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  1. These ideas were only thrown out there as food for thought given that the devs could follow up the greater majority on fighting such collosal critters. As it's looking already like we might be able to just hit koi to get scales. My thinking was around the idea of hitting these creatures the same way. To farm various things off them. That's all. I'm not 100% with it. But it's just things to throw out. Regarding the road class. It was supposed to be toad claws. Some odd reason my tablet's spell checker still auto corrects words that aren't even misspelled. It's frustrating. The feet webbing from the frog is just the membrane between the toes. These are just rough ideas. Due note that 7nlike my other posts. I haven't went into heavy details on any craftables with any of this.
  2. Personally unlike most others. I can't fathom seeing any point in Fighting creatures like the Raven and even the koi or toads/frogs. Because by shear scale compared to you. Who's just a little bigger than an ant. You're more a nuisance than a threat. So I think it's best that you CANT fight such creatures. However, I still feel they still have a place in the game. And even in a sense where they can still be fought off. Just not killed. Due to once again...the scale in comparison to yourself. 8nstead Id like to suggest that because of how big these animals are. You can only hurt them in certain places at certain times. This doesn't kill them. But it does back them off to a point where after getting hit enough. It runs them off. Even making them drop certain rare high risk- high reward items. But most cases such interactions are avoidable. And other more common drops needed from said creatures can be dropped just by following them. Or hanging around an are they went through. For example... Skink- large lizard that borrows under ground. It commonly drops shedded skin. Even when hit with a spear or bladed weapon. Once it's tail is chopped off. Damaging the weak point enough, chases off. It borrows back underground. Raven- large species of crow that normally ignores you. It randomly drops feathers around the yard. If you climb it. You can hit it for down fluff. It hit in its eyes enough times. It will fly away. Frog- hangs around the flooded area and in the pond. Hitting it drops mucous. It's weak point is the tip of its tongue. When it retreats it will leave mucous gland and feet webbing. Toad- rules over the haze area. It's weak point is the same as the frog's. Hitting it drops mucous. Chasing it off drops toad class and venom sacs.
  3. Agreed. Made a post close to this as well. Where I suggested allowing the player to craft a kiln/oven for baking and crafting clay based items
  4. There's really no reason to bother fighting a bird at your scale in the game. You want an aerial boss? There's the soon to come dragonflies. Those are big and vicious.
  5. This time I thought I'd share an idea which allows the players to fill a sort of bestiary guide in the game for each creature the player encounters. This is data gathered in the scabi bracelet. Which can be shared with burgl for science points. Burgl could even offer quests which are actually high level hunts. These are insects that normally would not show unless the quest is unlocked and active. These give the players new field data to fill up the bestiary guide and gain more science points from burgl. Also, for the fun and educational benefits of it all. Especially for the younger players. The field data entries could also have the info and inages of each creatures real world counterparts. UPDATE: Wanted to add in another idea to this where the player could take on a gameshow like challenge from burgl called "know-it-all". Where burgl will ask the player a set amount of questions based off what's in their field guide. However, this is a sunscreen. Thus the player will not be able to cheat and drop out from the challenge's ui to sneak a peek at the answers. Each question is multiple choice. And worth science points. After a set amount right. Burgl assigns a grade. Any grade that's A or B unlocks a bonus question that can give the player a prizr. Most likely an item that is rare or can't be crafted. Like a mutation or consumable. This field guide idea above could even expand towards the plants as well.
  6. Another thought came across my mind last night that I felt I should share here. Bare in mind that I am not aware if the developers had anything like this in mind. It was sparked after looking at some images of what appeared to be a sand fort 8n the sandbox. The idea I had was that each biome would have some sort of dungeon sub level like place. Be it a lab. Or some sort of insect lair. Like the anthill in the grass area. And the hedge lab 8n the...hedge. Not sure if this was something the devs already had in mind. But if so I'd like to suggest adding more puzzle and in some cases. A bit more platforming and enemies in these levels. Even going as far as having challenging bosses in them with a few good drops. Maybe even let players come across and try to obtain some really helpful tech like grappling guns or mutation chips that could be applied by the scab bracelet. Bottom line. High risk areas with high reward. To things that don't gate progress. But if obtained. Could "ease" it a bit. In the labs there's of course security note. But I think there could be some other types. Like some big armored guys or turrets and traps. Maybe with the occasional insect or spider that got in. Plus bosses in labs can be large robots or a rogue computer AI. While creature lairs could be things like insect queens or brood mothers.
