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  1. I understand why you are frustrated. I think there is ambiance and RP reasons to consider as well, since this is an RPG after all I think Cutzil gets these monster body parts from local trade routs and does not go murdering Vithraks herself (himself?). It's rather fair for her to go: "Sowwy, nothing yet. Lot's of people buyng these, hunters can't keep up with a demand" Would be wierd if once you buy out 10 talons or 10 vithrac brains and Cutzil goes all like: I'm sure Orron would appreciate having 10 of everything in his shop though. If only he didn't swam away...
  2. That is the intent I had in mind for group triple crown walk-through (I don't want to sneak through Engwithian Dig-site with a group due to the dumb pathing decisions AI makes). Does anyone know actual numbers though? I heard its base 5 man xp +10% for each missing group member (up to 140% solo, taking 5 man xp as 100%) and crew on the ship gets 75% of experience active group gets, resulting in a bit over full xp (140%*75%=105%)
  3. If I understand correctly, offensive parry on WotP doesn't apply the AoE, rather it's a special strike against a single enemy. It's still really good. Even ignoring the damage, dazed is very powerful for a tank, since it's effectively plus 4 armor. I can't think of that many reliable sources of dazed that can be kept up against an enemy reliably throughout a fight. Griffin's blade could possibly manage it on a crit build, but I'm not sure what else could. My bad, was judging by the debuffs icon on enemies. Must be applied frequently enough though
  4. I would look at the game log. Not 100% sure (I use 2H form my tanks ot 1H+Shield 95% of playthroughs), but I believe it to be Primary (seen somewhere on the forums). Better question would be whether disengagement attack can be proc-ed reliably with AI, the way AI is. And the answer would be: No. Unfortunately not!
  5. Paladin is a strong class without sub-class buffs, as much as I hate to say this (Goldpact for life). If you want to utilize Dracozzi's bonus, make enemies hit you, stack +engagement, keep deflection low-ish and armor high (Patinated Plate) to benefit from the Dracozzi's flame shield.
  6. As I completed my PotD Solo (Triple Crown + Magran Challenge + Berath Challenge) playthrough recently, I can share my experience with a herald. A had around 130-140 deflection, build focus was healing with Ancient Memory / Exalted Endurance and killing with summons. Nemnok is easy - there you can facetank everything. Fampyr Cave / Splintered Reef are more complicated, because you need Acolyte's Frostbite for free Concentration and Modwyr for Intellect affliction immunity. Getting Charmed/Dominated is annoying, because the Enemy AI often changes your Paladin Aura ... so you have to switch your
  7. What stats / race would you go with? Dwarf for Might etc. ? I cannot seem to facetank the Fampyyr Cave on PoTD with an Unbroken/Trickster stacking around 168 deflection that seems to get knocked down lower by the fampyrs. I had him using Cap Banquet to not get charmed, and I was chugging Ironskin and Mod Heal and Merciless Gaze potions. He could hold his own for a while (with second wind / heal pots) but they just wore him down* (note didn't take Unbending Trunk). Is your Goldpact/Streetfighter going to do better? I've been reading all the tank threads and can't seem to find a bu
  8. Natural synergy with Trickster, can be built for damage: The Faceless Dancer or as a support tank with Unbroken/Devoted and Patinated Plate. Bonus: Devoted (free ArPen, deflection and accuracy buffs and +3 engagements) + Trickster with WotP (Double riposte with Dazed applied in AoE) + Patinated Plate (30% chance to Stun enemies that hit you, if they manage to) + Blackened Plate Helm (+1 Enagement) + Unbreakable Imho best main tank I've ever had Gear:
  9. Streetfighter/Ascendant with Fire In the Hole and Hand Mortar (Blunderbuss modal synergy, both Weapons apply rogues on hit effects in AoE, AoE Sneak Attacks and procs Deathblows). Insta-cap on Cipher resourse = free spells almost instantly for the entirety of the mid game. Takes couple extra shots on max level. "Ascended" is +30% all damage, which has high up time in this build. If in group you can cast ancient memory on the entire team to refresh their class resources (Except yourself). About as OP as it gets. Start with 1 Blunderbuss for accuracy, switch to two-weapon once you have stol
  10. I get like 6-8 rubies all the time from Ondra Temple in the old city(locked room). I noticed that altar with random chance at gems behind the worm resets soemtimes (don't know condition, had to go back due to low mechanics, never killed the worm), not sure about sarcophagus with rubies in the 2 conch locked room. Crookspur dungeons chest in one of the hallways has random high tier gems loot too. Adra Ban is infuriatingly rare. Gotta plan for it. I know you can get two at the beginning of the game in Engwithian ruins (hidden architect room. I also know that it's worth the wait to upgra
  11. Try Holy Slayer: Goldpact/Streetfighter with Hand Mortar(good) or Fire in the Hole(better) One-Handed(big damage), Weapon and shield(for when/if your main tank dies). Blunderbuss modal gives you flanked 100% up-time (doesn't stack with perception inspirations). Trickster with Riposte and Great Sword Devoted with WotP is a lot of fun too: - less damage than mortar: almost everything in this game is less damage that streetfighter+mortars - able to engage more with stances - incredible survivability with Trickster (one of the best defenses in game for this combo) - more active than your
  12. There were meant to be more than 3 Vithraks in the game I suppose? My guess is that original plan was to try and force people go out in the world to farm mats. BTW Death Godlike girl in Dunnage apparently sells high level gems (seen amber and emerald in her shop)
  13. I can't seem to find any info on xp bonus for having less than 5 people in party. It this still a thing? I recall it being a thing in PoE 1.
  14. Also pure Troubadour will get to skeletons chant at level 13. Wrap him in Patinated Plate and Cadhu Scalth (?) for survivability, get Sneak to max (Boots of Sneak and Mirrorback in personal inventory for early game) and you have Solo PotD contender. No Brisk Recitation, 1 imp per 6sec for 0 prases and minimal micro + one other chant of choice. Past level 14-15 you have army of imps (10-15) and bunch of Invocations to chose from (including summons). Since imps are ranged you can summon Ancient Instruments of death and break AI targeting for good. And your army will have minimal pathin
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