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  1. trial of iron does NOTHING to make the fights more challenging. it doesnt matter if u're dead or maimed DURING a fight. the only thing it does is: it forces u to reload more often. the actual fights are more or less the same difficulty. so if you are blazing through the fights in hard mode without any real resistance u will do the same on potd or trial of iron or expert mode. i really cant understand your point of view.... i would complain because i would have to do ALL the CONTENT of the game? sorry but if u want to rush through the game, maybe hard difficulty isnt exac
  2. as far as i know u cant "sneak up" on an enemy. 'cause there is no backstab, only a sneak attack. which despite its name doesnt have alot to do with stealth with high stealth u will still be detected at the same distance as with low stealth. but the circle fills a lot slower, ie, giving u more time to sneak back or past the enemy
  3. so? i fail to see your point. does it mean, i have to rush through the game activly avoiding sidequest, in oder to be challenged? shouldnt it be the other way around? if a specific area/fight is too hard -> turn back, get more xp through sidequests and then try again.
  4. i gotta completly agree with the too easy side. in the beginning the game was freaking hard and i loved it. ie, i went into the catacombs in the beginning as soon as i was able to, and i got my ass kicked by shadows and shades. it was awesome. i had to regually track back to the inn and finally recruited/crafted my own npc companion to help me out. and even so it was increceble hard to push through that dungeon. everything had to be planned, i had to lure out single enemys and disengage from some fights wich had gone terrible wrong. the same goes for raedrics castle, sneaking through t
  5. didnt work for me. the priest had 7 mechanics, still the cest would not open. maybe a bug?
  6. and i hope u do know that they didnt have magic in the renaissance. by the way, in the pic, there actually is a candle not 2m from the dark corner.
  7. hello, am i the only one who thinks the game is to dark? i dont mean the story or something like that... also im not talking about the (mini?) map, that has been confirmed to be somekind of a bug. its just that the environmental graphics in some area are to dim to see anything, i tried fideling with the gamma settings but it doesnt help much either (and then the daylight outside areas would be to bright) i understand that haunted houses and dungeons are supposed to be dim and creepy... but to much is to much. take that pic for example: the corner is completly
  8. i know what stalkers link is and what it does, but where do you found out that you'll do 1,2x damage as well? i didnt noticed any new status messages on the rangers char page while equipping it.
  9. yeah, i tried to find out what it does, but either the effects are too minimal to figure out due usage (like times 1.x damage/accuracy etc) or it does indeed do nothing... well that or id does an entirely different thing
  10. hi there, just found a necklace called "Stalker's Torc" the discription says: modifies stalkers link but it doesnt state in what way its modified... what exactly does it do? i checked my ranger's profile, havnt noticed any changes wether the necklace is equipped or not.
  11. hello, got a quick question... in the description (for the class trait: guardian stance) it states something like: grants pemalty to accuracy and bonus to deflection for nearby allies... does that mean "the guardian" suffers a peanalty to accuracy while allies get the bonus? or does everyone get both? (the peanalty AND the bonus)
  12. i have the same "problem" i'm playing on a 42" lcd tv. no similiar problems on any games. i did not tinker with any of the nvidia panel options this is far too dark to be of any use:
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