  7. Ok, I just noticed this... When I stated 2nd most poisonous. I was going off my list. Of course I am aware of the fact that wolf spiders and that their venom isn't much. But if you read my list all the way through. You'd see what it was in relation to. As for the earwig pincers. If you look them up when time permits. They tend to have a very different shape to what the grubs have. And would tend to be bigger. Making them more idea for crafting swords.
  8. Again, this is just a reposting of a previous one I had up during the early version of this forum. That seemed to have been lost. I'll omit adding anything that has already been mentioned by the team. And already be in the pipeline. This list is for additional creatures and the materials that may be harvested from them. I also had an idea I mentioned in the older post regarding the idea of high level hunts. And now that BurgL has finally been added in. These hunts could be quests. And there's hunts that could be exclusive to the multiplayer. Pillbugs- small isopod that rolls up if attacked. Commonly found at night. Drops insect plating. Snails- have yet to be mentioned. Despite seeing empty shells. They will withdraw into their shells at night or when attacked. The hammer will be needed to break the shell. But keeping the shell intact will allow it to be usable for crafting. Drops would be snail meat, snail mucous and the shell. Moths- appear around the lanterns at night. Their wings are suitable for crafting a glider while the dust has other uses. Butterflies- flutter around the flowers during the day. Their wings are a bit better for glider crafting. But the bright colors might attract airborne predators when in use. Caterpillars- are like grubs but are only found in the branches of the tree and hedges. Eating leaves. They can spin cocoons which can be harvested for the silk. Their drops are hide, meat and silk glands. Slugs- appear at night. Drops are slug mucous and meat. Fuzzy Worms- are like caterpillars. Except covered by poisonous spines. They are a little bit aggressive and should only be attacked with a spear or ranged weapons. Their drops are hide, silk glands and spines. Earwigs- aggressive and nocturnal. They will give chase to both aphids, mites and you. Their drops are the pincers. Ant Lions- found only in the sandbox. They create funnels that traps ants and other small creatures. Leafcutter Ants- bring bag the white "larvae" place holder soldier ants as leaf cutters that exclusively roam the hedge. But keep their aggressive nature to attack players on sight. Drops mandibles and acid glands. Hornets- unlike wasps they are far more aggressive. And nest underground. Their drops are wings and stingers. Tiger Beetles. Are very fast and highly aggressive predators roaming the flooded area. They will even attack spiders! Their mandibles could be used to craft knives. The bugs mentioned below are meant to be high level hunts BurgL can task the player with. They are very dangerous and challenging to solo. But offer rare drops. Mantis- lurks in the branches of the hedge. Waiting to grab any unwary prey that gets too close. It's claws can be crafted into either dual scythes or a giant reaper scythe. Assassin Bug- a deadly hunter that feeds on bees and caterpillars high in the tree tops. It's beak can be used to craft a spear. Black Widow- the 2nd most poisonous creature in the yard. It lurks inside the shed. Mudeye- dragonfly larvae that hides at the bottom of the pond. It's body parts can be used to craft swim gear. Spider Hawk- the most poisonous bug. Normally it ignores you and has no fixed location. As it flies all over the yard hunting spiders. WaterBug- a voracious underwater predator.
  9. Good idea. Would be a nice quality of life improvement.
  10. I guess 1 idea that goes along with the vibe of those cheesy 90s movies 2ith kids trying to tough things out. Is the introduction of crafting paint the players can apply as preset patterns on the characters. But the idea is that going with the color of the flower petals, water, and grass. The player would be able to craft up paint without a workbench. And can apply a pattern learned from BurgL that can add temporary buffs for a set time. This along with armor and mutations will really give players a ton of options to how they want to build out their characters.
  11. That's a good idea! I seen they implemented the bed. So a sleeping bag would be a good addition to the crafting list. Which would be portable for players that like to stay on the go!
