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  1. Late-2013 15" Retina MacBook Pro here running 10.10.2, no issues at all.
  2. Found a few places that didn't make sense in the Royal Edition Guidebook, and I'm not sure where to submit this kind of stuff so here it is. On pages 47-48 it says Dyrwood's erls are all hereditary rulers but then it says they're elected: Also, not sure about this one, but on page 72 it says "they fled the city, but not after the dike that held the fury of the sea at bay." Shouldn't it be "but not before"?
  3. I'm playing a morally-ambiguous rogue, correcting wrongs where profitable and punishing douchebaggery where affordable. I've barely set foot inside Defiance Bay and there's already been a few cases where the more lucrative course of action was at odds with my own morals, but made the most sense in light of character. Some of it involved the deaths of NPCs that I didn't want to see dead (spoiler: like Moedred because I..uh..my character, wanted to loot his office) and the resulting inner conflict has only made the game more interesting. Anyone got stories like that? Does your character do the things you would, or do you do things your character would?
  4. Wizards and fireballs make sense with the game's setting... Already knowing everybody's name doesn't, nor does walking around in bars and cities and the Sanitarium etc. with your weapons drawn without the guards getting uncomfortable.
  5. I'm not sure what this whole backer-content deal is about (although I have a queasy feeling it may have something to do with the recent plague in the Western gaming industry known as SJWs, and the politicization of our last free art form) but I just hope that Obsidian doesn't make me regret paying for the Royal Edition. Also, Mac patch when! Still waiting on Gog
  6. Realism isn't the exact same thing as being Realistic. Not to straw man this, but why have things like the need to rest, or the time it takes to travel between locations, or cooking food, or spells like fireball affecting your own party members, and so on? The things listed in the OP would all be optional, there for people who prefer to play that way, just like Expert Mode already is.
  7. I think it's just fine and I LOVE it that way. The art style may be a little generic here and there but it's nicely done and fits the game perfectly.
  8. Just a few minor details that I found odd while trying to immerse myself into the game world (which I love so far.) Some of these may be impractical to fix for PoE at this point, but maybe you can take them into consideration for your next game Names Prescience Hovering the mouse over NPCs shows their name before our character even knows who they are. Maybe Expert Mode can include an option to disable that and show names as "???" until the character has introduced themselves? Not all conversations begin with an introduction though, so this may require changing some of the dialogue to include them. Right now I'm working around it by assuming it's because of our special powers Permanently Unsheathed Weapons Does anybody else feel awkward walking* around in public places with your flaming swords and shotguns out at all times? An option to sheathe them would be easy to implement and make us feel more civil. Always running everywhere Speaking of walking, how come we can't ever take it slow and just stroll at a leisurely pace? A middle ground between the constant running and sneaky scouting. While we're at it can we get an option to disable pausing when we open the journal? It'd be nice to read stuff while the party continues to its destination. Stronghold Right now the whole stronghold mechanic feels kinda tacked on, especially the very first construction that gets completed in an instant. Maybe have a narrative vignette introduce the event as a part of the story, instead of having it just happen like that through the UI? And where are the people that carry out the constructions, our "patrols" and stuff?
  9. She says she'll help me find Thaos, but I'm pretty sure I had never even heard of Thaos in the game until that moment. Full dialogue: On that note, does anyone else think that the pacing for certain characters' "bonding" with you is a little off? I mean I had barely met Sagani a day ago and she's already going on about how I'm doing so much for her.
  10. I thought they just hadn't implemented capes in the game yet! I thought it pretty odd considering how an older game like Temple of Elemental Evil had capes
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