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  1. So.. For fun i made a pyro build for a companion in an effort to make my hired companions more interesting. So i just picked some stuff that was more roleplay then number crunching. What ended up happening was me finding a fairly effective and fun ranged blaster. Pale elf. Evoker/devoted arqebus Only took fire spells and anything that boosted their range and aoe and pen. The rest was critical focus and defensive passives on fighter side. Stats: Dumped res by half Max perception. 2 points in dex Dropped con by 2 points. Split the rest between might and int with priority on might. Gear: Dragons dowery upgraded for fast reload and high damage. Used clock that turned fire dam to heals Gloves that boost fire evok spells Took maia gunhawk armor Tricorn that boosts gun reload. Skills.. Split betweem arcana and explosives. And put othrs in metaphysics and bluff lol. Crazy tina dumps every fireball she can at combat start. Then goes to town with dragons dowery and grenades. If they close in then spell buffs and implosion fire spell. Been the toughes "archer" ive ever had. Thought about arcane archer, but wasnt as effective. But any thoughts on how to make this build better or more fun are welcome
  2. Hmm. How would a high intellect barbarian/trickster(or streetfighter) do i wonder. Carnage plus reach plus higher then normal def for barb?
  3. Whispers has been nerfed badly. Old version was OP because even though it had lower dam.. it had increased pen and hit main target twice (independently i might add. so if you missed you often got a second chance... though it did also hit companions which it no longer does). However i agree they nerfed it waaaaay to much. I'm using a mod that re-balances it. Now it does normal great sword damage, but the aoe cone does the lesser damage as before and doesnt hit main target twice. Much more balanced. However i am having a bug with whispers that is unrelated to the mod. Only seems to happen with Flames of devotion. If you use FoD and hit your target with whispers.. your character goes ballistic and spams follow up hits with FoD with no recovery in between until all but one resource point is left or until you miss. As you can imagine... this bug is OP as Hell. Tested both with and without mod. I believe this isn't the first time this bug has triggered with aoe attacks.
  4. I recently decided to run a crusader damage dealer build. Whats seems to be working for me so far is, kindwayfarer/devoted greatsword using whispers. Tanky as heck and chips away at groups of enemies. Spaming sworn rival and disciplined barrage with fod. After i beat this time around, ill give it a solo go
  5. Ive been away from the game for awhile. Since.. cough.. Not finishing beast of winter. Im intrigued by tactician class, but like my two handed paladin. Normally i run a fanatic berserker/ kindwayfarer. Im sure mixing shield paladin with tactician would be a redonculous tank. And tips on building more offesivly? And as to triggering tactician benifits to buff paladin abilities? I tend tobplay of pod.
  6. Honestly... Build still works the same. Not enough has changed to mess with that. However new expansions items open up possibilities for personalization. Currently working on a few new builds. Seems like there is alot of synergy with blood mage and the new barbarian subclass. Currently testing out the new crusader multiclass combo of tactician/shield bearer.
  7. Is there a list anywhere for where they can be found/purchased? Im in need of vithrack brains and troll skin late game. Party lvl 16
  8. Im in the mood for a fast paced, mobile build that acts the part of the dashing swordsman. Thinking dual weilding rapiers and daggers (might even mess with pukestaber and nights regret ring), abd the red hand. I know the harbinger (trickster/skald) has alot goung for it, but it seems like after the opening salvo, ill spend alot of time waiting for phrases. Atleast untill later levels. A trickster/soulblade i would think is a cc beast that gets focus quickly. Once i git squids rapier be even more chaotic. For both classes thinking eitger camilias legacy or caroc breastplate. My other concern is weapon penetration Any input?
  9. Finally ironing out a playstyle i can get into. But i havent messed with chanters at all. Thinking one handed rapier for trixte skald (probably gravecalling sabre as back up for pesky undead) or dual sabres for trixter/zerker. Any tips on this playstyle?
  10. So im trying to breath some life back into the game for myself but cant seem to get into it. I soloed the game with a beserker/kind wayfarer on potd. Ive been playimg alot with evoker/kindwayfarer but my ultimate battlemage idea keeps failing to penetrate enemy dr. Basically ending up as a tank that charges in and then hits archers and weak enemies at range with bolts. So im tryimg something new. Im gonna role play a the wiscracking embodiment of chaos. He means well but rules just are not his style. I want a character that just destroys everyone's carefully laid plans and then moves in for the kill. Im torn between devoted/ trixter, devoted/illusionist, ascendant/illusionist, ascendent/trixter, streetfighter/illusionist, or maybe beguiler/trixter. The last would probably shut down enemies better then anyone but casting time on cyper abilities seems to tske forever. Street fighter/illusionist would synergize well but that slow action speed untill surrounded gets annoying as heck. I tried a goldpack/trixter and it absolutelt kicked ass but doesnt fit what im going for. Looking for inspiration guys. Chaotic mayhem and dps are the goals.
  11. Absolutely for roleplay reasons... Also two handed with whispers of endless paths and a barbarian nets you basically double carnage because sword does cone effect in front of you plus carnage damage. Its brutal. Also this is an old build. I gotta take a run thru now that beast of winter is out
  12. Hey guys, i keep getting issues where the ui fails. For example ill be in combat and all if a sudden i can not select first party member. Cant select any skills nothing. Requires a reload to fix. Also ive been having a bug that randomly pops up and prevents me from saving the game and i have to reboot game to fix. Aaaaand i just had a catastrophic game failure that all of a sudden prevented me from interacting with npcs at all and rebooting the game did not fix on any save, even other character saves. Took a complete pc reboot to clear it. Been also having bugs with sound where all music and item interactions work fine but combat sounds and npc speech disapears. Plus floating text bug which i believe you guys are already aware of.
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