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  1. I figured that would be the case. Good to know they are aware of it. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I picked up the first 4 bounty quests from the Wardens Lodge in Caed Nua. I fought Sly Cyrdel in Magran's Fork and he begged me to spare his life and I took him prisoner. The quest wasn't completed so I went to the prison opened his cell and killed him. There was no head to turn in when I looted him. So now the quest is not completable. My last save is hours back. So if I could get a fix for this it would be much appreciated. I don't know if this will block me from getting further bounties once I complete the other ones on my list or not.
  3. Attached is a picture. I already have a character assigned to the quest and it has an assign button. Clicking the button removes the quest and doesn't give me an option to assign anyone.
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