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  1. I always like to write a little coda when I finish a game (especially if its one I kickstarted), helps order my thoughts. So, I finally finished my first proper playthrough. After the twenty-hours I spent on release (I was one of the backers) which I aborted until they'd fix the bugs, I ended up waiting until the final 5.0 patch before starting again. (I am EXTREMELY patient!) 183 hours logged, of which 163 were this playthrough. This makes Deadfire the second-longest RPG I have timed logged for (after Witcher 3's 215 hours). I played RTwP and on normal, because I am a terrible
  2. I have reported it via email, as it said in the legacy issues to do, for what it's worth. It might be worth, if anyone has access, to add a pertinent note to the wiki, as this may not be fixed officially at this point. (If not, then at least this thread might provide an answer to anyone googling for the solution, at least!)
  3. Aha. Not sure if I've got a save between that and the oracle fight to try for myself (I ended up doing that fight, like three or four times in a row because of the lack of save point between the end of the fight and the conversation...), but if not I'll definitely remember it for next time. I'll have a look later at a conveniant point. Worth reporting, do you think? (Definitely might be if I do have a save from the right point.) Else maybe one for the community patch, if that sort of thing can be done?
  4. Right. Then I either am being very stupid or have some sort of problem, because it did not let me do that. I have plenty of legendary items. I choose to keep the items (which made Llengrath miffed - I felt rather guilty about that actually, the first time) and the godseeds remained quest items in my inverntory and there was no option to craft to mythic in the enchanting menu. So, let me, for the sake of arguement, walk through this (and then, if I'm not doing something stupid, I have something to take to the bug report thread.) Fortunately, being a clever sort of Lich, I
  5. Only spotted this was out today. Not played with it yet, but the icons are most DEFINITELY an obvious improvement. Nice work, folks.
  6. So, after fighting the Oracle twice today (because there was no save between the end of the fight and the dialogue and I exited the conversation instead of killing it the first time), I discovered that Seeds of Deception quest had quietly obivated itself from my quest log (I hadn't apparently found the second part in the upper bowels) - I didn't even get a quest failed notification and it wouldn't let me pick up the third one. (Given I'd had over a week, between illness and holiday and taking the second crack at the oracle (the first was a disaster...) I had to check a prior save to confirm th
  7. And it was, of course, at this point, I had to backtrack when twiddling with Fassina's AI, I learned that you can't have more than one summon at once. And so large swaths of her skill points were being completely wasted. (I'm in the middle of a near-complete re-build...!) Also means, knowing that, I ought to make sure all my chanters know at least one summon...
  8. You know, I had just never considered that Brilliant would bring back spell slots. Oh my goodness. Now Xoti and I can keep me permenantly in Ascendant! Ahahaha! I Brilliant her, she salvations of time everyone every so often...! (I did do a retrain for her, since I did NOT have Barring Death's Door - I also took the opportunity to swap in Flurry for Lightning Blows and get Blade Turn and Uncanny Luck instead of Torment's Reach and also grabbed spell shaping (extra SoT radius!), which I don't think I'd ever really gotten any milage out of.) I also made the mistake of blu
  9. Oh, snap, I hadn't spotted there was a new load of sparkly things on that island (Maia's Gaze...) - I don't think I would have noticed that at all unless you said! Ta! I... What... That's... Hilarious! For what I can gather, it involves getting Brilliant and then using Salvation of Time in concert with Barring Death to become unkillable and then just... Punching him to death with Swift Flurry with elemental damage...? Ye gods, and people were talking about it taking hours to kill him and stuff! What was the teleporting at the start in aid
  10. Okay, so I have gotten a fair bit of the game done. I haven't gone to Magran's Teeth, but that, Beast of winter and Skipping Ahead are the only quests I have currently open. I ahve explored all of the mao except north of Magran's Teeth and the very bottom corner (around where Beast of Winter appears to be set. I thought, then, maybe I ought to go to the corroded wastes and maybe have a go (so I could tick off that island from the map quest). In preparation for going to Beast of Winter, I had been training up Ydwin a bit (as she's the recommended companion and was a bit far behind). I ente
  11. Did the verify (didn't appear to find anything), did a reboot - not had a problem since in the next twenty hours. Once I'd have just written off as something falling over, but twice in one day was just either very unlucky or something went very squiffy.
