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  1. I feel Gnith has hit the nail on the head perfectly here. To me, all hunting is about being smarter not stronger. Having a good plan, using terrain, stalking prey and using their weaknesses against them is what humans do. The game itself recommends you trust your instincts, but when the game world acts counter intuitively you can’t. If I had to hunt a spider ten times my size, my instincts wouldn’t be to charge it with a hammer and dance through its legs. It would be to arrange circumstances in my favour and use all the resources at my disposal. Increasing bug mobility so you have to put mo
  2. I second this feedback hard. I often find myself scrambling through my inventory to find the item I want because there’s no logical order. Being able to swap between the order they were picked up and a sorted arrangement (my pref would be clothing/tools/consumables/craft materials in that order).
  3. I'm seconding this feedback. Bugs recover far too quickly. In games where your enemies are much stronger than you, it's important to be able to wear them down and fight smart, especially when playing alone. The game as it is seems to be designed to force you to fight all enemies head-on , but many of them are just too strong to do that. It's especially frustrating dealing with more than one ant, where it becomes an endless cycle of damaging an ant enough for it to run away, not being able to chase it due to the others, the first ant coming back when the you're still fighting the r
  4. I've been having problems with ants being able to loot my containers from long distance. You can see here an ant has the thief symbol over her head: And she's actually stealing from a chest on the platform above (you can see the shadows of the chests) but they're way up here: I've also had cases of ants getting to my chests through walls, which is why I tried putting them on a raised platform to try and protect them. So there definitely needs to be some sort of adjustment here, so that ants can only loot when in physical contact with the contain
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