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  1. McSquirl Nugget I understand the bee wings for armor would not give you a lot of defense but the ant armor set gives you the ability to walk past soldier ants without them attacking so the bee armor (if the full set is worn) will make all the bees passive (unless you attack them) the armor pieces would be the bee crown (hat) the bee robes (chest piece) bee slippers (shoes) with this set equipped the bees will think you are the queen bee and not attack you (then you can ride them ) the bird however is complicated, but with mutations in the game why
  2. I was thinking for the next Grounded update there would be bees because in the game I got nectar from flowers. It says it attracts bees but there are none so if there where bees you would have 2 options kill them to get bee wings (for armor) bee parts (for tools) Honeycomb (for food) or you can use the nectar to ride the bees. with the option of bees being a flying transport why not add birds. birds would be a flying boss which can only be defeated by flying with a bee and shooting it with arrows (it could have weak points on it's wings so it will fall down a
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