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New issue from patch: snap placement problems

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So just thought I'd put it here as I noticed I am not the only one.  Using "Ctrl" to 'snap to foundation' (PC controls, sorry Xbox) has odd results now. My objects seem to travel 1-2 foundation distance away, and about 3 wall heights up, floating in mid air attached to nothing at all, what is more problematic is.... they are actually able to be constructed, and they remain there, floating in the air. (breaking game play completely in the form of building)

Now I decided to go do some testing, started a new game and - doesn't seem to have this issue at all. Snapping a workbench to a scaffold works fine, even without the floor option.  Now maybe I need to test further and unlock floors and build something similar to a base i have, but so far everything in the new game seems to snap properly and work as I remember pre-patch.


Anyone found a work-around or a reason/cause for this, or even further 'new game testing' to see if it a problem in new games?

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Yip that's the EXACT issue on xbox aswell, snapping to frame ( left bumper ) cause it to go off where ever the heck it likes and build in the middle of nowhere lol.

I loaded up my save file before the 26th and it works just fine still.. Further more tho..

The building is all jacked up now.. It still functions the same way on my previous save, but on a new one nope. What I mean is previous to the 26th you had way more building area, with a little persistence you could get anything to build nearly anywhere, even if it did clip into the environment a little bit. With the exception of stairs. 

Now its the exact opposite. The stairs can clip the environment but don't expect the walls and and floors to do the same. I used to build a very small 3x3 with angled corners on a branch in the hedges. Not no more.. Cant put the roof on because its literally just touching the branch above..

I could be very off on this theory tho but what ever they did to fix the insects falling through and clipping maybe preventing building? Idk

Oh and if you have a stair case slanting upwards facing north, and connect it to a corner scaffold with floor you get hung up and cant traverse it.. Facing any other direction is no problem, I think its more of the side it snaps to tho.. The snap side is on the right.. When its south snapping left its ok.. Idk.

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The snapping is fairly broken, I agree. The developers are probably patching it as there have been a lot of messages on both the discord server and the forums here about how broken it is. It depends, though. In some areas the snapping is easier than others, but holy crap the roof placement is terrible.. It's always misaligned, and if you can get lucky 1 of them gets aligned correctly.

At the moment, roofs aren't really needed as there aren't any enemies that use aerial attacks besides the occasional gnat but.. Sheesh. When crows start attacking if the devs choose to make crows hostile.. 😂 We're dead.

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