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  1. No lie the only scar my mother has is on her face, right above her lip from a cat... The being cute thing is just a ploy to take down bigger targets.
  2. Alright Obsidian, I've given it time. I've been patient. I've looked under every nook and every cranny... just to be sure I didn't miss it... and still, AND STILL, NO FRENCH BULLDOGS ANYWHERE. Now I'm a patient man and I *assume* this is due to issues with implementing the latest in WrinkleFYZX® ... but when can my adventures include a tiny walking pudge of adorableness? How can I reliably pursue a God Goliath across the realm with no tiny cuddlepuddles to help me sleep through the worst of my nightmares? How can I express my doubts without pretending to consult with my permanently so
  3. Long time purchaser, first time writer... I just wanted to thank all of you at Obsidian for releasing a game with the level of art and style I have been waiting for pretty much since NWN and PS:T. So many isometric style RPGs or ARPGs have come and gone while the art (both in terms of pure graphical fidelity and overall execution) have malingered somewhere between their ancient forebearers and something that would be in line with a mobile game of yesteryear. PoE2 finally has that graphical upgrade I kept thinking was inside of each new title... only to be disappointed. While story
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