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Found 4 results

  1. I came from games like Baldur's Gate 1 and 2; Ice Wind dale 1 and 2, etc. I am very fan of invokers: Golems, Elemental, Animals, Undeads, Dragons, Pets, Totem, etc. (An army with varied functions) :cat: There are summoners who use the bixos, but they send poisons to help or ... Usually this is function of classes like Necromancer, Druids, Totemics and others of the type, in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, * What are the classes that conjure / summon creatures? * To what extent are they strong or do they have a real role, helping the team? (I do not know if to go solo, how?) If you can speak everything you know about the invokers, I thank you (eg builds, strategies, etc). I was in the Builds part and did not see any focused on invocations.
  2. I present to u all The Lord Of The Imps!! Classes: Beckoner/Berserker Description: This is a "fun-build" rather then a power build. It uses beckoner subclass to summon small, squishy skeletons that u can then smash with Gravecaller and generate Imps. We are using barbarian for this because whenever u kill a squishy little skeleton u get ur recovery back instantly due to blood thirst so we can smash another squishy little skeleton right after and rince and repeat. With a high Int score an imp stays for more then a minute and they do not despawn when u summon more creatures wich results in armies of imps in longer fights. Quite fun actually and ur character is usually very safe because the enemies are so busy trying to fend off the never-ending spawns of imps to be bothered with u. Able to solo Potd? - Ofc, its a chanter! Here's what it looks like: (Fun starts at 1min) Race: not important, whatever floats ur boat really. I went with Nature Godlike for the PL whenever i feel like tossing out some dmg spells. Attribute Priority: -Mig: High (want to be sure to one-shot those little skellies) -Con: Low (we dont get hit much) -Dex: Medium -Per: Medium -Int: High -Res: Dump Important Gear: -Weapon: "Gravecaller" in main-hand and "The Eye Of Wael" in Off-hand. Gravecaller generates imps and the scepter allows u to help the imps shoot at enemies, it also provides u with an illusion buff whenever u get bloodied wich is quite handy. -Chestplate "Devil of Caroc" To get rid of confusion -Nek: "Charm of bones" for +2 int The rest u can mix and match however u want. Important Abilities: Barb: The only really important ones for this particular build is Blood Thirst and Blood lust for speed. I'd also recomend taking the Spirit frenzy line for terrify instead of the blood frenzy path wich i took because i was tired and not thinking straight. Fast Runner is also convenient. Chanter: Skellies+skelly upgrade. Two Weapon Style. Rapid Casting. Quick Summoning. Aefyllath Ues Mith - gives ur imps a lash :D. "Many lives pass by" Chant is used as the first chant in combat to instantly generate a skellie to interfere with ur enemy wich buys u some time to start generating imps. Then pick a dmg spell of ur choosing. How i play this: When combat starts u will almost instantly summon a skeleton with the chant, this skeleton is very weak but he does his job by charging right into the enemies and intercepting them, buying u time to pull back and summon the little guys. I have turned the AI off for summoned creatures so my little guys wont go charging ahead forcing me to chase after them however, when i kill a small skeleton an imp and two more skeletons will spawn. These guys will charge right in so u wont have to bother thinking about what they are doing. Make sure ur watcher is standing as close as possible to the skeleton when u are trying to kill it, otherwise he will just out of range for his melee weapon but he will still be trying to hit him, resulting in u always missing because the target is out of range O_o. Really not that much else to it. U smack skellies to turn them into imps, thats it :D Enjoy
  3. Hi guys Do you know if there will be a Necromancer class with the possibility to rez deads, summon an army of skeletons, turn into a lich or any other spells like that ? yes I probably dream too much, but I prefer to ask, we never know ;p
  4. Conjuration/summoning is seldom implemented in a satisfying manner: RPGs are full of fantastic creatures, but conjurers and summoners typically have access to only a very limited selection of these creatures. If conjuration/summoning magic is included Project Eternity, please do it right. Allow conjurers access to most if not all of the creatures found in the gameworld. The number of conjuration spells should not be limited to the number of spells available to other spell schools. Consider that each new conjuration spell does not necessarily require new assets; the creature assets already exist as enemies, and portal/summoning animations and effects will already exist after the first conjuration spell is created. Also, I would be interested in game mechanics that allow spirits, demons, and such to be summoned by opening a portal to other dimensions but that handle animals and such in a different fashion: Perhaps animals could be permanently dominated by a conjurer/summoner of sufficient skill when encountered and then accompany the party on its travels (rather than be conjured or summoned out of portals, etc). The number of animals that could be dominated at once could be dependent on conjurer/summoner skill, or each dominated animal could reserve a specific amount of the conjurer/summoner's mana as upkeep (similar to the buff spells in DA:O). Thoughts?
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