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  1. I may have misinterpreted you, but Im not following on how redesigning the current spells/abilities that are *per rest* so that they arent OP if made *per encounter* therefore makes all classes feel the same. I mean I didnt think the classes felt the same in BG1 even though I could rest/save scum after every fight, thereby using their abilities again. And if certain spells in BG1 were too OP because they could be spammed over and over, as long as you filled your spell slots with it, I still dont see how it makes the rest mechanic broken, and not just the spells being too OP, or the enemie
  2. Right, because having an unlimited supply of an item you have to find during the game to then permanently replace a classes own spells/abilities is totally the same thing and a good fun mechanic. Reach farther next time. Also, I can reflect your last sentence back at you. Try harder
  3. I definitely have to agree that all spells should be per encounter and none be per rested. Why in the world should I have to go into a fight automatically gimped just because I tried to win to the best degree possible during my previous fight? Also, this thing about it being "Resource management". Please. When I think of Resource Management, I think of things like limited item uses, like wands, potions, etc, and then things like limited spell total, like what PoE and BG have. Going into the next fight gimped because of per rest spells is a ****ty way to *manage resources*, when my own
  4. Cant believe I made this thread based on my own indecision but... Aloth is lvl 6 currently, and I cant decide if I should choose 1 of the class skills, or choose something from the other 3 tabs. The remaining class skills left are 1.Arcane Veil 2.Grimoire Slam 3.Bonus lvl 1 Spell 4. Bonus lvl 2 Spell Got any tips? I wasnt sure if taking another bonus spell at 1 or 2 would be important enough because I dont know how long battles in the future would normally be, dont know if I would run out of spell usages during a battle or not. I figured Grimoire Slam wouldnt be that use
  5. Funny you say that. I remember awhile ago I wished I could quicksave during combat. Since sometimes I would kill a particular enemy really quickly and would therefore be in good shape to save there and continue. But that was until I realized that if I was ever in a combat that I couldnt win, and accidentally quicksaved, I would have literally erased tons and tons of hours of my gametime, because I pretty much never manually save, just 90% quicksave. So I would have royally ****ed myself over. Then I was eternally grateful for the feature
  6. Oh man. That has literally been my number 1 fear when playing any sort of game like this. Everytime I move to a new place and want to do a quicksave, I always get paranoid and stop moving for like 3-5 seconds just to make sure I dont quicksave into a ****ty situation. Its literally a nightmare scenario for me
  7. I have finally killed the first floor of the lighthouse. That bottleneck strategy an earlier poster had was the lifesaver. Also, I think I learned what other people were telling me in another thread when they said enemies target the lowest DR. They kept going after my Durance, which was ****ing me over, but then I equipped him with better armor/hatchet/shield. And then they stopped. Went after Sagani, which was much easier to deal with Phew. Now to pray to God the rest of the Lighthouse is easier
  8. Question. I know the Shadows and Shades are weak to fire, but are the Spectres also weak to fire? And, are Spectres wand resistant? Trying to figure out what their defenses are
  9. So at the moment I have decided to make all of my dps into ranged, since after 2 battles, it seems the enemies really will stay on just my tank as long as others arent nearby, so my question is this. Since Chest pieces hinder recovery time, and since Im planning on having my ranged dps not get hit to begin with, should I just remove chest pieces? For better dps?
  10. So Im in Defiance Bay and I see this shop that has a bunch of better than average items, and I was just wondering.....is it better to buy enchanted weapons, or to enchant weapons yourself? Didnt know if enchanting yourself meant more of a complete enchanted weapon or something. Also, why Im on the subject, if I DONT buy these weapons and or armor, is it still worth saving up money? I have 8k right now, and the only thing I seem to have been spending it on are these Keep Upgrades. Thanks
  11. I apologize, I should have clarified by saying like, if you try to fight a group of enemies multiple times and fail, do you continue to strive to kill them, or eventually give up and come back later, or not at all
  12. So far in POTD, there have been many encounters Id love to just skip for the time being, (Like this one Im on right now in Woodend Plains, ****ing pwgras enemy groups of 8-10, when they summon their blights), however my worthless ego wont allow it. It makes me feel like Im saying "Im defeated, you are better than me" if I do. But I think Im about to go ahead and do it against this ****ing group of enemies right here. Able to beat Shadows and Shades and gay ass wisps groups, but not this. But anyways, do you skip some battles sometimes? How do you rationalize it? Because Im about to do it a
  13. Soloing POTD? I.....how....wow. But anyways, I must have missed in the tutorial about how dispositions effect combat. Because when I look on the wiki, it just talks about how npcs choose to interact with me, nothing combat related, Im clearly missing something. However Ill follow the rest of your advice, since it would be nice if my pally could have some degree of dps Supposed to be. The "No Bad Builds"-thing never gets old. Wait Engagement doesn't matter for a tank? Doesnt that determine how many enemies you can consistently hold aggro with? Clearly Im missing som
  14. So I chose a paladin, because I like paladins. And then I put 50% of points into Lore, because I like having Main Characters who get extra dialogue options, since I like stories in rpgs and want more ways to shape it. And since I read somewhere on this site that paladins are tanks, I figured I would put the rest into Res, for the deflection. Stats are Might 11 Con 10 Dex 10 Per 19 Int 11 Res 19 (current deflection is 78, on path of the damned), still on Act 1 But then I got Eder, who is the only one that has an ability that involves aggroing more than 1 person for engageme
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