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  1. For the most part weapon and gear maintenance was to easy pre 7.0 and with the changes made it makes you reconsider item management and also promotes more farming as you now need more items to repair gear in 7.0.
  2. Building in the 0.7.0 pts try standing a full foundation away from the blue print and you should be fine. For the wall decorations the best way to place them is from the side and once you are a foundation square away use your aim control to do the alignment and placement of the deco.
  3. Once the new update goes public the grass pallets are in the category of movable decoration items and this includes while they are filled. So you can use this as a pseudo sled.
  4. So this current test update just added a few icons so we can be a little bit more accurate with the markers and a few more head mounts got added as well.
  5. While the suggestion has merit until anything is done the plant leaf with an associated color can be a temporary solution for plant based raw material. For bugs i use the ant symbol and a matching color for small bugs, and the spider symbol and matching color for larger bugs. For liquids either the tear drop or splatter symbol and a color can work. For rocks you can use the crumb or diamond and a color. The other thing to do is use the tool symbol and a color to represent a resource acquired by the use of that tool ex red shovel would be your clay box.
  6. For the ziplines you could drop trail markers that you color and image code to mean something to you. For me since i have a base near most ziplines i color coded my bases. Or if the area the zipline is close to is abundant with a specific resource you could trail marker that way as well.
  7. With what is currently available you could use trail markers at a zipline. Personally i either use the dandelion tuft image or the house image since most of my anchors are built next to a base.
  8. This is probably the most practical usage ive seen when bringing up a suggestion for a spyglass tool.
  9. While it would be nice if some of the descriptions of items were a little more precise in the wording contextually the feather arrow description is fine as is. If read thoroughly it states you need strands of spider web emphasis on strands which is the reference for turning web fiber into silk rope. Also once you have the item unlocked the recipe should end up being more important than the item description.
  10. Quite a list to sort through with some great ideas and some potential game breaking ones. This is a long response numbered and labeled for easier digestion. 1. Hotbar and Inventory - So while in some ways it would be nice if we had extra equipment we could have not take up inventory space there are some items that would need to be restricted for this to work. Some examples would be food in the hotbar if we used the same rules as the equipped gear not taking up inventory space if you locked an item to the hotbar and did not give it a capacity limit one could theoretically carry an infinite
  11. In the pause menu there is a bag retrieval in the debug menu. Note it will only work once per load of the game so once you use it so you will need to save, exit and reload the game.
  12. Most of what your having trouble with can be fixed by using one of the pause menu game debug settings. One retrieves the backpacks and resets their location to the briefcase. Another debug is the remove nearby blueprints including ones under ground.
  13. One thing I forgot is that once you use the reset bag setting you will want to save and reload the game as it can only be used once per load in.
  14. The quiver would be cool and to add to it saving inventory space by holding arrows it could be equipped to the offhand slot on the equipment slots.
  15. Yeah the removal of the shoulder carry makes this mission harder the cheapest solution is the base of that particular bush you can do a few grass floors and bounce webs which will allow you to walk stems up building a zipline anchor across from the unconnected one that is there. Also there are two new dandelions just outside of the bush area that will have enough stems for the zipline. There is a youtube video on this method just not sure if allowed to share the link.
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