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Augury fails to do anything in Black Fang scenario?


I'm new to the game, but a quick search didn't seem to turn up anything on this specific issue, so I might be missing something, or it's a new bug...


I'm on the third scenario of the first campaign - where you hunt the dragon Black Fang.


I'm at the Temple location with my druid, and I used Augury at the start of my turn (before exploring). It let me discard it, but then nothing happened. I didn't get the UI to choose a card type, nor did I get an option to recharge instead of discarding it.


It's worked before, in the second scenario.



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A clitch.... sometimes go to wault come back trip can Remedy these... for example healing can stop working and then start again. Gouing out, coming in can reset those sometimes. Sometimes you have to end the game to come back. Sometimes you have to reinstall the game. Try to google Ethic gradience fix this up instructions for pathfinder :)

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