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  1. Right, well, that at least clears that up, ta. (Completely unrelated, but frack I love that mindblades are back again, like they were really early on in 1.0! Ascended Mindblade spam is just the best thing! Is it the optimum way to cipher? Probably not, but dear frag my main character had done nearly three times the damage of Aloth (and must be close to the damage of Aloth, Eder and Xoti combined) and double the number of kills. I just love that it boomerangs between stuff - I can't remember if it did that in the first one, but it's so much ridiculous fun!)
  2. O... kay. so I am just starting to cruise around now, after doing Tekehata, but my crew's wages are being subtracted, but they don't seem to be eating food or drink? Is... there supposed to be occasions when the pay happens more frequently than the food/water...? Edit, and, of course immediately after making this post, it then took the rations and such... Does it only take food when you're actually at sea (as opposed to docked and wandering an island? (Come to that, I don't remember it taking any wages while I was docked at the city, either.) Anyone care to shed some light on this for me?
  3. Good point, actually; Eder's not got a super-high engagement at the moment, so she's taking a bit of flak. Will do that, then, cheers.
  4. Hmm... Probably not worth going back to the save-before-last to repick Eder's level 4 proficiency, then, just get Large Shield later on (when he can tank a bit better for that).... Unless it's worth doing for Xoti to pick Dance of Death instead of Mortification of the Soul... Hrm... ... Okay, I have no idea how I douple posted from an edit... Can you deley posts on this forum...?
  5. Cool. Ah, found it now. So Large Shield is better than medium? Is there enough room for that on the Monk/Priest (and if so, what should I skip?)
  6. For me, I went with pure Cipher again, after much debate; though this time, I took arquebuss, blunderbuss as my weapons (as I hadn't realised until this time around that blunderbusses are basically not penalised in melee, so there's not point having a back-up melee weapon, right?) Frostseeker is a hunting bow, yes? (i picked Hunting bow as my third weapon prof, after finding skeletons being completely immune to piercing was kind of a bugger...) I will want TWF later, but stupid question - does two-handed weapon style work on the ranged weapons (i.e. arquebus/bow) as well as the melle weapons? As that almost might be worth an investment. That's is where I'm aiming for Eder. Adept Evasion I found, but refreshing defence and the wall? Are they items or...? Xoti is going to be more "monk with a bit of priest" (it's nearly worth it just for the first level reaping spell, first time I used that I shot my single damage record to 122 damage and I haven't cleared the Dig site yet...!) She's going to be sort of the off-tank, to help Eder hold the front with the rest of the part stand back and neem/blam. I was really unsure about Dance of Death verses Mortification of the Soul; in the end, I opted for the latter on the basis that only required one ability investment at PL 2 and PL 3 looks like it has more stuff to fight over...? Aloth I have gone for pure wizard again. (Didn't see any particular reason why with Eder, I needed another rogue or fighter on top of wizard.) I'm nominally looking at Maia as number five (given Pallengina blooted her copy-book for being a pain, despite Herald being quite useful mechanically...) suggestions as to would fit with the current party...?
  7. Just move some to a different directory, maybe? And just alt-tab to explorer and copy-paste them in before opening the load menu if you need a specific one?
  8. Noted. (I haven't got time now to do more than give that a cursory read-over, I'll go through it later in more detial.) Though I'm not tied to blunderbusses specifically, that was just the best option in PoE1 - in that if filled my focus really fast because of the multipler bullets - (before I got one, I was using arbalests). (And they were two-handed weapons in PoE1, weren't they? Or I was BADLY missing some tricks...!) Looks like I'd tried with arqubuses to start with on my last run - basically I'm open for suggestions on ranged (as-support-for-spells), as opposed to melee cipher-ing.
  9. Yeah, I was struggling to get my head round it myself until I realised. I could NOT get the maths to work, until I realised that @thelee had put 1-1(1+x), which is right; but the maths only works if it is explained that x is the modifier expressed as a probability* NOT as a percentage E.g. for a graze, the formula should be 1-1(1+(-0.5)) i.e. x is -0.5. I, and I suspect Wormerine, was reading "where x is your negative modifier" as x = -50 (percent). (So 1-1(1+-50), which is why I could not work out why the maths was coming out so wrong.) I suspect that what you need here, thelee, is just to tweak that wording and add an example (see aforementioned graze). Just, as they say, a bit of idiot proofing! I imagine to you it was bleedin' obvious, but this sort of thing is quite easily done if you don't have a feesh set of eyes that goes "'ere, that ain't right, are it...?" *I.e. for the less maths adept, as a fraction of 1, so -50% => -0.5
  10. Well, with the release of 5.0, and the good timing, I think it is finally time for me to got back and try a second pass after my aborted attempted early on (Iwaited for bug fixes, then the expansion and then though sod it, might as well wait until they're all done and dusted...!) (So, I actually asked this question ages and ages and ages ago, but we've have umpteen patches since...!) My cipher in PoE 1 was a blunberbuss wielder, whom I concentrated on dealing damage (especially with Mind Blades and Amplified Wave.) (I never thought a great deal of the top-level powers in PoE1, so I didnt use them much). What are my best options for doing a similar ranged cypher in PoE2? Specifically, to single or multiclass, and what specialisation would be good to pick? Ascendant seems like a strong possibility, either way; if multiclass, what would be good options for that? As the latter in particular likely may change on what my party is, my nominal plan os to have Eder, Aloth and Xoti as party members... My first run through, I started with Pallengina, but quickly found her to be a bit tedious, so I think this time I might take Maia (who I don't think I really talked to much the first time, but sounded perhaps a bit jollier.) So, secondarily, recommendations as to whether said companions are best single or multiclassed as I before (I lean towards that direction). I think I went Swashbuclker for Eder, straight Wiz for Aloth and contemplative for Xoti. (I can't remember what I for Pallengina.)
