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Getting whiplash from building changes

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I understand that the game is in the preview process yet building is one of the most important mechanics of this game (its the reason most people tend to continue playing after the content is complete). I personally believe they had the building nearly PERFECT two or so updates ago, this recent update (bees etc) have broken some important bits to building.

Its nearly impossible now to place chests/baskets on or under grass floors put at the "halfway" position (halfway up a wall, as in a "shelf"). 

The same could be said for alot of objects for that matter. I can no longer also place the spinning  wheel under grass floors also at the halfway position. 

Palisade gates are also severely borked, as In in quite a few cases Instead of the hinged side being against a wall, the hinged side needs to be in the middle.. so if I wanted to put a double gate instead of me having a double wide exit, I now have both doors opening up against themselves.. instead of out and over, they go out and in.. (sorry if that makes no sense) 

Case in point, around the baseball area, there is the fallen red leaf that makes a natural tunnel. In that tunnel I used to be able (even as of last update) to place 2 outward swinging gates, now its not even possible to place one.. Off both sides of the leaf I would build weed stem scaffold ( 1 high not stacked) going from the leaf to the dirt wall, and then from the leaf to the baseball ( 90° from the leaf, 45° elbow, then straight to the ball.) But now unless I'm insanely lucky I can't place the palisade walls on the front of the scaffolding all the way around, for whatever reason we cannot place the palisade walls near the leaf again, nor does the grass floors want to connect again do to the proximity to the leaf (or ball) 

But the area where its the most apparent mechanics ha e been overly changed yet again is at the tip of the boot print again at baseball. As of the last update the little cove where all the roots where, my friends and I used to be able to build up a shelf system that could hold 5 to 6 weedstem pallets per level, 3 levels high. The pallets where placed on scaffolding (capped with grass) with weedsteam walls behind it (yes the walls would go into the environment) and then have the grass floors at the halfway and full position.. Again I realize that not every area is finalized, but after the last update more dirt was added to that area which in itself is not the issue (just a minor hinderence) BUT you can't really build near the roots themselves now, some roots yes others no, some roots have a strict "no building policy" where others don't care lol.

Sticking with building, I've also found extremely weird occurrences ALL over the map, where if your walking around with scaffolding out (blue print and scaffolding as an example) they will randomly "snap" to invisible objects all over the place. This again has been making our building experience quite difficult at times.. if we are building in one of these areas, all of a sudden if we get to close to a spot, everything we attempt to place will not snap to our building but these invisible attachment spots.. again VERY noticeable around base ball, oak tree, areas in the drowned area (berry bush) and the limbs of the bush itself.. 

I do not know if all of this is intentional (working as intended) or if this is a oversight or not. Regardless I wanted to report/write down my frustrations on this, Again I find the building to be one of the biggest draws to this game, and in this state its extremely hard to finish or even build the way we where accustomed too.. 


If anyone else is having these issues please let me know, as this could just be a very bad bug or hiccup on my end..  (playing on xbox one x)

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