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  1. Not currently in a position to test this at the moment. Wont get home for another 2 hours or so & I was curious. Thanks for the answer though.
  2. Hi All! Question regarding Enchanting. If I have a Fine pistol (2 anvil 'cost') and want to upgrade it to exceptional (3 anvils), is the anvil cost accumulative, or does it straight override the lower enchantment. I ask because I would like to upgrade Forgiveness, but if taking Kith Slayer prevents me from also taking Exceptional / Superb, then I've got to think about which I'm going to take. Cheers
  3. Hi all! just wanted to thank you for your suggestions. swapped Aloth out for the Druid Companion & gave him a pistol, gave Pelligrina the Tall Grass pike, Kana an arquebus, durance a crossbow & re-positioned the formation. Aeder up front to engage, Pelligrina just behind to poke away at distance & 4 in the back line to cast / support / shoot things. gone from each hit averaging 2-5 to 15-30 (with spikes of up to 80-95 on a good crit!) this increased damage output is making everything much easier. thanks again!
  4. Hmm.... Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking I might swap out Pellgrina for a 2H Barb, move Kana to the back row & give him and Durance a pistol each. Also thinking I'll sway the Cipher's war bow for an arquebus to deal with the higher DR enemies.
  5. I'm using shields on my front line because I feel that characters without them don't survive very well. Then again, I may be doing it wrong. (I rolled a 2H Barb on normal & was knocked out during the ambush in the prologue. feel that shields are a requirement) Current engagement method is to send Eder slightly out in front until he's engaging 3 enemies, Durance casts that =DR spell on as many allies as possible, then Aloth AoEs the biggest enemy cluster, Cipher casts Mental Binding any remaining enemy clusters, which I then send Pelligrina & Kana to engage. fire off a few blunderb
  6. Hi all! Really liking PoE so far. Only 20-something hours in, about half way through Act 2 & I've got a question regarding my party's damage output, specifically why it seems so low. Whole party is level 6. Eder (Heaviest armor i can find, shield, fine sabre) Aloth (leather armor, fine wand) Durance (fine robe, fine wand) Kana (heaviest armor available, shield, fine hatchet) Pelligrina (Heaviest armor available, shield, fine pike / spear thing) Cipher [me] (fine leather armor, fine war bow / lead spitter, key spells used are Mental Binding & Mind Blades) recently been doing some
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