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  1. They didnt add that they fixed the endless path fragment as well. I just reloaded a save were I havent opened the cointanter and there it was :D
  2. completely halted my progressions of the game as this was in my build In the beta branch update the bug has been fixed but curious if I still get achievements by using that patch
  3. I started over again with the same Imported save I had previously used but this time in 3.0.2 I am missing the Endless Path Fragments Did you guys break something? Will this be updated so we get them later on or do we have to start over again to get it?
  4. also got problems not even fun playing really kills the mood when you have to load for 30+sec every house
  5. Hey, Ive been trying to look around for a workaround on this but doesnt seem to work. Here is my save http://www.filedropper.com/4ac8bbece676452e9e945802f46c38e534820046greathall Its running on an SSD.
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