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  1. For real? That is the way it's supposed to work. Better enchantments from the some group are supposed to replace the lesser ones.
  2. Well once you've completed the game on and got the Triple Crown Solo achievement feel free to come back here and raise this again. However until you've done that there is at one major and near impossible achievement before you need to worry about the kick starter achievement.
  3. It also targets reflex so depending on the enemy it may work better and secondly there are lots of debuffs for Dex but less for fort so can often stack better for more crits/hits.
  4. If you backed it you have a digital key (for steam or gog) on the Obsidian website, if it's because your internet connection is too slow to download 6Gb then hopefully it's not too far off.
  5. Considering there difficulty design involves increasing the numbers, types and positioning of the creatures you fight it may not be as easy as you think, epecially on PoD where you need to add between 6-10 ACC to each enemy, plus additional damage and health and more of them.
  6. If using same steam account, albeit on different PCs, the first one to login will be forcibly logged out on the other login. So in other words: No, sadly that doesn't work. As others have said: You have to play at different times, if you don't want to purchase an additional copy. What If first pc logs in and switches to offline then the second one gets permision ? How to forcibly log out? That has traditionally worked, login to one then suffer a "internet failure" (unplug the cable/disable the wifi, tell windows Steam isn't allowed to use the internet using the firewall) and steam will let you play on that machine while a second one logs on and starts playing as well.
  7. I think the Cipher gets a small bonus to Mechanics and if you chose the correct background you'll get a second small bonus.
  8. The most powerful ranged weapon type in the game is likely to do a bit better than an implement, so it's hardly that interesting a comparison. Try building your Cipher with some other weapon aside from the Blunderbuss and Arquebus and you'll find it's much closer and sometimes in the Wizards favour. Oh and Arquebus have a damage and range reduction coming in the Zero day patch so your can probably say good bye to those 120dmg hits. Also did you give the BB wizard or custom wizard the Penetrating Blast talent and micro them so they targeted the biggest group each time?
  9. So with regards to Cipher vs Wizard both have there advantages. The Cipher has higher single target weapon damage, is a bit more survivable in a fight where they don't use spells and can constantly cast a small range of moderate damage and small aoe or single target debuffs which mainly target will, they're some of the best single target debuffs in the game. The Wizard (assuming blast/penetrating blast) has lower per hit damage but it's AoE to a reasonable size area if they have decent Int, and there implements are all best of damage types, the result being that there single target damage is lower per attack but there total damage is generally higher due to the AoE. They then have a decent foe AoE raw damage 2x per encounter ability that dazes. Their main focus however is the spells where they have a massive range of spells that gives them every damage type in the game and the ability to target pretty much ever defence in the game and nearly all of them are AoE, or can hit multiple targets for reasonable damage at a decent range. There debuffs are generally AoE and they can apply nearly every affliction in the game but are often a little bit weaker than the Cipher ones, but with a bigger AoE. There buffs are pretty much all self targeting and range from pretty decent to crappy. The downside is that they only have a limited number of spells they can cast per day and they only have a limited number of there spells immediately available as they need to switch grimores. There summons (2 weapons and a Clone) are ok to decent. In general the Cipher is a better single target caster who can go on for ever and briefly mix it up in melee if needed. The Wizard is completely AoE focused, damage and debuffs might not be the best but they hit alot of people at once, but a highly resource limited and thus require careful play. And assuming you've got spells left to cast you can pretty much do anything to some degree or another. The Druid is partway between a Priest and a Wizard lots of AoE damage but less range of types/forms and defences targeted (and the damage has been reduced post 480) with a decent melee ability that is lower damage than the Cipher but has greater survivability, they can also "heal" to a degree and have a limited number of debuffs.
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