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  1. One hint I haven't seen mentioned - you need to give Eder and any frontliners the feats that allow them to engage extra enemies. It makes a huge difference in keeping mobs of enemies from going around your tanks and attacking your back line.
  2. So, I get some interesting takeaways from all these responses. I think my favorite is the one comparing soul energy in PoE to "the Force" in Star Wars, as in "Life creates it. It surrounds us and binds us together," as Yoda says. It's the priest's faith in the ideals represented by her god (light, redemption) rather than the god itself (the construct Eothas) that allows her to tap into soul energy and cast magical priest spells. It's the paladin's devotion to the ideals of a cause or principle (kindness and benevolence, making money, ruthlessness) rather than a god that gives her the abili
  3. So, it's become obvious to me after reading a bunch of stuff online and only playing the game up to the beginning of Act III, as well as reading about the beginning of PoE 2, that the "gods" of this setting are completely fake. I'm not seeing the "Engwithans" and certainly not "animancy" as being anything I want to have anything to do with "my" Eora. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the Engwithans are the "Goa'uld" of this setting, and the "gods" are something resembling the Cylons from the newer version of "Battlestar Galactica". So, my question in light of all of this is, where does
  4. I felt the same way as this about the Caed Nua keep in PoE 1. I've recently started a run as a Kind Wayfarer where I'm roleplaying that I have no interest in owning a keep, instead preferring to wander and explore the land trying to find out why I'm having visions of dead people and helping as many people as I can with their problems along the way. When the Doemenals recently attacked my keep, I said to myself "Great, they can have it! Maybe it'll keep them busy and out of my hair. Let *them* deal with all the monsters coming up from the basement." I haven't bought or played PoE2 yet (
  5. @dreamrider, Thank you very much. That is all very helpful information.
  6. Yes, it is that Yenfield Field battle that left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't know the name of it. It seemed to me like a real time strategy fight more than an isometric CRPG Baldur's Gate style fight. Or maybe it was sort of like a complicated puzzle - figuring out which units to send in at which times, against which other enemy units, in which sequence, to avoid disaster. I just didn't enjoy it. I think this time I want to see the main storyline through to its conclusion without all the distractions, or else I'm never going to beat the base game, much less see either of the two expa
  7. I have a big problem with the food mechanic from a roleplaying perspective. "Hey, it looks like there's terrible danger around this next corner - let's gobble down a piece of pie and and a chicken leg each before we proceed." Magic potions I get. Eating a snack or a meal before each encounter on an adventure, I don't get at all. I think that's just kind of silly.
  8. Hi, this is pretty much what the thread title says. The last time I tried to get into PoE, I got bogged down in the whole Caed Nua stronghold storyline. Not the deep dungeon diving underneath it, but just the keep maintenance storyline itself. It seemed like every time I got to a new map or spent one or two game days trying to do the main storyline, I got some "urgent" message from the keep that I should go back there "immediately." I wound up in some kind of crazy tactical strategy battle that was very hard, that I couldn't win at the level I was, and that frankly, I wasn't all th
  9. I'm a noob to PoE, and my only experience with rangers is Sagani. I've found her wolf companion to be a very valuable contributor to my frontline melee team including Eder, Durance (built for sword and board), and my watcher paladin. She has a lot of talents to make her companion even stronger, and also to synergize the wolf with Aloth's and Durance's DoT spells. In an earlier saved game, now abandoned, I had given Sagani talents to improve her load speed and damage with an arbalest or arquebus, and I was underwhelmed with her, because of the long reload times, even with abilities chosen t
  10. I'm sorry if this has been mentioned, but this patch apparently does not fix the bug with the priests' Withdraw spell. It still does not heal endurance as the spell description says. I kind of wish this would get fixed, as Withdraw should be one of the priests' most powerful spells.
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