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  1. every now and then I place a zipline that looks like it would work but doesn't because it's actually going up or is absurdly slow so my idea is to add a degree number when you are placing the line (or a speed indicator like very slow, slow, average, speedy, super fast) so we can better judge what ziplines would be good
  2. you could also add dyes in general so you could dye armor or paint your base rather than just the ziplines
  3. the ability to dye your zipline ropes to help differentiate especially when there are many on one mount, extra backpack space perhaps as an expensive upgrade with berry leather or some new material, a different sound to notify if we will die of thirst or hunger, a "collect all" option on sap catchers and spinning wheels maybe press and hold x, and idea Is to bring back armor glue and add weapon/tool glue but use them in a different way. now they would be particular to each item instead of super armor glue fixing all tier two armor it would only fix one type such as ladybug armor glue would onl
  4. thank you good idea I all ready have too many markers coloring individual zip line rope would be better for me
  5. I've noticed when I'm in the menu with changing weapons feeding myself but changing the weapons it'll start flashing and if I save it quick enough it'll save the game at that point while it's flashing up on orange pinkish color on the right top corner and then I'll restart it or say it'll it'll come back to play but if I wait too long it it freezes up also just changing armor if I want to change my armor it's it'll lock up and then it has to restart and sometimes just running around it will lock up and it'll say video rendering isn't adequate but you probably heard these things beforeI've also
  6. after you set up the zip lines and get quite a few of them coloring them would be nice so you could color them to know what direction you're going up or down or you call them in your own little freeway
  7. there are too many feathers and their use is limited, I rarely use the bow and when I do it's for berries rather than fighting so normal arrows function just as well. on top of this the bed is just a novelty and aside from the archer cap the feathers have no purpose so I end up just leaving them to pile up. this makes them somewhat of a nuisance when traversing the backyard. as such I have an idea, instead 9f letting them pile up infinitely you could place a hard limit on the amount of feathers allowed to exist at one time maybe 100 or so and if the player is collecting them that limit could b
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