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  1. Seoni and Improved Mending! Arcane Attack for ever! Especially if you go Frostfire!
  2. Whenever I make an antimagic party, Val is my mental stat guy. Amiri, Harsk, and even Meri can cover Wisdom scores, but Val is where I beef up Intelligence and Charisma. Someone needs to close those locations! Sajan can kind of do those as well, but he's more reliant on Dex bonuses and like the others, he is a better Wis guy. I also tend to give him a number of items in this situation. In an antimagic crew, he's my versatility!
  3. There's a whole mess of new things on Tup. Even the concept of a Cohort is new to PA. I will say, that we've got somethin' special coming!
  4. Yeah, I found this too recently. We'll try to get a fix out in the next patch.
  5. I've got a 6 character legendary all costume game going and Lem's brings it. Even went Charlatan to focus on bringing down Henchmen and Villains.
  6. Ooo! I like the Diplomatic Envoy. Similar idea to The Wild Bunch (Harsk, Lini, Amiri). Doing a large group with no casters is a good challenge as well.
  7. I <3 themed parties. Favorite that I've run so far was totally item-centric with 4 or 5 characters getting as many items as possible.
  8. It's something that all parties want! It's more a matter of timing, funding, and resources than anything else.
  9. Hi Y'all! I reduced the number of dailies required and set the reward to 500. It's still displaying as 100 for now.
  10. Thanks for this. I've made a change to make sure this doesn't happen in the next release. For now, you'll probably want to forfeit when faced with that card.
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