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  1. So one last time the brain wrung out and this dripped out. Most important: The possibility to turn off the friedly fire. The plants with the thick leaves between oak and rose bed should become harvestable. My teammates often expressed the desire to use a large leaf as a boat. An inflatable boat made of beetle rubber would also be conceivable. A greenhouse as a new biome, where even exotic plants could grow, maybe even dangerous ones? A garbage can, a bird house, an insect hotel as a dungeon. More fungi: toxic earth balls near the haze biome, slimy stinkhorns, harvestable tree fungi. As a great danger at night, a bat. Sunflowers, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, butterfly-bushs. Dear developers I hope you can use anything from the 3 posts. Otherwise I am curious what the future updates will bring. Good luck.
  2. Cicadas which disturb the radar and waypoints with their noise. Garage with opiliones, silverfish and ****roaches. A bed-biom with a large via wormtunnel saccessible pumpkin or watermelon. Crane flys, kissing bugs, scorpions, tarantulas, black widows. As great dangers also went newts, lizards or slow worms. Access to the windowsill outside, the window is closed so you can't get inside the house but there could be pots of herbs or a cake guarded by wasps. Boss Giant Hornet. A trellis on the house where you can climb. Dewdrop telescope. Nettles, ivy, pine cones. A shield made of acorn parts. Weather like heat waves where you lose water quickly if you are not in the shade, short rain showers that knock items out of your hand if you don't shelter, cold on some nights that consumes your food, wind that makes the grasses shake back and forth, fog. In this context, a weather radar to arm yourself. Teen-creator to individualize the chars. Meat should be stackable.
  3. First of all, big praise, you've managed to make a nice locking and fun game even as an early access game. At this point, i can't think of a single thing that i would describe as annoying or distracting. Instead, there is a lot that I already love about it. From the adrenaline rush when you hear a spider scream to living in a mushroom castle. I'm looking forward to the future updates. Here are a few suggestions if you feel like it even though you've probably heard them many times before: A sandbox, maybe with a wooden frame that also has termites in it. A rideable bumblebee, everyone wants to wiggle through the air on a big fur ball. Maybe not as a permanent tame like in Ark but that you have to mount it and it flies away again as soon as you dismount so it doesn't get too easy. Otherwise I would argue against rideable beetles since Grounded is quite unique and would otherwise just become the Ark of beetles. Butterflies by day and moths by night. Caterpillars that hang on the top of grass similar to dewdrops. A frog that appears when you kill too many tadpoles with the fighting power similar to the wolfspider. Spiders that lurk on the ceiling of underpasses and pull players up with their webs if not freed in time. After a bite, it drops the player again and also goes to the ground to fight. If the player is freed, it also rappels down to fight. As a dungeonidea a compost heap. There could be earthworms, isopods, slugs and earwigs. As another dungeonidea a beehive. Bark beetles/deer beetles which can be found at the tree. Prefer some more powerful. Centipedes and millipedes lurking under foliage. Grasshoppers, dragonflies, snails and praying mantises. Water striders to be met in the flodded zone. Dormice and sparrows as major danger, difficult without tier II gear. Voles. A hedgehog which hunts at night in a certain area. Invincible like the koi. Increase durability of weapons by 15%.
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