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  1. You can bind skills by mousing over them and pressing the desired key (though I think this is limited to Fs). That being said, I do agree, and strongly, that if one wants to play the game without pausing, using keyboard shortcuts is a must. Alas, this is not entirely feasible due to the response time of the interface (sluggish); and this is something that needs to be improved. Personally, as a Broodwar veteran, I would love to do boss battles using the keyboard for everything except targeting. However, I'm not sure if this level of reactivity is implementable given the turn-based nature of the game, which is supposed to emulate the look and feel of the good old Infinity Engine games ("Balduroids") to a degree.
  2. The way I see it, every setting has its primary resource for extraordinary and supernatural feats. For Star Wars, it is the Force; In Dragon Ball, it is Ki (気); Chi (氣) in Wuxia-themed Chinese fiction, like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; For Starcraft, it is Psionics; Mana is the “go-to” for a lot of settings. Some settings tend to have multiple resources, like the Divine (e.g. the gods), the Arcane (e.g. the Weave of the Forgotten Realms), and the Psionic resources of D&D. The primary resource for Eora is souls. Souls are part of the eco-system and travel through veins of Adra, the titular Pillars of Eternity, and are a primary natural force in the setting, pretty much like electromagnetism and gravity in the real world. Recall how Concelhaut complained that that magic is merely a trickle of soul energy from the Wheel. Now, bearing this in mind, every setting has multiple ways to tap in to the main resource; for instance, in Star Wars, you can be a Jedi, a Sith, or a Nightsister to use force-related skills; in Starcraft, you can be Templar/Judicator, Ghost, or Cerebrate to tap into Psi. In POE, you can use faith, academic study, guile, mortification, or discipline to access the potential of souls. Souls are, the way I see it, the mana/psi/force of Eora.
  3. You don't need to walk in and out. You can just stand your character on a pile of remains (fleshy only, bones don't count) and it will spam a noxious cloud effect. It's good to have some regen/healing handy, though.
  4. I just wanted to direct the devs attention to the following content error (I have posted it elsewhere out of haste): --- https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104507-possible-lore-error-minimal-spoiler/?do=findComment&comment=2082770 --- Its a really minor thing, but I thought you guys might want to know.
  5. Since my character died (doing a first ever playthrough on TOI with a Hellwalker, go figure; not advisable and not advised), I just came across the dialogue again. It's definitely there.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (if not please move as appropraite), but I may have found a factual/lore error in the Beast of Winder DLC, which I've only started playing through (and which I am enjoying it so far). Still, I have noticed something that might be a story/writing oversight. I'm playing in TOI mode, so I can't append a save, but during Vatnir's introduction of the Watcher to the Harbinger community (praising the Watcher for causing the Defiance Bay riots) one of the responses (again if I recall correctly) is something akin to "Again, I am not responsible for Duc Hadret's death". Now, lore-wise, shouldn't this line refer to Aevar Wolf-Grin, killed by Thaos, who soul-cast himself into poor, poor Ramir di Barrasc? -- God rest his soul (Berath allocate his soul?).
  7. I am currently attempting a triple crown playthrough, but I did not pick scaling. I assume that the current configuration is sufficiently masochistic.
  8. To be fair, in the real world possessing a text does not mean having read said text (though it would save so much time). But, in all seriousness, I also forgot to read one and thought that was a bug. Now I feel silly.
  9. Here, all this time, I thought Ydwin was a guy. Intuitively, the name should probably be Ydwen for a female.
  10. I personally think the gods of Eora comprise an elegant, well-balanced system. To me at least I this system is, in a sense, "philosophically complete". Besides, this is a world in which the existence of deities is clearly manifest, so it is feasible that different cultures would worship the same gods with their own individual flare. I guess this can be compared to science and technology in the real world. There is Western Medicine, Chinese medicine, Indian medicine; but it’s all basically about the human body. I would definitely prefer a few well fleshed out deities to a slew of superficial and derivative one’s after the fashion of the FR, despite all my love for that setting (I mean, Kelemvor, Helm, etc. are cool, but are we really married to Horus-Re?). That said, I would like all deities to be selectable as patrons for priests. I am also partial to the enticing entropy of Rymrgand.
  11. Vorok, can you explain how you fixed the issue? Did the patch work for you? I've patched the game, and while the door to Od Nua is now open, I'm still not able to click on the Steward, and Maerwald came back to life. More alarmingly, once I'd istalled the patches, all areas on the map became unexplored and all mobs were respawned, and I'm now getting XP for exploring these areas. I even got the Death Godlike bounty spawn at Magran's Fork (and I'm not sure it's supposed to be there at this stage of the game, seeing as I haven't built the Warden's Lounge yet). Interestingly enough, quest information and logs have remained unaltered; and area alterations, such as all stronghold upgrades, and the lighthouse tavern, haven't (fortunately), rolled back to their former states. I would appreciate any information you might have on a woraround for this, since I have just completed a prolonged play session that lasted an entire day (doing tons of quests), and I am dreading the prospect of having to restart from an earlier save.
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