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  1. Perhaps I'm missing something. I have white march installed and I looked and I'm definitely updated to 2.02. I've also saved and reloaded several times as well as have exited the game. I still can only see 6 hirelings as hired with 2 missing completely.
  2. I've seen exact and similar issues while trodding around the forum for resolutions and haven't seen any listed. Basically: I have 8/8 hirelings hired according to my Stronghold status. Only 6 of those 8 for me are currently interchangable, meaning there are 2 I have no access to changing. I managed to find one who is just chilling in my keep but haven't found the other. Killing them seems to change nothing, at least immediately. I have included two save files both before the issue and after I noticed it (go by dates) in the link below. Like I said this seems to be a pretty common issue
  3. For the quest rogue knight, was anyone successful in lying to Osric? Do you know how much deception it takes to successfully lie to him? I mean obtaining both the armor and the money. If you have any idea please let me know.
  4. Hey so yea I ended up figuring it out thanks to all the help here. Your main character has to have 4 mechanics. Doesn't have to be base 4, u can use items and rest bonuses. But that will 100% work, and personally I think it is worth it to steal and then lie. You get his hat, rapier, then you can push him for even more.
  5. Has anyone managed to lie to Osric to get both the breastplate and the gold reward like it says in the guide? Im wondering if there is a way to stay on good terms and use the shop while also getting the armor. If anyone has any idea i'd appreciate it.
  6. In this quest the guy Marceno wants you to find a chest before the captain comes back. You find it, kill some guys and then you can take it, open it, or leave it be. Does anyone know how to open this chest?? One would think it was mechanics or might or a prybar....nothing has worked for me. The guide says you can take it and open it but I don't see how you could do that either. Thanks
  7. Has anyone successfully lied and gotten both the chest plate and still been able to trade with them?
  8. So I'm doing this quest in Ondra's Gift calle Fortanero's Fortune where you have to find Marceno's sea chest. After finding it apparently you can try to open it, does anyone know if this uses mechanics and if so what level? I take it only your character's mechanics? Also, is there another way of opening it that anyone has found?
  9. Yea, I mean the strategy guide seems to suggest you can still "disgrace him" but I have yet to understand how to do that. I am trying to acquire the breastplate while also managing good terms with the dozens if that is possible. I think you need a relatively high deception.
  10. So I just started this quest for the purpose of acquiring the breastplate because it looks amazing. It took me a while to figure it out but if you come out of the house right after proving the writ is a forgery and just attack him instead of talking to him, you can come back and it will give you different options. The two options I receive at this point are LIE and tell him penworth gave it to me or tell him I had to kill a few people. If I lie it doesn't work, he pays me and I get the experience and the ability to trade. If i tell him I killed people, he becomes disgusted, allows me to keep
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