  12. I had older posts that seemed to have been deleted when the forums were updated. One of these lists was in regards to additional areas that would be within the confines of the yard. As well as some more creatures. This time in this posts I will refrain from mentioning any of the things that seem to already be on the way. Biomes: The Twilight- this is the dark dank area under the porch. The ways into it are either by falling between the cracks on the porch itself. Or through hidden tunnels. The twilight is far different than the outside. As NO light aside from the bioluminescence of a few mushrooms, fungal spores and creatures. Torch light becomes very valuable to the player. As this is not just how you see around you. It's also what wards the hungry blind predators from closing in on you. Once the light is out. So goes your spark of life. Suggested insects would be- pill bugs, cellar centipedes, millipedes, mites, attic spiders Hornet Nest- essentially it's an underground network of tunnels like the ant nest. But with a few hexagonal shaped cones in places which may hold eggs, grubs and stored food. It's dangerous trekking into the nest unprepared. This would be far more dangerous than the anthill. As hornets are incredibly territorial and tough. Suggested insects would be- hornets and grubs. *figured hornets could use the same model as waps. Just reskin them with the black and yellow stripes. Tree Top- as the name sounds. It is the upper branches of the oak tree itself. Climbing up is achieved by either scaling the trunk with clever crafting and platforming. Or by braving the treacherous insides. Leading to another hidden facility. Therefore, where 1 way is much shorter but more dangerous. The other may be a bit safer in some regards. But take much longer. Getting down is of course the easy part as you could glide down. But a dandelion tuft might not last the trip. Would be a good time for better gliders to be implemented. Suggested insects would be- gnats, wasps, bees Bee Hive- located among the branches of the oak. It's as easy to get in as a ant hill. Whereas the bees may ignore you until you try to take too much food/honey, eggs or harm any of them. Drones are not as easy going. But it's the best place to gather the most honey and bees wax.
  13. I was thinking about other types of equipment that could be crafted in the game. Hooded Armor(need workbench, berry leather, mite fuzz, clovers, woven fiber, acorn piece,flower petals)- a hooded mantle with cloak and an acorn breastplate. The concept also applied using any type of flower petals in the crafting to set certain effects or buffs. Depending on the petal used. Rose- increase atk and def. Blue- increased movement speed and stamina. Yellow- wards off gnats, higher jumps and lessens fall damage. Great hammer(need workbench, quartzite, sprigs, woven fiber, armor glue) large heavy 2-handed weapon. Can shatter even rocks. Grieves(woven fiber, pebbletes, sap)- fist based weaponry to increase punch damage. Spiked grieves (requires workbench, grieves, thistles, sap, armor glue)- increased punching damage and speed. Acorn Shield (acorn cap, woven fiber, sap, sprig)- decent shield that can withstand a few hits before falling apart. Crossbow (requires workbench, how, woven fiber, mite fuzz, sprig, armor glue)- doesn't have as much range as the bow. But fires faster and each shot packs more of a punch. Mallot(pebblets, woven fiber, mite fuzz, sprigs,, insect parts, acorn pieces)- very large 2-handed weapon. Not good for breaking anything. Kiln(clay, pebbles,dry grass, quartzite)- a stove/furnace crafting station that can be used to either bake certain types of food. Or harden clay based items Pot(must be crafted with the kiln, clay, quartzite,water)- a clay pot that can allow the player to cook or brew consumables. Could even be used to purifiy dirty water from a canteen. Vase(crafted with the kiln, clay, water)- decorative item for a base. Flask (kiln needed, clay, clovers, armor glue)- holds more than the grub canteen. Dirty water can be boiled in it over a spot. Ceramic grieves(woven grieves, clay, armor glue, mite fuzz) Ceramic armor (crafted with the kiln, water, woven fiber, clay, quartzite, acorn pieces,armor glue)- high def. But very heavy Ceramic knife(need the kiln, water, clay, woven fiber) sturdy tool/weapon that can Ceramic Sword(requires the kiln, water, woven fiber, ceramic knife, clay, sprigs)- sturdy 1 handed sword Ceramic Buster(requires the kiln, water, woven