  12. Naval combat. I hate to chime in on that. I really do. I tried with it, really I did. But when I realised that there is no way to actually move around the enemy vessel (meaning you'll be stuck facing its gun after turn one unless it very rarely tries to charge you), it meant that there were no tactics really worth bothering with. You can't, for instance, shooting their mast off and then sailing around their arse or the side without so many guns or something. (Nevermind I spent the first three-score hours misunderstanding why grapeshot never hit the enemy gunners...) Once you get to the mi
  13. And therein lies the issue of TBS verses RTwP. TBS, because of its very nature of being deliberate, naturally encourages better tactics BECAUSE you have the time to think about it (even though the "wP" bit exists, TBS naturally makes you consider each action more. But do TBS wrong, and that makes everything tedius drag, especially if its no an interesting fight - which is why I quickly fell out of favour with the JRPG Tactical RPG subgenre. (Stuff like FF avoids that, because you eliminate all the movement that is what tends to take all the time... But you have also then eliminated that tactic
  14. I played DO:S 1 and 2 recently (and more or less back-to-back) both enhanced versions. Combined, they gave me a good 260 hours*, so there's that. (But maybe a bit too much of that was faffing around with gear and crafting and stuff and selling stuff...) D:OS 2 actully let me have an Undead character (and had it not been for early plot spoilers, he would have been the main), which is a massive point in it's favour. I thought that their TBS combat was pretty much about the best handled I've played personally, credit to them. One thing I've noticed, now that i've finally started on Dead
  15. Sixty hours of no problems, then repeated crashes twice today (one in Tikahata just walking around, one on boarding combat, particularly galling since it absoutely refused to let me try any attempt at naval combat even vaguely successfully despite several attempts). Can only theorise it is not loading something properly in these instances, since in the first instance at least, if I went back a reloaded it didn't do it again). So now I've had to sit and twiddle my thumbs while I wait for it to verify the files and probably do a reboot. Is, like the eastern half of the ma
  16. Right, well, that at least clears that up, ta. (Completely unrelated, but frack I love that mindblades are back again, like they were really early on in 1.0! Ascended Mindblade spam is just the best thing! Is it the optimum way to cipher? Probably not, but dear frag my main character had done nearly three times the damage of Aloth (and must be close to the damage of Aloth, Eder and Xoti combined) and double the number of kills. I just love that it boomerangs between stuff - I can't remember if it did that in the first one, but it's so much ridiculous fun!)
  17. O... kay. so I am just starting to cruise around now, after doing Tekehata, but my crew's wages are being subtracted, but they don't seem to be eating food or drink? Is... there supposed to be occasions when the pay happens more frequently than the food/water...? Edit, and, of course immediately after making this post, it then took the rations and such... Does it only take food when you're actually at sea (as opposed to docked and wandering an island? (Come to that, I don't remember it taking any wages while I was docked at the city, either.) Anyone car
  18. Good point, actually; Eder's not got a super-high engagement at the moment, so she's taking a bit of flak. Will do that, then, cheers.
  19. Hmm... Probably not worth going back to the save-before-last to repick Eder's level 4 proficiency, then, just get Large Shield later on (when he can tank a bit better for that).... Unless it's worth doing for Xoti to pick Dance of Death instead of Mortification of the Soul... Hrm... ... Okay, I have no idea how I douple posted from an edit... Can you deley posts on this forum...?
  20. Cool. Ah, found it now. So Large Shield is better than medium? Is there enough room for that on the Monk/Priest (and if so, what should I skip?)
  21. For me, I went with pure Cipher again, after much debate; though this time, I took arquebuss, blunderbuss as my weapons (as I hadn't realised until this time around that blunderbusses are basically not penalised in melee, so there's not point having a back-up melee weapon, right?) Frostseeker is a hunting bow, yes? (i picked Hunting bow as my third weapon prof, after finding skeletons being completely immune to piercing was kind of a bugger...) I will want TWF later, but stupid question - does two-handed weapon style work on the ranged weapons (i.e. arquebus/bow) as well as th
  22. Just move some to a different directory, maybe? And just alt-tab to explorer and copy-paste them in before opening the load menu if you need a specific one?
  23. Noted. (I haven't got time now to do more than give that a cursory read-over, I'll go through it later in more detial.) Though I'm not tied to blunderbusses specifically, that was just the best option in PoE1 - in that if filled my focus really fast because of the multipler bullets - (before I got one, I was using arbalests). (And they were two-handed weapons in PoE1, weren't they? Or I was BADLY missing some tricks...!) Looks like I'd tried with arqubuses to start with on my last run - basically I'm open for suggestions on ranged (as-support-for-spells), as opposed to melee cipher-ing.
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