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  1. I'd also like this info, since I can only find 1 and 3 (first run through). Though do you also need 90 hacking to do it? I think Mine is only at 80 with buffs, so if I can't use the passwords anyway I won't bother continuing to search. Have you tried asking on reddit? They are pretty active there. https://www.reddit.com/r/theouterworlds/
  2. Thanks J! It might have been because I hadn't finished the tutorial scenarios, because now that I've been through the first real scenario if the campaign, the cards I mentioned are shown in full, just with a gray border. In fact I already encountered Eder in the second scenario and the goblin shows up too.
  3. I'm new to the game, but a quick search didn't seem to turn up anything on this specific issue, so I might be missing something, or it's a new bug... I'm on the third scenario of the first campaign - where you hunt the dragon Black Fang. I'm at the Temple location with my druid, and I used Augury at the start of my turn (before exploring). It let me discard it, but then nothing happened. I didn't get the UI to choose a card type, nor did I get an option to recharge instead of discarding it. It's worked before, in the second scenario. Thoughts?
  4. Ahh thanks! So is it just the 3 "Pillars of Eternity Promotion Cards" ? I see Eder and Pallegina in my collection under "All" but just with a ? on the card, no details. Does that mean I have them but they are undiscovered? I'm a total newb I don't see the Goblin Golem of Obsidian anywhere.
  5. I recently got Pathfinder through the Humble Digital Tabletop Bundle, and I'm trying to make sure my Steam and Asmodee accounts got linked properly. Can anyone tell me what is included in the "Obsidian Community Promo"? This is listed as a DLC I own on Steam, but I don't know what to look for to make sure it made it into my merged account. I can't find it on the Steam DLC page or anywhere by googling the exact phrase, so I've no idea what it includes.
  6. It's definitely gotten more common as an alternative to sequel-style content, which sometimes takes more work and doesn't always have a good way to fit in. It's why I rarely buy DLC for games now, unless I buy the game after it's been out for ages and I can get it all at once. Just a matter of preference.
  7. I'm starting to think I'll just wait for Christmas and buy the season pass as a gift for myself, them start over. I'm only 10 hours in now, and by then I'll have forgotten most of what's happened so far and can enjoy all the content. I appear to be in the minority, but I really dislike this trend of adding a bunch of new midgame content months or years after release. The only time I don't seem to mind is if it completely changes the game and starting over is like playing a new game. Even then, not usually as fun as just playing a new game.
  8. I was afraid of that, which I guess is why I let myself get distracted from the game 10 hours in and started playing Battletech and now No Man's Sky Next. I'll wait for some more reviews of the DLC and maybe buy it before I pick PoE2 back up. Of course, what about the next DLC?? Bleah.
  9. One of my very early questions about the base game and DLC was whether the DLC was going to be more like "sequel" content, or whether it was going to add a bunch of stuff into the base game mix, which would be missed if someone didn't go back and play the main campaign again. With the release, is that now answered? Am I safe finishing the base game before buying the DLC, and then deciding? Or do I need to buy the DLC first, assuming I won't play the main campaign a second time just to experience some new content mixed in?
  10. Two-Eyed Pim descriptive text error in conversation: "He rolls his neck on his head as if..." (should be head on his neck)
  11. From what I've read elsewhere, it will only import a "completed" save game. This is a problem for me because for some reason PoE1 didn't save a completed game file for me, despite me finishing it. See this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/1696046342875527233/?ctp=2
  12. I got the PoE Prima guide as part of my pledge for PoE 1. Recently I upgraded my PoE2 pledge, thinking the "guidebook" was the strategy guide - I was a little disappointed to find out it wasn't - but completely my fault for not paying close attention. Still it should be a nice read. Anyway, the Prima website has the beginnings of a strategy guide here. Though it says "walkthrough" there isn't really one yet - just some intro info and tips on importing your old savegame. It says there will be future updates, so I guess we'll see. I will say that though Prima guides usually come out
  13. This would be good - assuming they don't have a level dependence. If my party is near max level and I buy DLC of a whole new subplot where all the monsters are mid-level, it's not much use I'm not starting the game over with a fresh party and leveling them up halfway just to play a new island.
  14. So they announced the three planned DLC and gave some details, but I still can't tell whether they will be "mid-campaign" or "post-campaign". I guess with the schedule so short (2 months post release!) I'll just wait before I start playing to see what the DLC looks like on release. I have started waiting a couple months after KS games come out anyway, since they always need patching and re-balancing, and I prefer to play the more polished product.
  15. But if you didn't have a save, then a post-story DLC wouldn't have changed things for you anyway? You'd still need to start over No no, I meant if I still had a save from before the point of no return. I'm a fastidious save deleter. I try to keep no more than 4-5 save files. It keeps me moving forward and reduces my baser instinct for save scumming.
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