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  1. I understand that the game is in the preview process yet building is one of the most important mechanics of this game (its the reason most people tend to continue playing after the content is complete). I personally believe they had the building nearly PERFECT two or so updates ago, this recent update (bees etc) have broken some important bits to building. Its nearly impossible now to place chests/baskets on or under grass floors put at the "halfway" position (halfway up a wall, as in a "shelf"). The same could be said for alot of objects for that matter. I can no longer also place
  2. It may seem like I am po'd, But I completely understand that this is bound to happen. I consider it growing pains lol. You play through enough early access games, you see this happen usually on a MUCH bigger scale. Subnautica and the long dark come to mind. What makes this very different is, they acknowledged there is an issue and they voiced they are working on fixing it immediately. That right there all ready earns them good faith points in my opinion. As I said ive seen developers just go radio silent before sometimes for weeks leaving their player base stranded.
  3. The liquids containers holding falling droplets is something I was all ready aware of, This is different. There is the first droplets from the source juice box, after collection and 15 days later none of the boxes have dropped droplets period, nor has my containers filled at all. I have 5 containers under the juice box at hedges. Its part of my hedge outpost. As for the critters a.i fixing itself, yes and no. Sometimes they will act accordingly, id say 70% of the time tho they are frozen in place. And lmfao go check out the ant hill, there was 65+ ants all just sitting in the tunn
  4. Where to begin? Insect a.i is mostly destroyed, Ive seen every insect now just stand there, doing NOTHING. I can walk up and literally punch 2 wolf spiders to death.. While they just stand there beside eachother and die. Lady bugs, stink bugs etc etc the same exact thing. DO NOT BUILD, Building ANY base type blue prints will insta crash the game. In single player,multi and creative. Lean-to, spinning wheel, work bench etc are ok. Juice boxes wont spawn droplets. I was treated to the above only after I fought the game for 2 hours, do to the game constantly trying to load and
  5. Yip that's the EXACT issue on xbox aswell, snapping to frame ( left bumper ) cause it to go off where ever the heck it likes and build in the middle of nowhere lol. I loaded up my save file before the 26th and it works just fine still.. Further more tho.. The building is all jacked up now.. It still functions the same way on my previous save, but on a new one nope. What I mean is previous to the 26th you had way more building area, with a little persistence you could get anything to build nearly anywhere, even if it did clip into the environment a little bit. With the exception of st
  6. Lady bugs hit like trucks and spin like ballerinas now I truly like it, kitting and spinning around to win should NOT be the winning formula for everything. If anything they should get some kinda spin attack? Or Kinda like RDR when you get behind a angry horse.. You get kicked lol.. Wolf spiders are a whole new NIGHTMARE now, I like that they made them free roam and hunt again at night. I like the new move sets, I DESPISE the fact they can direct damage you right through a perfect block.. Seriously.. Infuriating.. Infected mites? Yes they have always shot those darts. Atleast I noti
  7. I can confirm what he's saying mr. Nuggets, it has happened to me now a couple times. Further more it truly sucks when it happens, their col downs between shots go to a fraction of what they did. And then they get stuck in a loop of just spraying OR sniping. After playing around with it, It seems to be happening from pathing issues. There was an ant corpse between it and I, and instead of going around it kinda had a hiccup and proceeded to get stuck in the loop. Its a for sure bug/issue tho, not just with the beetles but all bugs. Getting hung up on an insect do to pathing issues. When t
  8. The crow has dropped exactly 2 feathers now over 12 days.. And only 1 of those I could "harvest" to get exactly 1 piece of feather.. Broken...
  9. Nope, still no bees from what I can tell.. Or I've just had EXTREMELY bad luck.. There is zip cords coming tho You can build them and link em in creative. Sadly still cant use them tho..
  10. I agree to some extent with almost every ones posts.. The current arrow debacle is exactly that.. The cost per use doesn't exactly add up, like currently with the newly added feather arrow. You need to wait nearly 40 minutes for the CHANCE for 1 feather to fall.. Chop chop chop.. Get 1 piece.. (maybe more? Ive had no luck past 1) then make 1 arrow?!?.. Thats a bit crazy.. To combat that I do agree with above 1 sack, venom or feather should be 5 made per 1, it just makes sense. And in the end yes we should be able to collect the arrows again on specialty ones ie. Gas. The venom
  11. Aye that they have! The wolfs are even more fun to go up against lol. Besides the above issues, first thing I truly noticed was soldier ants now go marching along with worker ants.. Ive seen 1 to 2 per group. And speaking of ants..YAY ant eggs.. Im actually finding ant eggs.. Oh and ladybugs, if they are not obstructed can dash at you from much further away now. And they wont stop until they hit something.
  12. Is it just me or has everything got utterly flipped on its head now? So far from what I noticed is, if another prone to attacking insect procs a rival species, that rival instantly blames you and laser focuses on you. Case in point, the rake boulder. It was usually a war zone between bombadier, stink bug and wolf spiders.. If the wolf spider ran into the stink cloud, wolf spider would attack the bug, battle between the three bugs and the spider would ensue.. Now haha. 1 of 3 things happen, either NOTHING happens OR wolf spider freaks out and charges at you, even if your 70 ish cm aw
  13. Thats the exact route I used to take before the lab door was fixed, and before I could go toe to ummm multiple toes? Erm legs? with the Wolf spiders. This is NOT my footage tho.
  14. Oh and that tunnel near the Rash figurines, has an extremely Rare and one of a kind 4 leafed clover at the end.... Currently you cant do anything with it.. Cant cut it down.. Nothing..
  15. You can find another strip of him, umm out towards the sand box if I remember rightly
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