed opportinity.
  7. Oh dear, I thought you were speaking about Heroes VII :D As on topic - everything we know we can sum up in few points: - SteamSpy is unreliable - Deadfire is not AAA game, and isometric RPGs are niche (although not as niche as turn-based strategies like Heroes of Might & Magic) - there are many other games in this genre, unlike in 2015 when PoE1 came out And that's it. We don't know how much the game has cost, how much it cost Obsidian to pay apart from initial 4M from Fig, how much Obsidian needs to run, and what projects they are working on now. We are here just like collective Jon Snow but still we want to know and do some judgements. Ah, we also know that other Obsidian/Paradox game, Tyranny, didn't fared well, but it payed itself (in Paradox's own words Tyranny did OK, but not that brilliant as they hoped). And that's really it guys, nothing more.
  8. I have to disagree completely with this. You SHOULD have to go back to your ship to manage your party. Heck, I don't even think you should be able to do it at an inn. You SHOULD have to go back to where your entire party and its reserves are. (Oh, I suppose one can make an argument that if you're in port, your reserves would be at the nearby inn on shore leave, and thus accessible.) I'm honestly quite tired of reading all these arguments in favor of laziness. Boo-frickin'-hoo. You have to travel back to your ship (or inn) to get to where your party's reserves are hanging out. Too frickin' bad! This is a role playing game. And part of the role playing is doing some of the grunt work, like going back to where your reserves are hanging out to change the party's lineup!!! I don't see this as a problem at all. If there is a problem, it's that the devs aren't telling the players to stop being lazy and deal with the role playing aspect of having reserves!!! You're lucky that when you remove someone from a roster that they don't just head back to their personal home base, like say, Pallegina heading back to the VTC HQ, or possibly having all removed party members just hanging out at the Wild Mare, either way forcing you to head back to Nekataka to find them. No reason to be a jerk about it, man. This is a game, people want games to be fun. That's what games are here for. With the smaller party size, I find myself swapping out TONS because there are four faction-specific party members. It would be nice if it was easier, so I didn't have to go "crap, the Vailians are involved here, I probably want Pallegina along" and then run across the world to pick her up. I'm not being a jerk. I find the people defending laziness to be the jerks with the offensive, me me me, self-entitled attitudes. All I see here is only one person having self-entitled me me me attitude and it's you. Sorry, even if you do think your way of playing the game is only way proper, it's still just your oppinion. And you don't have the position to tell other people their way of gaming is worse, lazy or stupid, because when you do, you sound like on old man ranting about kids these days and "playing games instead of reading is lazy!!!1111". Sure, you can do it, but don't expect that somebody would care.
  9. Hi all, I've just finished my first playthrough ang got the ending slides. Strangely, I got none for Pallegina - I recruited her, she was in my party for quite long. I had the Principi ending and I had not her in my party on Ukaizo. To be more confound, I had three Xoti slides instead, one of which was about her realtion Eder, and the third one about relationship with me. So, if she wasn't cheating on me ( ) I think it was another bug. One thing - I finished my game before the yesterday's patch.
  10. What broken quests in Neketaka? I literally haven't found one, I have found some strange ones that work a little odd, but they weren't broke. Also those heinous import bugs were fixed in a patch that was available by the time you made this post? Yes people have a right to be upset, yes you have a right to call out and report bugs, there is nothing wrong with that. Just please stop calling the game broken, it is not broken. You can boot it up, you can play it, you can complete it. Could it be better? Yes. Does it need a difficulty balancing? Sure does. Are there some bugs? Yes, there are bugs. None of that means the game is "broken and unplayable" though. Look, I'm very happy for you not having any major bugs, but there are here others that do. And believe me, my playthrough is messy as hell. In Neketaka I can't finish any quests for Vallian Company nor even meet queen Onekaza. I can't reach Maia Rua, or director of the Rauataian company (sorry, forgot the name), because the game states that she's in palace, while she's not. She's at her office, but I'm unable to speak with her. Also I have broken quests on Tikawara and even the one with Furrante, who's now dead, but the game still wants me to talk with him. It would be funny, because as a Watcher I could do this, but as for the player it's only annoying as hell. I had many problems, including Eder's wrong past and an orlan baby and being 50 hours in the game I feel things not improving at all. There are encounters where some of the monsters (or all of them) suddenly disappear and reapperar minute later - not due to their abilities but due to bugs. There are encounters where I can't do anything, because I had to kill five or six monsters (bounty hunt) and one of them just stands there doing nothing and completely out of reach. It doesn't attack me, but I can't attack it either. So please tell me: if I can't finish my quests with my two favourite factions due to bugs, is my game broken or not? And I even didn't started ranting about polish localization which is messy and even can't figure if I'm male or female.
