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  1. Ok, I am just going to murder a tavern and see what it does. Edit: Solved. It will heal the amount shown based on bodies(not crit destroyed bodies) per 3 seconds. It seems to have a base duration of 30 seconds as I had 16 procs I counted with 21 intelligence(approximately 55% bonus duration). First tic is immediate after cast and multiple sources stack heals. Can be a super strong heal, maybe strongest in game if there are enough dead bodies but situational.
  2. What you are saying is the per corpse you receive a 3 sec duration. As in 4 corpses yields 12 seconds without modifiers. Very limited use spell comparatively to other heals.
  3. https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Garden+of+Life This spell has a 6 sec tic timer and 3 sec duration. Tooltip reads 0 when I hover over the total heal calculator. Reaching +100% duration is a little difficult but I believe the tooltip still read 0 when I previously achieved this.
  4. Nevermind then I guess, I don't understand what the point of it is as a one hit weapon. Maybe you can combine it with a martial ability but it seems like an odd choice.
  5. Hello! Doing some testing I found this weapon disappeared when I killed enemies. I believe it stayed on hit but most of the enemies I tested on kept getting 1 shot so I would have to try somewhere else. Edit: Just rechecked on guards and it does disappear on hit. Edit 2: I guess it's supposed to do this.
  6. Thanks, I did not know this guide existed. I wish obsidian was a bit more clear on how stuff worked.
  7. Hello! I was recently doing some testing and I could not get damage shown to match numbers. I was under the impression that no penetration gave a negative bonus similarly to how damage bonuses, apart from lashes, are additive. I can not get the numbers to add exactly but it seems that no pen uses a .25 multiplier to base damage, then the game takes the .75 penalty again to reduce bonuses additively before multiplying for a final damage total. Using my monk/barb here are some numbers: 14.6base +.03+.2+.5+.15-.75 = 4.7 game Calculator= 16.498 Negative Reduction to bonus, ~4.5 with Negative Reduction base and bonus 22.2base +.15+.1+.15+.15+.5+.15-.75= 7.9 game Calculator= 32.19 Negative Reduction to bonus, ~8.05 with Negative Reduction base and bonus Is this intended or a bug?
  8. The interface for changing the ai is "unoptimized" and it takes a few minutes to make a small changes because I have constantly move things one input at a time then re-adjust slider. Wondering if there is a file location to make my own faster.
  9. According to tool tips only the potency from hp/sec in whiteleaf gained a bonus. The rest just increase in duration. It does however seem to reduce the crash penalty as the skill goes up. At 39 alchemy, coral snuff had 0% crash debuff and then began increasing to positive numbers.
  10. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107456-crown-of-exiled-queen-same-as-chain-of-rightful-authority/?do=findComment&comment=2125619 Accidentally posted this is the wrong place. I believe this item wasn't implemented correctly and/or has the wrong description.
  11. I started the game with the Berath Blessing but I had gotten it previously on another game through mutiny and it never happened. Should have been 3.0 or later, odd
  12. Hello! I just got into ship combat after the big update and now fights are started with the opponent crew already having hoped on my ship and engaged. I have not taken any damage on my party at fight start but it used to start with us on our respective ship. I could not find any update notes that talk about this and am confused whether it is a bug or "feature".
  13. Hello! I believe this is either missing the right ability because I do not see a difference between the two. Once the 2 piece Chain is upgraded to the Crown it says Supreme Fealty but the ability shown is still fealty just like the Chain. Maybe I am missing something but it seems like this is supposed to upgrade the item and as far as I can tell both are exactly the same except for the cosmetic. They both offer the same first ability and fealty dominate for 10 sec vs will.
  14. Thanks Boeroer! I was not planning on doing solo at the moment however I noticed it was very difficult to keep my not tank built characters alive vs the ooze and spider. Their accuracy is around 140 or 150 I believe and I was getting crit for around 100 something. I will need to check their armor penetration but I figured they would get hit about the same. I need to go test what all stacks as far as abilities between the monk and ranger but I was considering a crit based MC with them. The staff idea is really good though, in my head for some reason I figured the instruments of pain wouldn't work with 2H idk why. Also does the game consider the companion a teammate for the Hearth Orlan bonus? I remember I tried the cipher reaping knives on pets and it wouldn't work but that may be because they do not technically have weapon slots.
  15. Hey Guys! I have been looking into strategies for Megabosses and bosses and in particular it seems the most effective thing against them is accuracy and defense stats. Compared to PoE1 it is much harder to stack buffs and debuffs which is generally a better idea I think. What I have been seeing while reading through classes is that there are only a few straight accuracy buffs between classes. Most notable the Ranger has more available class Accuracy buffs than anyone else, upwards of 30 or more not counting active abilities. However, one of the +10 Acc buffs and some other skills are dependent on your animal companion also attacking but based on their stats there is no way to survive against the megabosses. Are there any strategies other than Barring death's door to keep them alive and still get bonuses. I know ghost heart is an option but seems like a waste of bond to have them die over and over again.
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