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  1. I find the whole gameplay tedious, repetative and boring, got so far but can't continue. Gonna wait for Witcher 3 now.
  2. Just logging in to get my daily fix of peurile garbage. Wow, generous helping today...thanks everyone!
  3. Never understood the point of monks. You need to get hit to do the best damage but if your tank/tanks are working as intended then you won't? I suppose I could roleplay the rest of the team as ex US Airforce and use friendly fire to wound him?
  4. Great idea...multiplayer in a game meant to be paused. I can see that working really well. Oh wait.........../facepalm
  5. I like how you make this comment, 'whatever high level abilities you can get' as if it's an afterthought. As I said, go and play the game, then you might have an actual point. Better idea....Go argue about BG in the BG forum.
  6. Yes, you are wasting you're time...you're still playing this game!
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