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  1. I'm just plain running out of time. I probably am not discarding as many blessings and allies as I should, But I also get a little worried about discarding because, in this scenario, half the locations are closed by banishing cards.
  2. So I just started playing and decided to buy the all-inclusive expansion. I'm stuck on the Poison Pill scenario and I feel like I don't have the right feel for the strategy. I've tried having one character on their own locations, pairing them off, putting them in groups of 3, and having all 6 start on the same location. It also could just be the characters, so I listed my party and their decks below. I also know that the number of cards to beat in the scenario changes based on your party size, so would it be easier if I didn't use 6 characters? What can I change to beat this scenario?
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