fiber, ceramic sword, clay, sprigs)- large sturdy 2-handed sword that can even cut down grass. Broad Axe(kiln needed, clay, sap, armor glue, sprigs, woven fiber)- large 2-handed axe weapon. Great Shield(kiln needed, armor glue, clay, acorn pieces, woven fiber, grub hide)- large heavy shield. War Hammer(need kiln, clay, sprigs, mallot or great/mint hammer, woven fiber, mite fuzz, armor glue)- very heavy 2-handed weapon. Depending on if the mint or great hammer being used. The look and effects will vary. Weighted Boots(clay, water, pebblets, mite fuzz, diving bell spider silk)- weighted leggings that allow you to walk and move normally on the bottom of the pond. But on land you cannot jump or run. Oxygen tank(provided that snails get into the game. You need a snail shell, Lilly pad slime, weevil mask, diving bell silk)- can be used to provide more oxygen underwater or in the base. Savage Club(clay, plant fiber, mite fuzz, sprigs)- large crude 1-handed club Insect Shield(requires workbench, insect parts, armor glue, mite fuzz, berry leather)- sturdy shield that is good for bashing. Grappling hook(larva blade, woven fiber, sap)- a tool for climbing to higher places. Can even grab and pull objects to you. Slingshot(sprigs, woven+plant fiber, sap)- ranged weapon that uses pebbles as ammo. It lacks the longer range of the bow. Toy sword- powerful action figure sword hidden in the yard. Due to its small size. It's from a toy for ages 5 and up! Edit: I lost my original post that was up when these forums 1st opened. So I'll add a few things I can recall here! Moth Glider(if moths come to the game* moth wings, sap, sprigs, woven fiber)- faster than using a dandelion seed. Adds a little more distance. Wasp Glider(workbench needed, wasp wings, berry leather, gnat fuzz, woven fiber)- flies faster and farther than the moth glider. Master Glider(workbench needed, dragonfly wings, mite fuzz, grub hide, insect parts, woven fiber)- best glider in game. Strider shoes(strider legs, cat tail fluff, lilly membrane)- allows you to run for 3.5 seconds across water surfaces. Berry Shield (workbench required, armor glue, mite fuzz, berry leather, acorn pieces)- very durable buckler styled shield. Boxing gloves(requires workbench, grieves, berry leather armor glue, mite fuzz)- increased punch damage with higher stun. Sleeping Bag(requires workbench, berry leather, woven fiber, dandelion seeds)- upgrade to the lean-to. Wake up with increased health and stamina for half a day.
  14. I wanted to suggest that seeing that the characters all use backpacks with a carrying limit. Why not add in larger packs in game that can be found or crafted. For starters I was thinking about at least 5 different bags the player could stumble across while exploring? This also to along with the idea of allowing players the ability to take off and pick up/swap backpacks. The lab assistant pouch- found in the wreckage of an abandoned lab. Containes a burgl module. Not as big as the standard packpack. But food spoils slower and ants can't pilfer food from it. Field researchers bag- a smaller duffle bag found in a destroyed fort. Wiith a little more carrying capacity than the standard bag. Food spoils slower. Ants can still pilfer from it. But it has a small liquid container for 1 unit of water or juice. Camping backpack- found in a wolf spiders den with the remains of a naturalist who wanted to use the shrinking technology as a means to study the insects close up. But got more than they bargained for. Has double the capacity of a standard bag. Ants cannot pilfer from it. It also allows up to 2 liquids to be stored. Duffle bag- belongs to a lab security guard. Is the same as the standard bag. But has the largest carrying capacity of all. Woven basket- a makeshift basket that can be drafted to use as a suitable replacement to a backpack from woven fiber and a clover. It's acts like a standard backpack. But has less capacity. It's best for crafting to use in place of the standard pack for a short ranged outing.
  15. Is anyone else having issues with the current build on Xbox via gamepass? I was playing it fine last night. Didn't get to close the app. As I had to run out. Tried to open it today. And eveytime I hit a button on the title screen. It sits there on logging in. And just goes back to "hit any button". I went as far as rebooting the console and even reinstalling the game. Still it won't log in. EDIT: Issue resolved
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