  11. You're talking about another bug. The one we're talking about is that we have menagerie already, but we can't put any pets inside.
  12. Hi, I'm 35 hours in the gameplay now and I want to report some things regarding polish translation. There are three major problems: 1. Lots and lots of typos - the most annoying one is Aloth being often referred to as "Alos" (and sometimes "Aloh"), but there are lots of other typos in items descriptions and banters. 2. Parts of text written in english instead of polish - for example fragments of weapon description or in a dialogue, for example: Kirk [HuanaGood 3] blah blah blahwhere text in brackets should be polish, not english 3. Gender swaps in NPC's banters In polish genders are distinctive, so you can be "Widząca" (female Watcher) or "Widzący" (male Watcher). While travelling through Neketaka's districts random NPCs have banters like "It's the Watcher of Caed Nua" or "Hello Watcher" etc. In english it's not a problem, because it's always a "Watcher", but in polish it can be "Widzący" or "Widząca" - and NPC seem to randomly chose to say either of those. I don't know if it is a translation problem, or bug regarding save file from PoE1 (I imported my save file and have bugs within it - one with Eder's past and the other with orlan baby to name the biggest), but it's slightly annoying and immersion breaking one.
  13. In polish version there are three major kinds of typos: - Aloth being referred to as "Alos" - english words instead of polish ones (mostly regarding your reputation, ie. "Principi good 3" in brackets instead of polish equivalent) - common gender swap (in polish female Watcher is "Widząca" and male is "Widzący") but people seem to ignore it and chose your gender at random But I don't know if the last one isn't a bug that comes with wrong import of my PoE save.
  14. Hi, I had the same problem, but the solution provided worked. But I have another question - how can I put my pets into said menagerie? I tried everything - I have menagerie built and I see it when I'm on my ship, but it's empty and I have no clue what to do with it next. And it has a little bit o urgency, because for now I have something about fifteen pets and I'm running out of space in mine and Eder's inventory. So here's my call for help
  15. I played Deadfire for four hours and I'm impressed. This is huge - the world, the overall feel of it, trees, ocean, everything. I do love final fantasy like movement on the world map, I do love companions AI (it's like gambits in FFXII) and I do love writing - banters, things that NPCs say and the way they say it. I admire animation of water (boat rocking on water in the Port Majo harbour <3). There are lots of things to add a flavour - naming the ship (mine is called AAARGH!!!), hiring the crew and possibilities - one can pay for release of your new crewmate, steal keys or even blow up the prison's wall. Everything feels wider, bigger and spacier. But there are things that works strange to me, or I should grow accustomed to them. The pacing of battles, new party stash, new way of gathering spells. I'm not sure if these changes are for better or for worse, but for now they don't bother me much. There are, of course, bugs. Orlan baby case (it should be on the strand, but there is none), Eder's past (in my PoE save he was mayor of Dyrford, here he is a member of eothasian cult) and other minor things. Nothing big, but annoying. Hope the devs fix them as soon as possible. I love the new game and I love it southern seas feel, miles away from pseudomedieval setting of Dyrwood. I adore the voice acting and I was immersed in that world from day one. But there is one thing missing, that keeps me a little ambigous of the game. The loss of this strange, sad and bleak feeling one had in Act I in first game. The general tone of that part of the world, not multicolored and radiant, but grey and a little misty. I don't feel the weight of things that happened to me, I don't feel the need to rush and to search for Eothas. I feel little bit directionless and, oh well, stranded. But maybe that is the way the devs meant me to feel at the beggining.
  16. Polygamia.pl gave Deadfire 5 out of 5 stars: http://polygamia.pl/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-recenzja-rpg-bez-granic/ (polish only)
  17. Oh please, no polish VO, I love the original voices. But, if I rememeber correctly, there was a way to use polish BG1's VO "Przed wyruszeniem w drogę należy zebrać drużynę" instead of "You must gather your party before venturing forth" in PoE just for the sake of pure nostalgia EDIT --> http://www.kawerna.pl/aktualnosci/gry-i-zabawy/item/8702-przed-wyruszeniem-w-droge-nalezy-zebrac-druzyne-usprawnij-pillars-of-eternity.html here
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