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Found 3 results

  1. Ever since the announcement trailer dropped, I had been very interested in this game. It looked engrossing, beautiful, and fun to play all at once; knowing that it was being developed by Obsidian only added to my excitement. I naturally avoided most news about the game from then on, wanting to go in as unprepared as possible once the game was actually out. I started playing a couple of days after release, and I was instantly smitten by the style, the presentation, the world itself as it was being revealed, and the excellent character interactions. I played as often as I could and for hours on end. I fell in love with the world of Halcyon, and I adored its inhabitants. Even the less scrupulous ones, because of how well they are written. Interacting with the world and its people – in whichever way – was pure delight from beginning to end. It's rare that any game makes me so happy to play. As is often the case with RPG's, it's impossible for me to stop myself from doing multiple playthroughs. As I near the end of the first one, I already have some ideas on a new character to create and a different playstyle to go for. Tonight I wrapped up my third playthrough, and while I am tempted to go for a fourth one, I felt that I should stop by here and add this appreciation post. The Outer Worlds may be streamlined and not offer the deepest experience in terms of role-playing or strategy, but it is truly remarkable and wonderful in its execution. It feels very polished both in terms of gameplay and in terms of writing; for what Obsidian most likely set out to do, they truly nailed it. Thank you for creating such a great game. I really hope this isn't the end of our adventures in Halcyon. Whether it be in through expansions or sequels, I definitely want to be able to return here many times more.
  2. Long time purchaser, first time writer... I just wanted to thank all of you at Obsidian for releasing a game with the level of art and style I have been waiting for pretty much since NWN and PS:T. So many isometric style RPGs or ARPGs have come and gone while the art (both in terms of pure graphical fidelity and overall execution) have malingered somewhere between their ancient forebearers and something that would be in line with a mobile game of yesteryear. PoE2 finally has that graphical upgrade I kept thinking was inside of each new title... only to be disappointed. While story, design, and execution have all varied from dizzying heights to disappointing depths in all of these titles, the art remained consistently low-poly smudges best viewed from afar and possibly with a healthy dose of imagination. Can I survive with less? Of course! Have for years. But damn it feels good to actually be able to enjoy this aspect as well. So as a long time (mildly) suffering gamer from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!
  3. Inspired by PrimeJunta's 3,000th post I just read, I decided it's high time for some well-deserved praising! Obsidz, there are loads of stuff in PoE as it currently stands that are absolutely fantastic! You have done an excellent job!! Here are merely some of the things that I love about it: -Beautiful area maps, with great outdoor and indoor props, down to the smallest details. -Lovely ambient sound effects, from chirping birds to murmuring tavern patrons. -Overall, a very competent and engaging writing throughout the beta. -Gorgeous spell icons. -A sleek and cool UI. -A captivating assortment of monsters and baddies. -A surprisingly broad and varied selections of talents, skills, spells already at very low levels. -A wonderful intro tune before you start the generous character generation. -A select party and rotate party formation function to die for. -Thanks for not going over the top with weapon and armour models. I really like this more realistic and toned-down CRPG-feeling! -Also, thanks for considering our criticisms and many times offering improved solutions to common complaints -The alluring atmosphere and the epic low-level CRPG are already top-notch. Just keep fine-tuning the systems! Love, Indira
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