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  1. Hey all, has anyone else had any issues with the game crashing, or slowing down when there are too many resources on screen? Me and my buddy have built a decent sized base, its nowhere near as big as some ive seen though. We started to build a skypath between it and our other small base.. but we got about half way, and a few things happened. First, half the pathway didn't even load on screen for my friend, and he literally fell through nothing.. Secondly, we decided to give up on skybridge, and went to destroy it.. as soon as we destroy the first piece of floor, and the rest starts collapsing, the game crashes every time.. be it in multiplayer, or in single player.. Is there an issue with the game memory becoming too full, and it not being able to process the amount of grass planks? How can we fix our game? Everytime we do it, it crashes, so now we are stuck with this skybridge we don't want.. update - we managed to remove some parts by literally removing one piece of floor at a time.. but we are still stuck with loads of bits we dont want, and cant destroy them without it causing super lag, or complete crashing
  2. yeah found that quite early on loved it! cant wait for the update!
  3. have a look at my comment on the ant egg post bud, it solved it for me, and quite a few other people
  4. I play as Hoops.. I make custom LEGO figures for a living, hard life i know lol.. So of course, I had to make Grounded figures! Hoops was obviously first up, so here she is. Comments, good and bad welcomed! Who should be next?
  5. I'm hoping its one of the games included in xbox anywhere.. its launching exclusively on android in a few weeks, Basically its game streaming, and I cant wait!
  6. Ok ok, i think I've solved it.. You need to go over to the pond area, and check between all the rocks at the waters edge...also check the gaps between rocks on the other side, near the picnic bench and we also had a few on the outskirts of the gas zone.. ive added pics to show locations. In my game I had no eggs, and no worker ants.. well, i know why..there were literally 30 of them stuck in the rock gaps.. gas arrows quickly helped kill the ones i couldn't physically hit. Killed all the trapped ants and now we have ant eggs Hopefully this helps others too
  7. I dont think you can.. i think its more for show
  8. so then.. Wheres everyone at regarding collectibles, hidden locations etc? So far I think I've found it all. Been to all labs (not inside haze lab though, don't count glitches lol), been to lookout pod up in Bush, explored as much of the Bush lab as possible, collected all tapes and notes, and dispatched every enemy in the game at least once. I do wish the broodmother would respawn though. I'm sure there must be more to find.. Is there a way to continue the quest about the watcher in the labs?
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