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  1. The sap collector isn't very useful at all really it seems it needs to be fixed. I can confirm that the collector only collects 1 or 2 sap. Been running back to the oak tree and checking ours which we put down days ago and no more than 2 sap inside. It doesn't seem useful because you can get much more by just picking the sap off the floor or hitting the sap clumps. I expected the collectors to carry a whole pile of sap over time. I assume they are not working as intended based on the size of the bowl and the amount of sap they actually collect.
  2. Hey guys, This may have already been suggested but I would really love to see the option to build shelves. I see a lot of videos of people being creative with floating storage but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. shelves would be awesome to stack more storage in our homes
  3. Thank you Rayman615. I forgot to mention that I am the host. If I do play alone with our save, will he lose anything the next time he joins me on our save or will he still have all of his characters stuff/progress? This is the one question I can't find answers to. I don't want to go on and improve our base without him then save it to find that the next time we play together his stuff/character mutations are all gone because I saved it when he wasn't with me. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone, I am new here and have a question regarding the saves as I'm a bit confused about them. I have only one save which is multiplayer as me and my friend play together when he has time. However when he is away I'd like to be able to play without him so that I can farm resources or extend our base. Am I able to do this? If so: Do I load in Multiplayer > continue and just play solo or do I load solo > continue? If I do this solo and save my progress, will he lose all of his items and progress on his character? (mutations and such) Thanks so much for your time
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