  11. You didn't specify RPGs, you ask us to name a single game from a company that made major overhauls.Which isn't uncommon. It has only BEEN uncommon in isometric RPGs because of a lot of the notable ones being AD&D and D&D. (AWhich was and I can't state this enough, a horribly unbalanced mess that even the games didn't attempt to implement to the letter, that can best be charitably described mechanically as "a product of its time." While 3.x presents its worst face in CRPGs.) (Jury is out on PF in Kingmaker, since I haven't started that yet.) Right, so is your complaint is more "these games aren't AD&D?"
  12. Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV, Cities: Skylines (you could add almost any modern Paradox game to this list), the aforementioned Blizzard (Diablo 3, StarCraft 2 - which I ONLY cared about the single player campaigns of), X-Com 2, Command & Conquer 3 (to the point where some of the missions in the original campaign were almost impossible in the final version because they hadn't re-balanced those), War for the Overworld, OpenTTD, Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes, Ashes of the Singularity:Escalation, AI War... (And note all of these are good to excellent games (now), with the most mediocre, in my opinion, being D3.) Stellaris and WftO, in particular, have improved DRAMATICALLY over time. Bopth would have been rather forgettable if they'd remained on version 1.0 forever, PoE 1 had more dramatic rebalences than PoE 2 has (still a little sore they took away my per-encounter low-level spells!), and while that is aytpical for an RPG in this genera, that's only because RPGs in this genera have mostly had to be slaves to AD&D (which was, sorry, a set of mechanically crap rules, regardless and independant of how much fun people might have had with it) and latter 3.0/3.5 (which both have severe issues in core only, fixed up by supplementaty material which post-dated the games) so there as less room to wiggle to start with. Do I miss, a little bit, that in PoE 1 vanilla, my cipher could one-shot whole encounters with Mind Blades? Little bit, yeah, but by the same token, it was horribly overpowered, because I could one-shot whole encounters. Overall, I have never personally encountered a game yet whose major changes didn't make it overall better. (Try doing that on a tabletop RPG and see how long it is before your DM either a) politely asks you not to break the game, please and have a gentleman's agreement, b) house-rules the thing out, c) kills your character, d) the DM or you leave in descending order of appropriate respense.) So, turn the difficulty down a notch or two. Seriously. speaking as someone who is NOT interested in "challenge" in computer games - if I want that, I'll play a tabletop wargame - and who never plays above normal and frequently on Easy on every game of any stripe. Much as some of the more toxic members of the gaming community might ish it, I promise you no-one is going to come around to your house and castrate and immasculate you for not playing on max difficulty-ironmode or something. Anybody whose opinion is actually worth considering won't care what mode you play on. And on low difficulties, it kind of doesn't matter what you pick, because you can mostly breeze through the combats (which you apparently don't seem to like) and thus concentrate on the stuff you do, presumably the roleplaying and exploration in this specific case. If you don't like Doing A Hard Thing or find it unfun, then, y'know, don't? Thee and me are the sort of people for who "easy modes" or "story modes" were made for*. As the hard modes and ironmans are made for the people that DO want a had challenge, so that we can all play the same game to our own tastes. *Okay, I do tend to play RPGs more closer to normal than most other genres, but that's not quite the point.
  13. True, though what are the more important areas? It's important to give people options they like, no? See that depends on the context. Every situation is going to be different. In this case, whether TB mode was a welcome addition or another tacked on mode is going to be a subjective decision. Nobody is right or wrong on that call either. The negative feedback on the mode has valid concerns, and good developers would balance addressing both sides of that. I came to the conclusion today that the TB mode is as probably as much because they're porting it to consoles (as controllers aren't as suited to RTS or RTwP as mouse and keyboard - just like mouse and keyboard aren't as suited to other stuff), especially as one of them is the Switch; in particular, as a partial-hand-held would handle it way better as a TBS than a RTwP, just in terms of being portable. (I certainly wouldn't want to have tried playing RTwP on a 3DS game, personally, so I can definitely see that it's worth a shot for them to try that.)
  14. Aaaah, and NOW I understand the other reason for having a turn-based mode. I thought it was a little out of the left field, but you know, whatever floats folk's boats, but now I am enlightened. Consoles are generally a little less suited to RWwP (or even RTS, really) and I can imagine the Switch in particular might be a bit awkward in real-time; I can imagine trying to play PoE2 on something like my 3DS XL would be a bit... Trying. In TBS mode, it's a frack-ton portable as well, since you can just plonk it down and not have to make sure you pause it or something and forget what you were doing, I imagine.
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