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  1. He has a point though about the fact that the devs have been silent and looks like Deadfire has been put on hold, right after going Beta for Turn Based, which makes little sense. Any words from Obsidian would be most welcome at this point. I think we all want Turn Based to get polished..
  2. This is why I'm staying away from Deadfire for now. I have 60 hours poured into the game with no way to convert them to turn based and if I start from scratch the bugs are just making turn based unplayable. Hope they will polish it soon.
  3. A script that converts variables of the save game would be enough. I'm too far into the game to start from scratch to use this wonderful new feature and I put the game on pause because I got a bit sick of real time with pause (PoE1, Tyranny, Kingmaker etc. etc) so it would be great if we could switch even if it's not a seamless in-game switch but a mod to install that can convert the save game for us.
  4. I'm too far into the game to start another new game to use this wonderful feature. Is there a way to manually edit my save game to switch to turn based mode?
  5. I think the whole respec experience needs a major overhaul as you cannot even change classes so if you fumble your choice when a new char joins you are screwed forever which makes NO sense. Also many times you end up respeccing just to change a weapon specialization you want after you got a powerful weapon, for which paying the cost seems dumb. I don't know, I honestly cannot find a single thing I like about this respec experience. I'd rather see it changed _completely_ to be honest. PoE 1 had a better experience and so have the other crpg out there from numenera to tyranny. Was this really th
  6. This game does not have fast travel so it's really boring when you want to switch a party member that you have to go the ship or find a tavern. I find it an unnecessary overhead and sometime I just stick with a combination that I don't really like just because I don't want to spend time traveling 2-3 screens JUST to swap party members. It's really annoying and I really think we should have an easier way to swap party members. Sometime you just want to do it because you are doing a quest were you need a high streetwise char or a char with a specific bg for that storyline or maybe just to crack
  7. It's not really clear whether the character would use the maximum range or if he will close to melee in case of a melee weapon in the main hand. More importantly blunderbuss have penalty to ranged, does that mean that they can be used effectively in melee?
  8. The problem is that when you put the template on the ground it does not correctly highlight the enemies/allies actually targeted. It's definitely a bug.
  9. Aloth is pretty useless with his current build as wizard as he only has perception 12, so he NEVER hits with spells.
  10. So, can you guys confirm that not allocating all the stats points during character creation will just make you lose them? Is this bug going to be fixed? Can you at least warn the player of this in character creation phase?
  11. I really don't want to use console commands to add the missing points and lose achievements
  12. I have left a couple of points in my stats unspent as I wanted to understand a bit more about the game before spending them and now I seem to have lost them. I don't want to start from scratch because I leveled a bit to see if the points were just accumulating with points you might earn when you level up. Is there a fix to this? Or is it possible to edit my character somewhat and add the missing points manually? Thanks
  13. The wiki says spiritshift scales a bit with Power Level (+1 every 5lvls), not character level. Also I'm not sure why Intelligence would benefit DPS in any way while on spirit form, AFAIK it would only increase its duration
  14. I heard spiritshift does not really scale well and falls short from mid-game to endgame. I remember this was the behavior in PoE1 and ultimately I was not satisfied with my main character as druid. I was hoping this would have been addressed in Deadfire at least in Shifter subclass, which is all about spirit****ing. Now I need to create a character and I'm afraid to do a Druid because it could screw up my game experience again as it did in PoE1 So any official info on this? Does spiritshifting scale or not? Is Shifter and Shifter multiclasses (monk, fighter, paladin, rogue, ranger, bar
  15. Is this bug still present in 3.03 ? Because I'm pretty sure I stumbled on it, but since it was reported Apr 2015 I cant really believe it has not yet been fixed...
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