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  1. I just picked it up on Maia with arqebus and checked combat log - It does list the 15% damage boost/ Awesome. Thanks Anoregon.
  2. I've tried to look all over for this info. I know it didn't in POE1, but I've read a few people saying it does in POE2 Anyone know for sure?
  3. Does the synergy work with these two classes?? It seems like it would, with spiritshift and frenzy/ blows. I just don't know end game. If anything seems like it would be fun to play. Also not sure how to spec this build either. I was thinking something like this... Human Duel W 17 (+2 from TLL and Race) 13 12 10 16 10 (+1 race) Lots of might and lots of int for damg and AOE (for carnage). I'm not the best at making builds, I always miss something. Any thoughts on what I should do?? I love the idea of being a rage shifting beast monster. Also does Fighting Spirit stack with Blooded??? Let me hear from you bad-a$$ build makers.
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